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  1. This is really helpful, any where I can find info like this for all positions?
  2. Advice On My 4-4-2 Attacking Tatics

    So maybe two wingers and fullbacks instead of wing backs?
  3. Advice On My 4-4-2 Attacking Tatics

    Formating is a little messed up, sorry guys
  4. Heres my formation and instructions and here are Heres my fixture history As you can see, I've had a few bad results and my tatics are feeling a bit stale. Any suggestions?
  5. Best 30+ Players to create Evogens

    Thanks Dec! You're always very helpful.
  6. Best 30+ Players to create Evogens

    How do you find evogens?
  7. Player Morale

    I've had this problem, no matter the player interaction their morale always went down alerter talking to them. The only thing that I've seen that made a difference was hiring a motivational coach or being one yourself at the start of a save, even that isn't a fix-all. Must be a bug, I suppose.
  8. Help With National Job

    Yeah, I ended up figuring out the call up the, thanks! About scouts, how does one decide which player are best suited to start when one has bronze scouts and limited.... Everything?
  9. Help With National Job

    I accepted my first National job with Nigeria but how do I pick my team? When asked it said I had 22 of 23 available and my only option was to chose all of them. As soon as I did I got a message that the fans were disappointed that Iheanacho wasn't selected but I wasn't given the option and I still don't see an option anywhere on his player card. Also, the scouting seems off. I had to scout them all my self and they're all 5 stars although I think it's because my team is in the Welsh league and they're amazing compared to my players. Any help?
  10. Selling Players in FMM 2017

    This is very helpful and your English good! Thank you!
  11. Selling Players in FMM 2017

    Thanks, I'll give this a try! I usually only try to get more than their value if the offer is unsolicited
  12. Selling Players in FMM 2017

    I usually offer them for about half their value as I'm usually just trying to get their wages off the books
  13. How do you guys get offers for players you want to sell? Transfer listing and offering to clubs never yield any offers. Any advice?
  14. Reserve Teams in FMM 2017

    I'd hoped to have control over tactics and such but it's better than nothing! Thanks a lot everyone!
  15. Can someone explain reserve teams to me? I've been playing since FMM 2016 and I only use the reserve team to look at stats and offer a contract to someone who looks promising and to demote unhappy players who don't get first team play. I was looking through the reserve team at Swansea and saw tactics and fixtures but I couldn't interact with anything. I feel like an idiot for never noticing before, anybody have more information on this?