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  1. I Need Help For Put Save Data In My Game

    No problem. Glad i could help
  2. @smirlo nice work mate. Don't suppose you have the .PNG file for the striker image do you? Cheers
  3. Should have just subbed him on for the last 5 minutes in the final 5 or so games haha
  4. Unusual Request!

    My opponents get red cards here there and everywhere haha! I haven't been thinking of it for the last few years. I've never had 2 players sent off in one game lol!
  5. Misc Start Up Screens - Updated All The Time

    @Kenbhoy12 Rodgers has been uploaded mate. Is this alright?
  6. Brendan Rodgers Skin

    If so - What club badge
  7. Brendan Rodgers Skin

    @Kenbhoy12 You still after this matey? I can do it today for you
  8. Unusual Request!

    Ok bud, thanks for that! I shall give it a bash. Best tackling instructions? Commited?
  9. I think my 'couches' are pretty good. I got them from DFS in the sale hehe. Looks good! Will have to give this a try and see how it works for a lower league team
  10. The Animal Badge Club Challenge

    Does a breed of bird count for this challenge! Swindon Town have a robin on their crest
  11. Become A Fmm Legend!

    Name: Luke Johnson Nationality : English Position : Goalkeeper This should be fun!
  12. Unusual Request!

    Sup'yallll. Here's an unusual request for you.. Looking through the achievements on FMM2017 - I noticed there's one for getting 2 players sent off in one game!! Any advice!? I hardly ever get 1 person sent of let alone 2! Best formation/tactics/instructions to get 2 people sent of in one game!! Thanks!
  13. I'm 5 years into my save! Got a few players still in the squad from the beginning so i'll play 1 of the 3 times for the next 5 seaons, 1 of them for 6 games and the other for 10 games! See what happens
  14. I mayyyyy be wrong then! I always thought the player had to play something like 10 times at least!