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  1. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thanks @Dec - You've been amazing. I dont think many people appreciate the work that goes into running a fansite and the time it requires. Good luck with your break but I have a sneaky suspicion you'll still be lurking on the touchline I look forward to working with the team taking over as well.
  2. FMM17 Bug List

    We are planning two quick hotfix releases at the moment to address the key issues reported so far. More details here
  3. Approximate time of release?

    PUSHED! It's live.
  4. Tell me more. What would you have liked to see added?
  5. Wait a few days @Ashez before buying and find people on here that you trust to give you honest feedback about the improvements in the engine etc.
  6. Fixing that issue is not something I would class as a new feature. We've worked in that area this year for sure.
  7. If it's easier for you rather than Twitter, go here
  8. Approximate time of release?

    Not unless I get an order from above to go early.
  9. Approximate time of release?

    Once we hit the button to make it live we are at the mercy of Apple and Google for the game to appear in all the stores around the world. No idea how long that can take.
  10. Approximate time of release?

    The release should be worldwide at the same time.
  11. No matter what leagues we added, I am sure it will have upset someone - that is just how it is. I dont want to put a number of the leagues we might add in the future but as long as it's technically possible we will try our best.
  12. What time will FMM2017 be released

    Submission approvals mainly.
  13. I'm not saying we will do China next year but I would definitely like to see us continue to add new leagues year on year.
  14. What time will FMM2017 be released

    The actual launch time is not yet 100% confirmed. Not saying you guys are way off the mark but there are a few moving parts so I do not want you to be annoyed if it doesn't make that time