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  1. National team offered

    My goal is unlock the National hero, but it is kinda boring. I still manage my club and wait for the national match lol
  2. Winter transfers

    Thanks for the info xD
  3. National team offered

    OMG guys, I jusst can't believe in my eyes O.o at the beginning of 2nd season at Southamton, I got offered by Denmark. Kinda surprise because it seems like people find it very difficult to get there. Finally, my dream came true, not my favourite team but nice start for me.
  4. Coach recommendation

    I don't think it makes different. And there are too many coaches in FMM2017, it's really hard to test
  5. Winter transfers

    Can all these additional parts work on an jailbreak ios device?
  6. wheeler dealer achievement

    For older versions I choose Man Utd then just have to sell some players. I don't know how much I got but my tranfer budget was about 200 mil then it was unlocked. Still not test it in FMM17 yet,
  7. How "Primary Outlet" and "Primary Attacker" work?

    Yeah the same here lol. Thank you anyway
  8. From FMM 2016 we had new options in tatics but i don't really know how it affect the game. You guys have any idea? TY
  9. Son In The Team

    can you show me how did u set his training? im using renato sanches but kinda confused with his training