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  1. Still waiting, but why Ante Coric nothing in new update ?
  2. I mean, if I can put young players names like "alexander-arnold" in the game? If this is useful only to find the name, then other functions like what?
  3. Please tell me how to use it, I am sorry begginer
  4. Sorry because I'm not familiar with that file is useful for what and how to use it, please tell me because I see it very helpful. thank you
  5. Ovie Ejaria, Trent Alexander-Arnold (Two players are playing in some games, such as its "Ben Woodburn" things that already exist in this game)
  6. I wish you the best, because I am a fan of the names of young players.
  7. I wish you the best, such as the names of players who I mean hopefully inserted into the squad after transfer januari
  8. I wish you the best, such as the names of players who I mean hopefully inserted into the squad after transfer januari
  9. That's not what I mean, so what I want is the impact after the update fmm17 in PlayStore. What I want is to find the name of a young player (real) promoted in the regular squad. A few examples player name: ovie ejaria, trent alexander -arnold which has been promoted in the main squad liverpool. If you know what I mean, help me to convey my message to joyce paul.
  10. I was a little not understand, sorry but english is not good. So what I mean is after fmm17 update data in PlayStore later, I want young players to reality. As an example (Ovie Ejaria, Trent Alexander-Arnold) nah this player earlier in the Liverpool reserve team, and now in fact they were the first team squad. That's what I want in a change when it later emerged "new update in PlayStore", if this can happen when there is a notice in fmm17 latest update? Or otherwise reveal the name of the young players who have been promoted as a reality.
  11. Wow good news, hopefully there are young players who I want, especially in the liverpool team and others. thank you
  12. I've written the details here I advise every game update the addition of young players promoted in the main squad, I chose Liverpool that currently there are some changes in the team for promoting young players into the senior squad. I hope after the last update fmm17, I can see the young players.
  13. It would be interesting if there are some young players in promoting team, in the English Premier league no reserve team and I happened to pick the team that is now promoting young players into the first team.
  14. Is it after the game in the update, there will be some young players in the squad Top? I hope it happens. thank you