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  1. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    @Taff Must have missed the Barbosa one, although the Akpom one was a good and thrilling read! @AndersJ Same on my side pal, I'm not even halfway through season 6 of The Journey yet!
  2. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    Yes mate, the PL Talisman is mine, good to see 2 of my challenges on that list. @AndersJ's Roman Empire Challenge looks really good, plan to do it myself along with this and a few others. Look forward to your 1KC aswell, I believe you have attempted/completed one before? I think it was with Akpom, might be wrong though. @Taff
  3. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    Cheers pal, how long is that list now @Taff
  4. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    Thanks mate, glad you like it @BatiGoal
  5. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    @Brenty92 Good point actually mate, might have to add no regens into the OP. Cheers! @AndersJ Cheers bud!
  6. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    The challenge itself could last the whole 30 years of need be, it's just to see which king is the best over there reign and who expands the empire more over the course of a season. Each year you can just include the list of kings in the update so everybody gets a look at who did best. Nice to hear bud, I look forward to it @Brenty92
  7. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    Cheers mate, glad you like it I was thinking that each time your 'King' scores 2 against a club, you could just write that club down somewhere? Each season it starts again, so rinse and repeat really. @Brenty92
  8. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue!

    Excellent run mate, some fantastic wins here and there aswell. Onward and upwards now, I'm gonna have to hunt down a song or something for this career
  9. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    Cheers mate Yeah so each year you see who conquers the most territories and adds to the kingdom. Then, at the start of every new year, you have to retake the territories or take new ones, but you can only buy from teams in your kingdom from the previous year. I'll make it a bit clearer in the OP Cheers pal! @Ashez
  10. 🍹 PinaColada - A Double 1KC Attempt

    Unlucky mate, keep winning trophies and they'll have to pick you!
  11. Carapreta attemps Latin Europe Challenge

    Unlucky mate, decent season anyway. Time is ticking, but you can still do it!
  12. 🍹 PinaColada - A Double 1KC Attempt

    Some mastermind logic there mate, will have to keep that in mind in the future
  13. Good Day Vibers! Today I bring you an idea I personally think could attract a few players (hopefully), and I feel it could be quite a fun one to play! The Expansive Kingdom Challenge 1. Every season, a King must be crowned from your current selection of royals. This king must be a daring individual who wants to make his kingdom the biggest and best. (Pick a striker or attacking player from your squad) 2. The King's reign is the amount of games he plays in one season. (48 games = 48 Years) 3. The King's job is to expand his kingdom as far as possible. To do this, you must do the following.... Each team your king scores 2 goals against, that place is added to your kingdom. To show the places in your kingdom, a map of sort could be made by the person attempting the challenge, or a well organised list. 4. After taking the land for your own, your King can only take slaves from the land he has taken (You can only make transfers from your taken territories) Types Of Land/Territories Domestic Territories: Places you take that are inside your country. E.G. For the Premier League, I could take Southampton and Bournemouth Foreign Territories: Places you take that are outside your country. E.G. Beroe, Olympiakos Rules Each season, a new king must be appointed. Remember to include the number of years the king is in power (Games each year) aswell as the kingdoms taken (goals) Make up your own Kingdom name (e.g Thr Kingdom Of McAndrinha, The Kingdom Of Batigolania) Have a list of Kingdoms taken for each season, as each season it starts again until you get your best king. No IGE, no Reloading and other challenge rules. Leaderboard will be added for amount of Kingdoms taken Feel free to leave a comment on the challenge!
  14. RAVEL! You have drawn first blood Maximus, you never know what will be waiting in the shadows when you arrive here.... And Brenty Brennus, watch your back at all times....