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  1. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    And then he wonders why I ask him to back off all the time...
  2. How do you get to the Hall of Fame coaching page?
  3. Score 20 goals in a game

    That's not the engine's fault. I believe the problem lies within the terrible training system. In addition to being inflexible, it allows us to train inhuman (and this year, unhappy) beastly ball-of-stats monsters. In my El Ejido save (see, you remember it already ), my players' stats jumped up almost immediately to Second Division levels. Then, on my first season in the Second Division, I finished safely mid-table and a case could be made that I could've made playoffs were it not for some finishing woes. Compare the stats of your Villalibres and Armstrongs to the Messis and Ronaldos. They weren't that far apart. Hell, look at @scratch99's Vardy stats he just posted. Show me just the stats without anything else, and my first dozen guesses wouldn't be Vardy. On second thought however, this is a game. And I'm guessing the majority of SI's customers aren't Vibe experts who play hundreds of seasons on every version. I'd say they actually LIKE winning titles and seeing their team progress instead of worrying about silly things like realism.
  4. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    1 yellow in 32 league matches (+16 continental)...
  5. Score 20 goals in a game

    Not trying to defend him, more just trying to understand why your replies are so aggressive when we're just having an amicable discussion about the merits of each engine. If that was not your intent here, I apologize.
  6. Return of Old Bugs

    More specifically of concern is that, when on loan, the AI seems to play youngsters in EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. They're constantly at below 50% condition.
  7. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    That's a good observation. That's a lot! Also, his yellow cards went down a lot in the last couple years. Did his decisions go up or something? Or just random luck?
  8. Return of Old Bugs

    Interesting..... tell us more! Though in this case, he appears to be considered a back-up so I would hope it isn't the overplaying thing you're hinting at.
  9. Score 20 goals in a game

    @Ashez I think I enjoy the EME because I don't always take the highlights literally. The simulation overall seems pretty solid so I chalk up most of the oddities to the graphics/commentary engine. There are plenty oddities to be found. Some off the top of my head: Nearly all shots&goals seem to happen from outside the box, even when it's a 1v1 situation (in 1v1, I usually assume the shot probably simulated closer to the goal but graphically, it seems to happen outside the box). Also, until analytics started to gain traction about 3-4 years ago (which is around when the engine first was released), seeing a majority shots from the outside was actually not that unusual. Defenders usually being the ones knocking out headers for corners (especially while defending corners). In a real match, defenders head it the other way just as often as out for a corner but highlights rarely show this. Since stats don't immediately update like they do in the OME so it's hard to verify exactly what's happening, I just assume that the simulation got a corner and the commentary/highlight defaults a certain way. Failing to break down a defense while dominating possession/shots or, to go the other way, the AI scoring from a single shot in a one-sided match. This one has plenty of real life examples and many are recent. Pick just about any home draw by Man United this season against a bottom half half for the former while Crystal Palace just won against Watford on an own goal without registering a single shot on target for the latter. If this happened in the FMM, the player would be screaming bloody murder. Now, this seems to happen WAY more often in FMM than in real life and that is, of course, due to the programming of the engine and how the roles interact with each other. Hopefully the engine will continue to become more nuanced as they keep developing it. I don't even think I need to see more roles - they seem to cover most things I would want my players to do. Personally, I would be much happier with some more team-wide instructions. For example, I think if they added some sort of a separate tactical setting for shooting "appetite" (ie. try to shoot if inside the box only, shoot from anywhere, only certain people try to shoot) that would go a long way toward smoothing out the shooting curves across different roles. Or giving more freedom with positioning of players on the pitch. And, @Mikee1984, why you always gotta be so confrontational? Take that anger over to reddit or something.
  10. Score 20 goals in a game

    I haven't played on the OME in a while, but iirc the stats it gives off are pretty decent. My only problem with it is the inflated score lines. Yes, they may not approach world records but they are certainly a lot more frequent than real world scores in the big leagues.
  11. Score 20 goals in a game

    LOL.. OME is silly...
  12. Touché! Point well taken. But, uh, I've been, um, hesitant to start a new season with the loan bug present in the current version and my squad desperately needing some good loan spells for my youngsters. Yeah, let's go with that.
  13. Issue! - National vs Club

    I've never had a double job like this but player roles have always saved for me on a single team level. In fact, this year's version went a step further - if I switch into a given formation, it seems to default to the roles I previously used and not whatever the original default for that formation was.
  14. Score 20 goals in a game

    Check his career thread for that. Keep in mind this is on OME. I would be shocked to see half this many goals scored in a game on EME.
  15. Score 20 goals in a game

    And 0 by your career defender? That's brutal!