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  1. Yes that will be nice thnx
  2. how do i do this to change clubs like manage Barcelona B or RM Castilla
  3. its fine i found it but thnx for quick reply
  4. i can't find nationality code
  5. Save Editor

    When is PGE going to be released
  6. Welsh clubs moved from England to Wales

    What hex editor?
  7. Does anyone know when the pre editor is releasing?
  8. FM 16 Pre-Editor

    Ok thanks
  9. FM 16 Pre-Editor

    Is it possible to copy players from one database to another on the pre-editor
  10. Unlock Germany

    ok thanks
  11. Unlock Germany

    Is there a way of unlocking germany in football manager mobile 2016
  12. FMM 2016 Pre Editor

  13. FMM 2016 Pre Editor

    how do you create a club?