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  1. Poor finishing costing me points

    10 games ago i was getting 6/7/8 shots on target, now im winless in 7 and havent scored in 5, i genuinely have ran out of ideas, the game just doesnt want me to score
  2. Poor finishing costing me points

    Both my CB's and my RB have 16 decisions and my LB has 15! Now struggling to creat chances, forward players seem to be virtually ineffective
  3. Poor finishing costing me points

    What would you suggest as an alternative??
  4. Poor finishing costing me points

    I play a ball winning midfielder alongside a central midfielder, and play fullbacks instead of wing backs as i feel with such a weak defence that I'm over exposed. I play Attacking-mixed-mixed-mixed-normal-pressing I create a lot of chances but the finishing is lacking even though my striker has good stats, plus my defence is like jelly so if I don't score I generally lose. My defences is FB-CD-CD-FB
  5. Poor finishing costing me points

    Now don't get me wrong, I don't expect to go to Man City and win 4-0, but to concede 4 goals from 4 shots and 2 from 35 yard strikes yet be unable to convert 1 out of 8 chances is just criminal
  6. Poor finishing costing me points

    Seriously though, wtf is this about?
  7. Poor finishing costing me points

    Changed to 2 wingers and it's worked wonders, players seem to hit the target more consistently and the conversion rate has improved! My other issue is at the other end of the pitch too, whilst I was scoring 1 from 10 shots on target the opposition always seems to score with virtually every shot! I just lost 4-2 against Burnley from 3 shots on target, its unbelievably frustrating
  8. Just started a save with Bournemouth and decided to run a 4-2-3-1 with king up top. the roles were 2 inside forwards, 1 advanced playmaker and 1 poacher. im 10 games or so in and I can't describe how many opportunities my players miss, I'd finish the match with 9 shots on target with 0 goals and get beat by 1 shot on target! Anyone got any advice or tips, much appreciated.
  9. Impossible to keep clean sheets?

    This sums up exactly what stresses me out about this years version ( I'm Alessandria ). It takes me 20 shots to score 2 goals yet it takes them 4... And this isn't a one off, it's probably 6/7 games out of 10, it's just getting ridiculous!
  10. 3-4-3 Conte's tactic [OME]

    Apologies those are my first and second team so I change the roles to suit. When my first team is fit I play the two wide players as inside forwards
  11. Impossible to keep clean sheets?

    EME, and I normally go FB CD CD FB then have a deep playmaker and a ball winner/central midfielder
  12. Has anybody else noticed how difficult it is to get clean sheets in this game? It's driving me to the point where I don't want to play anymore... For example I can have 15 shots on target and score 1 goal and the AI will score with their first shot! No matter what tactics, players or formations I use I concede in probably 9/10 matches. Anyone got any advice or tips as to why? Thanks.
  13. 3-4-3 Conte's tactic [OME]

    Had a shot at managing West Ham using this formation, however I changed a few of the rolls and instructions around and I have to say it's possibly the best formation/tactic defensive wise I've ever used Mid point in the season and I'm 20 games unbeaten in the league, unbeaten in all the domestic cup's, the only loss I've had was vs Genk in the europa league Against the big teams that try and attack you this tactic is golden, just look at what the boys did to the Manchester clubs Against the smaller teams it can come unstuck but there have only been 1 or 2 games I've failed to score in. Here's the formation, roles and instructions: This is the player's I play and where: