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  1. Shaun Wright-Phillips

    Good spot. Off topic: his son is now 16 and has been fast tracked through Manchester City's youth academy. Anyone else feel old?
  2. Clean sheet record?

    Can't best your efforts there mate, but my best defensive effort was my league winning 2016/17 season with Antalyaspor in which we made 0 signings and managed to only concede 12 league goals all season (only scoring 35 in the process).
  3. New Team

    Have you ever taken a team from the Vanarama South / North to the Premier League & Champions League? Always fun & challenging (as long as you use no unlockables).
  4. 500 goal midfielder

    The only international goals that should count are the ones scored under your management, that's the rule for the other goal-related challenges. Personally I don't mind, but I'm not all that big on challenges and the people who are will probably expect this rule to be followed. Challenge looks fun! Currently pushing for something similar with my Steven Gerrard regen. Good luck!
  5. If you're playing with 2 IF's I would choose either a Target Man or an Advanced Forward dependent on who you have available to you. AF's get in behind and will stretch their defence, whereas the TM suggestion more or less comes from seeing Llorente up front but still would be fairly critical in holding up the ball to bring the IFs into play.
  6. Wow I don't even have to win the league! Best of luck with the challenge.
  7. I would just keep going back until you find the right date - you can always use the holiday feature to speed it up.
  8. Lower Leagues

    VNN / VNS teams enter the FA Cup before the 1st Round, they officially enter in the 2nd qualifying round and have to advance through the 2nd, 3rd & 4th qualifying rounds in order to the reach the full 1st Round. It's highly likely that you've played another team from your division thinking it was a league game when it was rather the FA Cup qualifier. Go into your fixtures section and see if this is the case. I've never seen or experienced any problems with a VNN / VNS team having not entered the FA Cup.
  9. Try saving the game at an earlier date before reloading. I tested it just now with England as primary league: 24th June = end of season update, 17th June worked for me in order to load different teams. May work differently for France.
  10. Rather than playing a full season you can save the game at the start of June and reload it if the team doesn't become available after you finish the season.
  11. You can but you have to remain patient until they become available to manage.
  12. Rarely - more so to serve as a warning to those performing below expectations.
  13. Looking good, happy with my first few starts for the club. Not long until my Wales call up..
  14. So far so good! Keep up the good stuff!