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  1. Top Football Manager Cup

    I am in denial so I went ahead and submitted my choice to BG anyway.
  2. Top Football Manager Cup

    I like this question a lot! Well done. I usually don't tinker with home and away formations but I like the thinking behind this. May have to try it myself.
  3. Youtube!

    FMM is a game often consumed in relatively small doses so you'd want the videos to be the same. It takes a few minutes to read a career post so I'd give it a shot if you kept the videos in the 5-6 minute range.
  4. Top Football Manager Cup

    That was my thinking as well. As I PM'd to BG with my prediction, I expected Vela to get more G+A but lose on the raw assist totals. @BatiGoal can you post total goals scored by the two teams? I wonder which team scored more as a whole. It could be that the Vela team just got unlucky in game results by allowing a few ill-timed goals.
  5. Top Football Manager Cup

    Dang, I dared to dream... Next time! If you can, you should run these saves one more time (or two) to see if this was a fluke. The individual results don't make much sense to me given our basic assumption about how teamwork and selfish are supposed to work. There's little doubt Vela is the better player so maybe those greens were enough to cover for the selfish stats.
  6. I don't usually retrain but if that guy isn't a prime candidate for an AMC retrain or something, I don't know who is.
  7. Top Football Manager Cup

    Yes! That and "tries first time shots" - aka the Pogba syndrome.
  8. 500 International BatiGoals

    I know you explained it above but I'm still disappointed you didn't go with your Mother Country.
  9. Top Football Manager Cup

    Finally a hard question. Need to clarify: What's the team formation? (Player roles) Can we see player role traits for them as AP? Can we see coach's report?
  10. Help!!!!!

    Keep winning matches/leagues/cups until they want you. There's no magic bullet for this. Or start a new career with a PL club so your starting manager reputation is much higher.
  11. Sorry, I haven't really had time to play my career save lately so there's 0 chance I'd be able to make any realistic deadline you would have for this.
  12. Top Football Manager Cup

    That's an insane variance on offense. 18 goals more over 20 games with the same line-up. Glad that defense held up for us, Option B'ers.
  13. Top Football Manager Cup

    I wonder if goals allowed should determine the winner instead of match record since we are picking defenders here... Edit: never mind... for some reason I thought we were going by match record here until I re-read BG's post.
  14. 14-0, biggest EME victory?
  15. Coach's son

    I thought you had to have a player whom you signed stay at the club for 10+ years? I think there's a list of how to unlock achievements somewhere in the archives of this forum.