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  1. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Bilbao will be tough, depends how challenging you want it to be!
  2. Fantastic mate! I think ( or hope anyway!) that you will go abroad and make a name for yourself ! Good luck!
  3. Hi mate i personally find Zidane becomes insecure quite quickly, but Enrique stays at Barca forever!
  4. Agent Game - No more places!

    Hi guys! Just a quick update on 2 of our agents new players! @Taff decided to go for 2 big shot players bound to make him money! And @Jack went for a different route, snatching up 3 youngsters for his agency! Just want to say thanks again for playing guys, and I hope to update this soon!
  5. Yeah mate, either earlier or right at the end of the season, as there are some really decent ones, these are two I picked up doing it: Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks so much mate! Australia is oddly fascinating and a good League to play in, is always an interesting career! @salohcin
  7. Clean up that mess! - Jeroen Kuijk

    Good start mate,KIU!
  8. Great start mate, you can do it!
  9. Hi mate, Just want to say firstly, this is one of my favorite careers to read at the moment, so KIU! Unlucky this season, and regarding recruitment, when i was managing Lille in my save, or generally is a lot of saves, i tend to look on the expiring contracts screen, there can be some real fantastic deals there. I got Lemos from Las Palmas and a striker who scored 54 goals the next year from there, so maybe have a look? Good luck with your transfers!
  10. Thanks a lot mate! Great to see people are liking this as it took me a while to write up! Thanks for the support! @Jeroenvk94
  11. Clean up that mess! - Jeroen Kuijk

    Excellent mate, great to see someone have a go and i really look forward to future updates! I also like the rule you added, adds an extra objective to the save! Good Luck!
  12. Clean Up That Mess! Challenge

    how long you been waiting now mate. Im sure you will get one, but let me know if it becomes a problem! @Jeroenvk94
  13. Thanks mate! The mystery will be unveiled soon! @kylieboi88
  14. Clean Up That Mess! Challenge

    Excellent mate, it made me smile when i saw you'd be doing this. Good luck! @Jeroenvk94
  15. Good start mate, KIU!