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  1. The Challenge Creation Centre

    If you want a certain club try Central Coast Mariners, their strikers are pathetic and they finished last.
  2. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue!

    Great job mate, you said the twentieth job would be notable and it was with a memorable homecoming. KIU
  3. I'll join if you want to team up Taff
  4. 500 International BatiGoals

    Very interesting mate, hopefully iwobi finishes first or second as he isn't natural in centre forward.
  5. Nintendo

    I finally got a second hero, I got to replace my useless Mage with a musician. In MK8D I am up to 150cc. Also I have some issac news. Eb games website says the game is coming out July 6 in Australia maybe you'll get it around the same time
  6. Out of the teams do we pick or do you?
  7. Top Football Manager Cup

    Congratulations Taff, lets see how far you can go
  8. Your Community, Your Thoughts: Feedback Wanted

    If your looking for challenges click on the challenges tag and then a list of challenges will appear
  9. I'll represent Australia please
  10. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue!

    Great job mate, Mansfield finally felt justice, hopefully you told them to Mansfield Off. Unlucky with WBA. KIU
  11. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue!

    I just caught up mate and fleets wood just Mansfielded up your career. Unlucky but KIU
  12. For Vibe and Country- A H2H

    Thanks mate, I really enjoyed this challenge it was great to finally use Lasse Vibe Thanks mate, you did a great John designing this challenge Maybe a rematch is in the cards, but on your terms Thanks mate, it was good to have a fun career to help break up my scoring with Pensioners career but now I'm back into finishing that one Thanks mate, it was a tough challenge but it was great fun Thank you all for the comments
  13. For Vibe and Country- A H2H

    Thanks mate, it was a great challenge and I really enjoyed. I was shocked with how well Vibe went.
  14. For Vibe and Country- A H2H

    Season 2 Transfers Premier League EFL Cup FA Cup The Player Lasse Vibe 70th Goal Goals Scored 85 Goals Remaining 0 Well there you have it a fantastic season from Vibe has given me the required 70 goals in less than 2 seasons (as seen in the Middlesbrough game) and I thank@Taff for agreeeing to vs me in a H2H and thanks for all those who followed and supported the career.
  15. For Vibe and Country- A H2H

    Hey guys sorry for the slow update, being a student doesn't leave me much time to play FMM, I hope to have the update up today or tomorrow.