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  1. Didn't realise Lille were having such a poor season
  2. League Title Bug?

    Different leagues have different rules, well done managing to win the league by scoring only 46 goals - pretty impressive!
  3. Any Swindon Town Fans?

    No, but that looks really good.
  4. Yes - you can use the 'turn work permits off' unlockable by starting a new career as a team that have huge funds (I used Chelsea and sold players for further funds) and buy as many South American / Russian / Asian players as you can (these all required work permits to play in the UK) until you get the message regarding turning work permits permanently off.
  5. The save of all saves, best of luck mate!
  6. I found it helpful if you take control of friendlies also as opposed to letting your assistant take care of them.
  7. The more defensive you set out tactically in order to avoid losing. Whilst on the other hand going for the win and attacking is positive.
  8. The more negative you are the easier it is to keep clean sheets. Simple football rule, but to win games being negative requires delicate balancing:
  9. AI condition management is horrific in the lower leagues because for some reason some teams only have squads of around 20 players which simply isn't enough to deal with fixture congestion.
  10. Do I Sell Him??????

    For me when you have that kinda money at a club of that size it's all about signing or retaining the top performing players so average rating counts for a lot. If Goretzka is averaging over 7.7 I'd say he probably is worth keeping even at that money. If he's between 7-7.7 he can be replaced by someone cheaper who'll provide the same rating.
  11. Hull - love managing the underdogs.
  12. Not sure if I've said it yet but this is the best Career thread I've read since I started actively browsing these forums, so thanks for keeping me entertained thus far. Fingers crossed for you that there's no retirement - 2 seasons and you'll smash this!
  13. Challenge Cup 2017

    THIS! Well done to all the winners, some real exceptional scores in the QFs that really prove you all deserve to be here at this stage.
  14. Scout Reports And Injuries

    I tend to scroll through all the sub-menus of players I'm interested in to see if they fit the criteria of what I need or want, so I can't say that this has been a problem for me. I do find though that the inaccuracy of judgement in both scouts / coaches is an issue though - I've scouted several well known regens only to be told that they have low potential, yet the second they sign it jumps to medium potential, and then of course after coaching & development then jumps to high potential. I'd expect my Gold standard scout to have known about the player's max CA, I'm not sure that human error can be attributed to the game (at least for this example) even if it reflects real life.
  15. Annoying Problems On Fmm

    I find the number of injuries to be fine, but I feel it should be amended so it's in proportion with the size of the AI squad - there's been numerous seasons I've played in the lower English leagues so far where squads get absolutely decimated due to having 5-7 injuries at the wrong time of the season, which btw is largely unavoidable due to the amount of times these teams play midweek. So whilst the number of injuries may reflect real life the way the clubs deals with the injuries doesn't at all, and it could be fixed by allowing these clubs to sign reserve players to their team.