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  1. Villareal-A Team Guide

    Sorry mate just saw this, cracking team guide by the way, I am having a lot less free time than I thought so it's pretty hard to get back to the guide now and then but it's almost finished..... Again, great job there mate KIU.
  2. Team guides

    Thanks for the info mate,gonna post the first team guide ASAP
  3. Team guides

    I am in a bit of confusion here guys, would like all the team guides in this one thread or would you like a thread for each team? Already have the first guide lined up so would appreciate some quick answers.
  4. Team guides

    Ah, well I didn't know where to put it but thanks for helping.
  5. Team guides

    So, after a long absence due to neck deep work, I have finally found time to get back to Fmm, I would love to get back to my Wimbledon story, but I have been thinking up a idea all these busy days........ I know that a lot of guys on Vibe know about all the teams and how to manage them effectively etc etc. But, there are still a lot of guys who need help about choosing teams and knowing them, I am planning to help them, it's a bit late to start but.. well better late than never. My template for the guides is like this: Expectations: Key Players: Young players to keep an eye on: Tactics: Players to ship out: Players to sign: I know it's a pretty common template but it also makes it easy to read. I will be starting from the Premier league as it is the one where I know most about the teams, suggestions are always welcomed and If you do know some teams please tell me about them or even better, make a guide, you will be helping a lot of clueless people. Once again, my apologies to the people who are following my Wimbledon story, I will get back to it as soon as possible.
  6. Pressing & Counter

    Actually the both can't work theoretically but quite a number of popular teams use it like dortmund, Liverpool etc. It is pretty hard to explain about it but there is a post about gegenpressing somewhere around here. It explains it pretty well, but the general idea is your team continously presses the opponents and after gaining possession move it faster to the striker, This cycle gets repeated over and over again in a fluid style. i.e. The whole team contributes to all phases of play. So it does work.
  7. Here's Season 1 transfers and tactics: Well it was hard to find anyone who were interested in joining us so transfered my funds to the wage budget and dipped my toes in the free market and got some decent guys including a first choice GK. Shipped of a couple of deadwood to free up the wages. Tactics : nothing special here, just a common 4-1-2-2-1. Will not be changing much except for the AP spot which will be changed into CM or DLP against tough opponents, will be playing a balanced possession football changing to counter occasionally. League table so far: Nice start to the season losing only to Sevilla and drawing against R. Sociedad hopefully it lasts. So that's it for the intro guys will post a update at the end of the season. Thanks for reading.
  8. Well, have been having a go with Leganes for fun and thought would be nice to post the results here. Aim for this season is simple finish in the mid table and try build the squad... Transfers,tactics etc etc.... will be posted shortly
  9. Wonderful stuff over there mate, hats off to you, taking a league 2 striker and moulding him into a star, that's a pretty impossible feat but you have managed it.
  10. Thanks mate, it's now time to drop the pen and put my fmm skills to test.... Thanks mate, the results will definitely surprise you..... Ha!, I knew someone was gonna ask this but no mate its a career but instead of photos I am giving the characters in the story a more detailed backstory the career part is almost here though. Sorry if the story is a bit too long. Thanks, m8
  11. ........................... I waited cautiously for someone to mob me.. ........................... Hmm........,there was not even a single guy near the gates to cheer me on etc etc, not that I cared but after seeing the fans I thought they would be more passionate than this. Maybe it had something to do with hot sun beating down..... Or it had something to do with the cop car parked near the gate..... Seriously??? One of the cops walked over to my car " Are you Mr. Harish?" I nodded and cleared my throat.Damn, it was just a first day, there was no need to call the cops to ensure my protection. The cop must have read my thoughts "Don't, worry it's just standard procedure, we are also diehard fans of the club. Oh great, fans who could finish me off if I don't perform well, what a great assurance, I thought. The cops would have continued their awkward conversation with me if it wasn't for Erik who called from the gate. I excused myself and walked towards the gate briskly. He smiled at me, "Those two gave you the shivers, eh? Don't worry they are quite easy going in nature..... At least if you are on their good side". "Next time you better give me list of the fans in the club, might actually save me from dying..... from embarrassment, I said sarcasm dripping from my voice. He laughed. "Come on I will introduce to you to the staff" He walked me to the club where a burly guy was talking in a phone, "Neil!!" the chairman called, the guy turned and his scowl morphed into a smile, he walked over still grinning, "You must be Enrico,I am Neil Cox ass man of Wimbledon, Nice to meet you" He shook my hands and turned to address Erik . One of the advantages of living in Italy is that you eventually learn to read people, and so while he was addressing the chairman I studied him, the way he talked to the chairman at ease as if they were relatives showed that he was very loyal to the club and to his friends but also ruthless to his enemies, Despite the obvious grumpiness in his voice he had a soft character and there was real and genuine friendliness in his eyes. I liked him instantly. ...... Well if you say so" He interrupted my thoughts. The chairman gave me a assuring look" see you later, Enrico " and went off towards the office. "What was that about?", I asked Neil. He just shrugged " I'll tell you on the way" and led me towards the training ground. I happened to glance towards the apartments near the club office and saw a woman standing at the balcony, my heart skipped a beat looking at her, she was not looking at me but towards the training ground where the players were practicing....... "Enrico!!!, you coming or what? "Neil's voice bringing me back to Earth, he had left me behind and had almost reached the ground, I jogged towards him and he stopped me" Well the staff are waiting there " he pointed to a building near the training ground where a couple of persons were watching the practice session." Or you can meet the players who of course are here " pointed to the ground." Who do you want to meet first?... I thought for a while and finally said " the players, I need to talk to them in person to form some conclusions" He nodded and led me to the ground. The players were in midst of a intense training session when Neil interrupted them " all right boys, huddle up the coach is here" and turned to me and handed me a tablet device "here is your personal assistant" I stared at the tablet " You got to be kidding me" He smiled " hey, no jokes there man these are much better investments than papers, pads, pens etc etc, you'll see.... and the squad list is in there..." and walked a towards the building where the other staff were waiting. I took a deep breath and walked to the front of the group glancing at the list Neil had sent to my Tablet. Well l am not gonna bore you guys with the talk but well it included quite a lot of quotes and jokes but the players took it well and promised me their best. They continued their session and I walked towards the staff building.
  12. Thanks mate,wanted to try something new and spent a whole day learning it but worth it....
  13. Good luck mate will be following this with interest.Curious choice there by picking Saunders Jr......
  14. Thanks mate. I usually prefer youth development but the way the story is going will probably make me more of a charismatic guy but there's still a lot to come so ATM its a mystery.......