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  1. Manager rank?

    Why is this? Can it wreck the save?
  2. Facilities

    Like @KennyMiller27 said, when asked my expectations I chose one over what they except but not the highest (winners) I think it's easier to get approved when you exceed expectations rather than meet them. And make the club money
  3. Great read, thanks for taking the time! I love a save with a story! I'm currently trying to get Munchen Lions to over take Bayern in Germany
  4. Fm mobile 2016 download

    Try signing in to your Google account (the one you bought the game with) on his phone and seeing if you can download it onto his device from your account. Then just sign out. This might work as long as it's in your purchased apps.
  5. Top Transfer Budgets in FMM17 8.2

    Great information! I searched far and wide for something like this when I first started out on FMM16
  6. The Turkish Super League - And All Its Secrets

    Started a Kasimpasa save just two days ago! Enjoying the Turkish league so far
  7. What I would like in FMM 18

    MLS please
  8. Coaching setup

    I usually have the same coaching set up except a youth coach instead of fitness. I tend to seek out prospects so a youth coach is helpful, and I like to rotate my XI so fitness isn't much of a concern (except older players who's training I have set to fitness)
  9. Wing backs and wingers don't interfere with each other?
  10. I like playing a defensive counter-attacking 5-2-2-1 formation. I'm not sure what role is best for my lone striker, seeing as I have two Inside Forwards. I'm considering changing one Inside Forward to an advanced playmaker and the mid-field to BWM and CM, thoughts? Here's an example, but I use this formation often so don't take the actual players into account too much. Also, if you have ideas for better instructions please share. Thanks!
  11. Big club release clause

    Also, after they've settled into the team, and if you have the funds, offer them another contract with a little higher wages and no clause. It usually works, as long as they aren't unhappy or don't want to already leave the club
  12. Can You Add Custom Badge To Myclub

    What's the right size?
  13. Create Players FMM17

    How'd you do that?
  14. Lower League Tips And Tricks

    Player interaction is broken isn't it? Every time I try, no matter what I do, their morale always plummets
  15. Custom My Club Logo Help

    Image that worked but was sized wrong