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  1. 4-2-3-1

    Forgot to add this.. In case it helps my cause. That's my team instructions
  2. 4-2-3-1

    And here are my best players for each position: Forward, Attacking Mid , Winger , Central Mid, Full back , Goalkeeper Centre back
  3. 4-2-3-1

    I'm a manager of Ebbsfleet..and I just got into the League 1.. My problem is that I come across a lot of AMCs who are really great but because I never needed that role, I ignored them. However, a certain player who featured for my team in the Vanarama and League 2 stole my heart and now I would like to try out a 4-2-3-1 instead of my old 4-3-2-1. The problem is that I concede a lot of possession, allow the opposition much space and chances with this change, which wasn't observed in my old formation. I need tactical advice from seasoned fellows in this group. My current players are young..the oldest should be 19 or so (self-imposed restrictions). Please, help me. This is my current set up:
  4. After setting up the training, I got a real warning from my assistant that my best player could get injured. I really need this 4-2-3-1 but most of my players are 19 year olds or less. They aren't even good on physicals yet. Besides, they seem to concede too many chances in the first few games I played with it.
  5. Please, can I make a team in Spain my B team.. I'm currently managing in England added 0 minutes later Please, can I make a team in Spain my B team.. I'm currently managing in England
  6. Locked National Team

    Okay.. Thanks.. Thinking it was an editing error from me initially.
  7. I started a new save and edited myself into Belgium national team. I noticed the locked status beside the name and I saw that I couldn't call up nor remove players.. What is the game trying to tell me?
  8. Please, I'm trying to swap Chelsea in Premiership for Ebbsfleet (have a manager) in my save. How do I go about it? When I try to swap the 0c 01 for 6e 04, I get unemployed and my name still appears at Chelsea.. I used the tutorial of Nation swap, and the search for more brought me here.
  9. Tactic for EME Aangca's 4-3-1-2

    Another season.. Getting even better.. Although last season was a HEAVY achievement judging by my club's standards, I know the formation will be used for too long soon and will start having difficulties but I'm reluctant to make adjustments. Please, what's the sign to look out for before I conclude that I should switch from left to right? Meanwhile.. So far this season..
  10. Pheew! Thanks a bunch!
  11. Okay.. I've had this issue for a while but this is where I will be heartbroken to lose out. There's this Chelsea youngster I managed to secure at £6m. He will be a great soon. I've tried all means to sign him up but the Brexit problem keeps surfacing. He is currently on loan at my club (Braunschweig) and I have the option of buyout clause (£6m) but I still got same issue at the January transfer window. So I ask, any hope of retaining this guy below?
  12. Best Regen You've Managed?

    No he isn't. His stats show he has been in the league for five seasons already, even later than FMM 17. A regen would start his career the same year the main player retired. I'm yet to track a regen on my current save. Would have shared.
  13. Match Overview

    I guess those are derived from that particular match stats. What I recommend is that you only apply changes for those that appear frequently if they limit your team performances.
  14. Best Regen You've Managed?

    Lol.. Not stupid if you mean it. A regen is a reincarnation of a great player that comes on the game, after he retires. in the instance I used, after Del Piero retired, Matteo Conti appeared. Played in same positions (AML, ST) and was really good for a 16-year old.