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  1. Become A Fmm Legend!

    Sounds like fun! First name: Jack Last name: Etheridge Nationality: Welsh Position: ST Role: Advanced Forward
  2. Amazing job mate - congratulations on crossing the line! Always knew you'd make it. It'd be great to see how far you can take him if you're still motivated to continue! Thanks for entertainment and also for the inspiration to start my own 1KC career - just need to find the right player & club now.
  3. Monaco ( My New Romance )!

    Unbelievable game! Seen Monaco play a few times this season and each time they've been great, they have some fantastic young players that have inspired me to consider starting a career with them. Would definitely consider using this tactic for sure, thanks for posting.
  4. Challenge Cup 2017

    Congratulations @PriZe & commiserations @samhardy - quite astonishing totals put up by the both of you!
  5. Jesus, 1000 Goals?

    Good choice of player for a 1KC challenge, best of luck!
  6. Taking Competitions Seriously

    If I haven't won it before then I'll take it 100% seriously and play my strongest possible team. If I have won it then I'll use the cup competitions as games to develop my youngsters in. All depends on the fixtures though.
  7. Didn't realise Lille were having such a poor season
  8. League Title Bug?

    Different leagues have different rules, well done managing to win the league by scoring only 46 goals - pretty impressive!
  9. Any Swindon Town Fans?

    No, but that looks really good.
  10. Yes - you can use the 'turn work permits off' unlockable by starting a new career as a team that have huge funds (I used Chelsea and sold players for further funds) and buy as many South American / Russian / Asian players as you can (these all required work permits to play in the UK) until you get the message regarding turning work permits permanently off.
  11. The save of all saves, best of luck mate!
  12. I found it helpful if you take control of friendlies also as opposed to letting your assistant take care of them.
  13. The more defensive you set out tactically in order to avoid losing. Whilst on the other hand going for the win and attacking is positive.
  14. The more negative you are the easier it is to keep clean sheets. Simple football rule, but to win games being negative requires delicate balancing: