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  1. FC Porto Full Name: Futebol Clube do Porto Nickname: Dragões (Dragons) Stadium: Estádio do Dragão (former Estádio das Antas) (Capacity: 50035 seats) Foundation year: 1893 (refounded in 1906) Current chairman: Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa Honours: Primeira Liga winners (27x) Taça de Portugal winners (16x) Campeonato de Portugal winners (4x) Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira winners (20x) Champions League winners (2x) Europa League winners (2x) UEFA SuperCup winners (1x) Intercontinental Cup winners (2x) Fernando Gomes: 352 goals in 455 matches. Yet a record to be broken. This was one of FC Porto's greatest players. Unfortunately never had a chance to watch him play in real life. I'm only 22 years old. He's now, currently one of FC Porto's scouts. Vitor Baía: This is my favorite player of FC Porto since I started watching football. This was the greatest goalkeeper in my opinion, right alongside with van der Sar. He is one of the players with the most awards conquered in the world. Total of 35 awards. Expectations FC Porto is currently playing in the Champions League after a tremendous victory against the English champion, Leicester, a marvelous 5-0 win. Having to face Juventus real soon, FC Porto needs to prove everyone they're worthy of staying at the Champions League. As likely, on the game, you're also on the Champions Cup, and the Board expects you to atleast reach the first knockout round. Superb training facilities as well as superb youth facilities. We do have a lot of wonderkids in real life. Rui Pedro, Afonso Sousa, Diogo Dalot, Rui Pires.. Immense sheer talent! FC Porto is also known in real life for its business. Unfortunately, nowadays, we don't see that much. But, in the game, you only get 6.25M€ to invest as you would like. Staff The Backroom Team consists in an all-round Coaches, which all of them are Gold. Rui Pedro Silva, specializes in Defensive training, Rui Barbosa in Goalkeeping, António Dias in Fitness and Rui Barros in Attacking. As for the scouts, all Gold scouts. Fernando Gomes as a Bargain Hunter, (which is something that Porto, in real life, keeps an eye on) Francisco Craveiro also as a Bargain Hunter and Fernando Bandeirinha as a Tactical Analyst. I do recommend releasing Francisco Craveiro as we already have a Bargain Hunter, and buy ourselves a Gold Youth Scout if possible. If not, a Gold First Team Scout should do it. Unfortunately, for Physios we have a Bronze and a Silver one. José Mário is the only Gold Physio. But, I recommend keeping Pedro Vale, only releasing Luís Pinto for another Rehab Silver/Gold Physio. Key Players Danilo Pereira, one of the strongest portuguese midfielders as we speak. Since he traded Maritimo for Porto, he's improved a lot. He's now one of FC Porto's finest The mighty Casillas. Who has never heard about Casillas? As a fan, this was the greatest sign by FC Porto. With 35 years old, Casillas proves that he can still be considered one of the top Goalkeepers. I do consider him the Star Player of this team. Diogo Jota. With only 19 years old, Diogo Jota scores a lot. And I mean a lot! Unfortunately, he's only on a loan from Atl. Madrid. That doesn't mean he can't be a key player of the team, right? He's one of the game's wonderkid, and he's really brilliant! Although he lacks a little maturity and leadership, he's still perfect for the team and his age will still make him improve even more on those points. Yacine Brahimi... I mean, I love Brahimi. Although he has no Positioning, and his Teamwork is not one of the best, his Techinque and Dribbling made him also, one of FC Porto's finest. I wouldn't be choosing anyone over Brahimi to be honest. And we got ourselves another Wonderkid! Andre Silva, he's simply a beast on the game. Performs really well alongside with Diogo Jota, making those two the best duo at FC Porto And finally, Ivan Marcano. Yes, he's not one of the greatest on Porto, and last season (in real life) his performance was not one the best I've seen. But this season, he has been proving everyone that they were wrong. Between Felipe and Marcano I would always choose Marcano, no matter what. Future Prospects Rui Pires Rui Pedro André Silva Otávio Ricardo Pereira Ruben Neves Rafa Soares As I've said before, currently Porto has good prospects in Sub-19 and Sub-17, and they have been improving A LOT lately. I'm really glad to see my team using their prospects to reach for greatness. Players to Sell/Loan/Release Although I never release any of the players, it's your own choice if you want to do so. Silvestre Varela (sell) Diogo Costa (loan) Josué (loan) Zé Manuel (loan) Evandro (sell) Chidozie Awaziem (loan) I do recommend loaning out Awaziem has he's still 19 years old, and he can improve a lot in the game. You can try it out yourselves. Same for Diogo Costa, he's still really young and can step up his game once Casillas retires. Players to Buy Although I don't usually buy any players unless I sell any, I usually try to buy/loan some players. I'll name them below. Ricardo Quaresma (Besiktas) Bruno Alvez (Cagliari) Tiago Ilori (Liverpool - Loan) This is my usual players to buy if I do need them. I have a thing for Portuguese players. There's so much talent hidden... Tactics I do use this 4-2-3-1 tactic. I saw it once on the Vibe community, and if it belongs to you, I'm sorry but I didn't find your topic to give you credits for. I tried this tactic and it works wonders! I hope you find this guide helpfull if you ever trying to coach FC Porto. But please do. You won't want anything else! Cheers! Credits: BatiGoal (Thanks for letting me use your guide template. Hope you'll enjoy this guide as I did!)
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  4. Miroslav Klose is one of my favourite players of all time! I remember buying him on FM07 and he was a top scorer along with Villa
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    In Portugal they can't be considered reserves because they play in the league below (hence operating like a different team). That's why I've asked if coming from FCP B counts as a sign
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    I'm on iOS (not jailbroken, unfortunately (yet))
  9. I wanted to know, if it's possible to create a new translation to the game. Do I need any files? Any programs in specific? What do I need?
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  14. I've been coaching FC Porto for 10/11 years now and I didn't get my son on the team yet. Wasn't it 10 years? Or has it changed?
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