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  1. I need tested feedback

    Thanks ashez fir your feedback from your experience what is the best player roles fir a 4 1 2 2 1 formation ? Wingback or fullback? Deeb lying playmaker or ball winning midfielder ? above him two advanced playmakers or one and center midfielder with him? and finally complete forward or advanced forward? thanks alote for your time
  2. Hello what is the best player role in a 4 1 2 2 1 formation to have high possession and large number of shots ?! regards
  3. Hello everyone any one have experience in fm mobile can tell which is better passing short or direct to have more possession and large number of shots??!! and using offside trap will help in possession or just press alone is better ? regards
  4. Hello everyone we need pre game database editor! On mobile! why its not an option like in fm ??
  5. Hello andersj the front three will score alot of goal but they must have above 15 in Decision, Movement, Dribbling, Shooting, Creativity and Technique I Focus on fitness for the back four because i need them fast and strong on the offside trap this tactic will give you control of the game rarely you will lose but not alote of goals you will not score 5 or 6 or 7 in one game i am searching to improve that area good luck
  6. At first it will cost some injuries coz your fitness of your players are not good but after a short time there fitness will change and you will have a very fit players
  7. When i get a very good finisher i will have alot more goals ?
  8. Hello everyone i was trying every Tactic to apply klopp style and I finally Got it. First you must have Good couches and training can change a player completely! Wing back and the deep playmaker on tactical training advanced playmaker on General inside forward and the striker on attacking here is the tactic and some results to proof And the training schedules good luck ?
  9. What EME or OME means ?