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  1. Hi, I want a list of players for the solo Spanish league like the ones that show in the download section, how do you create them? Cheers
  2. This is a great read... I use the PO and PA but havent done any research like this, what I did find was playing 4-4-1-1 with my centre midfield triangle being AM in front of a DLP and BBM, the DLP was more successful than the AM in term of being the PO, I tend to find that my defence give the ball away less, I guess as its a shorter safer pass to the DLP than trying to find the AM over a longer distance.
  3. I normally use the PGE but as its not out yet I have purchased the in game editor for a change and I have a query on the staff editor! You can now edit staff so I can make my assistant to have the training area of motivation and to be gold rather than silver, but as he is usual a defensive coach how does that work with the stats behind the scenes... or do the stats that are normally loaded via the PGE just ignored in the game and it just looks to his gold / silver / bronze status and the type of coach he is, i.e. fitness / goalkeeper / youth. Cheers
  4. Font Compatibility

    @Dec is there a way of reducing the font size, want to reduce the Ubuntu version slightly. Cheers
  5. Save Editor

    How are you getting on with the PGE @jaymarvels I tend to wait before starting properly because I like to tinker with the DBs, but I probably just start if its not going to be released soon... Ta
  6. Nah I always play with a large database, re-started a few times with Sydney and same effect each time... I will see what happens this year when the PGE is out.
  7. Yeah I was talking about releasing / transferring players... but for point 2 I have seen players in the game that are not accessible in the PGE. For example I played as Sydney in the Australian league and found it hard to sign players, so went into the PGE to give myself 2 players, purposely picking Australians... Milos Degenek who played for 1860 Munchen in the German second league was the player I tried to sign but he would never come, when I went into the PGE he did not load as part of the Australian league, so I could not transfer him... so it seemed to pick up additional players (I guess with the relevant nationality) from other database files. This was in FMM2016 not this version, obviously the PGE isnt out yet for FMM17... could it be because Australia did not have a solo database file?
  8. Hi I downloaded the recent England DB file from Vibe which outlines the English league when another league is selected as secondary, just to have a look at the Newcastle player stats. Now I tend to play with a single league and there is one player missing in the solo DB - Rob Elliott, which I know is down to players on loan etc. But once @jaymarvels releases the awesome PGE, if I was to remove some players from Newcastle, or their loan does that mean Rob Elliott would then appear? I have noticed using the PGE previous that there are playing that do not show in the editor, but are loaded once you start, so it must therefore be picking up additional players from the non-solo database file? I am not bothered about Rob Elliott as such, I was just curious of the effect changing the database has if any. Cheers
  9. I play a similar formation basically 4-3-3 but with a lone striker and 2 wide... if you look at this post from @pipaz4: It has some good analysis on the 3 man midfield setup, I am playing DLP in the middle like pipaz4 but with a BBM either side, which is a slight change to the above topic.
  10. About Mover Clubs

    I cannot wait for the PGE, best utility for FMM
  11. Save Editor

    Do you need any beta testers for the PGE @jaymarvels
  12. Great cheers Dec, wasnt sure if it was a once in a game thing or retained like the coaching badges.
  13. Hi, Sorry got another brexit question, I havent played the English league yet because of this rule but having read that you can sign 20 or say players to unlock the work-permit option I am going to have a go... once you unlock that option can you select to activate before starting a new game? I was going to start an English game sign loads of players I dont really want, then start properly with the work permit unlockable and do away with the brexit option. Cheers
  14. It will be interesting to see what comes from the testing for this as I use them both but I am not convinced that they really have that much of a positive affect, I think they can be more negatives... for example I assign my DLP as the outlet in the hope that my CDs pass him the ball and retrain from giving the ball away too often... but the AI seems to work this out and marks my DLP causing him to turn over posession. I think the idea of selecting different players depending on who you are playing might be a good tactic, i.e. like Ashez said maybe a wing back if they have space, sometimes a AP etc, would mean that you are not changing your formation as such and makes it difficult for the AI to learn your tactic.