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  1. @TheScarface Most of the time I like to play very defensive have a look on this tactic hope it will help you CLICK HERE PLS
  2. 433 (2-2-1-2-2-1) Tactic EME

    Looks great .. Worth a try for sure
  3. Yes you can .. I always do this kind of save
  4. [Tips] Loan out young players

    Here we go I have singed more than young players and most of them on loan by now Thanks again
  5. [Tips] Loan out young players

    It's working very well mate thanks a lot I will attach a screenshot later. Im so happy with the results
  6. [Tips] Loan out young players

    Thanks mate .. I will give it a try
  7. Lower League Tips And Tricks

    Lower Leagues all my favourite Thanks for the tips
  8. Why not means I don't mind to start a new save after the update
  9. Become A Fmm Legend!

    Oh god.. Still need time to develop my self lol
  10. Latin Europe Challenge

    Very interesting challenge again @BatiGoal
  11. The Uk Challenge

    Very interesting challenge Is there any deadline for it or just I can start whenever I can
  12. The Story Of Jeroen Kuijk

    Nice start mate .. As I remember they were strong team and On of their great players was Nacer Chadli. All the best in your career
  13. 442 Eme Never Seen Before Tactic

    looks Great Tactic mate Thanks for sharing
  14. For me Diego Simeone is Great player and now great Manager too. Please take your time testing the tactic and be patient. Try to rotate the players it might help