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  1. Better engine?

    Didn't vote because I honestly have no idea what's 'better' but I've always played on OME and always will.
  2. Start unemployed as a Bronze manager and work your way to the top, very fun and fulfilling career.
  3. Winning absolutely everything becomes dull and kills off my interest little by little. I'd say that other games are also a contributing factor in me playing less.
  4. Top Football Manager Cup

    Well... It was a good run
  5. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thanks for all you have done, you've created a superb fan site which I'm sure will remain strong under new leadership. They say sometimes the best way to let go of something is to cut all ties with it - I really hope this isn't the case for you though. You're too appreciated by this community to become a stranger to it. Best of luck with everything going forward.
  6. Yeah I do my best to fill the staff positions with ex-players - just another way to make the game fun. Off the top of my head Vincent Kompany is my Youth coach and Per Mertesacker is my Physio.
  7. How to get the real names ?

    No idea why you would complain about not being able to use real names because you refuse to buy the game in a community centred around said game. It's like another level of stupid. By purchasing the game you support its future development and ensure that the people who put many hours into making it earn their deserved wages. If everybody pirated the game because they can't afford it then the game would cease to exist. To pirate the game is not only spitting in the developer's faces, but also in this community's face - we wouldn't have a community to enjoy if the game didn't exist. Maybe 120 Egyptian Pounds is expensive to you (or maybe you're trolling) but either way the game is well worth saving for and purchasing legitimately. You won't find many friendly or helpful people around here until you decide to do so.
  8. Create youth academy

    I'm assuming it maxes out your youth training facilities. I remember buying a similar in-game purchase to completely maximise all my training facilities (including youth). I could be wrong about your case though.
  9. Weird squad screen.

    Seems like your players didn't turn up... did you lose by chance?
  10. Top Football Manager Cup

    Sounds like fun... go on then, count me in!
  11. I do my own scouting and see: who's playing regularly for the opposition team, who's in form and I look at each player's average rating to determine the team's strengths and weaknesses. So no, I don't really pay attention to the scout reports. The prompt I get from seeing it to check the other team's information is beneficial though.
  12. I would cash in on one of the players and use the generated funds to offer the rest new contracts. When your club reputation grows you'll find that these bouts of unhappiness happen less frequently.
  13. It's actually interesting you mention that... I seem to recall moving Dembele to a FR to try and maximise his effectiveness... Maybe I need to rethink
  14. I'm torn between Osumane Dembele & Domenico Berardi as IFs. Both are terrific.
  15. fmm 97/98 season

    Would love to manage United the season before the treble, great idea!