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  1. Role Calculator

    how to use it? can i using it on Android?
  2. Crazy Computer Tactics

    trouble for me is after update new version, it's hard to get win.
  3. 3-1-2-2-2 with a little difference from the norm

    BBM to BWM or BWM to BBM. just to make sure.
  4. 3-1-2-2-2 with a little difference from the norm

    i'm very interested bro. good results!
  5. cool af bro, feel like real manager! nice work.
  6. Great Tactic For EME 4-3-3 ( SERONG)...

    first try against heracles, i'm draw (with 2 goals, but sh*t refs cancel my goals). 2nd match against heracles too, i just can scores 1 goal and i'm not satisfied. 3rd match against heracles as well, you're damn smart one! i hope this still working well on me! thanks bro
  7. 3-4-3 | OME | Great in lower league

    first try, i'm lost 2-4 against el ejido
  8. 3-4-3 | OME | Great in lower league

    good, i hope it's work for me on unemployed.
  9. Mollers01's Top Eight Teams to Manage

    add 1, sutton.
  10. Manager Graphical Skin HDTV

    i just kidding bro. i have no license for sharing her picture.
  11. Players With Big Club Release Clause .

    i wonder what it's big club release clause? i want to active it but idk the meaning of it.
  12. FMM 2017 Milan and Sevilla Save Data

    no added 0 minutes later no, i didnt get it
  13. Manager Graphical Skin HDTV

    if the image is the girl that i love her, you can? hahaha, forgive my English
  14. FMM 2017 Milan and Sevilla Save Data

    its work, right?
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Hello guys, i'll share AC Milan save, Sevilla save in 1 file. **Notice : - This is in 2018. - Manager name as @rabihcattan because i using his save data for manage Germany National Team and Munchen as well. - If you ain't like Milan and Sevilla, you can apply to other big club, including Chelsea (Zidane still Very Insecure) - EME & Large Databases How to use : Download my file, extract it and then rename the file with your available slot. Example : fm_save3.dat Happy Sunday And Gong Xi Fa Cai. Enjoy!