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  1. Tactic for EME Aangca's 4-3-1-2

    Another season.. Getting even better.. Although last season was a HEAVY achievement judging by my club's standards, I know the formation will be used for too long soon and will start having difficulties but I'm reluctant to make adjustments. Please, what's the sign to look out for before I conclude that I should switch from left to right? Meanwhile.. So far this season..
  2. Pheew! Thanks a bunch!
  3. Okay.. I've had this issue for a while but this is where I will be heartbroken to lose out. There's this Chelsea youngster I managed to secure at £6m. He will be a great soon. I've tried all means to sign him up but the Brexit problem keeps surfacing. He is currently on loan at my club (Braunschweig) and I have the option of buyout clause (£6m) but I still got same issue at the January transfer window. So I ask, any hope of retaining this guy below?
  4. Best Regen You've Managed?

    No he isn't. His stats show he has been in the league for five seasons already, even later than FMM 17. A regen would start his career the same year the main player retired. I'm yet to track a regen on my current save. Would have shared.
  5. Match Overview

    I guess those are derived from that particular match stats. What I recommend is that you only apply changes for those that appear frequently if they limit your team performances.
  6. Best Regen You've Managed?

    Lol.. Not stupid if you mean it. A regen is a reincarnation of a great player that comes on the game, after he retires. in the instance I used, after Del Piero retired, Matteo Conti appeared. Played in same positions (AML, ST) and was really good for a 16-year old.
  7. Best Regen You've Managed?

    Mine was Alessandro Del Piero.. Came in and chased all old-timers away with his already made attributes.
  8. Tactic for EME Aangca's 4-3-1-2

    Thanks to this formation, I secured my first win of the season in Division 1 with Braunschweig and since then, my team is undefeated in 12 games, drawing only twice. I'm yet to meet Bayern though but I secured wins against Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Geischel**** (whatever it was they called Schalke). This is a life saver!
  9. Yeah, Facepack For Fmm!

    Wow.. Zhat eez so kool mehn..
  10. Rudiger Or Zouma?

    The injury proness is enough reason to ditch Rudiger.. You can't really enjoy having a prized possession out of reach. Besides, Zouma offers a 'man wall' at the back as his aerial ability, tacking shows. You're also less likely to get into trouble since he's got a 20 for decisions. He is not a bad athlete either.
  11. Wow.. Great work here. However, I declined to use it because it seemed to be limiting my game play. Like you said, my primary attacker Alexandre Vittoria (CR7) had problems with his efforts. Though he was a winger, had more attempts and scores more goals when he had the PA role, the team looked to convert more chances without any specifically assigned the role. But my primary outlet, Bernd Hartmann (Toni Kroos) had no problems moving the ball around as shown by his key and completed passes. I'm just wishing to get any lower division Spanish save, Almeria particularly, so I can sink into the management world.
  12. Fmm 2017 Pre Editor

    With all the major changes on FMM 17, it'll be an award winning feat should jay come up with the editor(s) within the year. I really try hard to imagine how he gets around all of these..and even my imagination yields nothing.