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  1. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    I'm not a City supporter but I know he was very very good here. Best player they've had at the club for years!
  2. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    This will be a fantastic challenge, I'm from Coventry and they're in desperate need a striker....(plus 10 more players and new owners) I'll be following, good luck mate 👍🏻
  3. Ronald De Boer

    @kylieboi88 yeah that's brilliant, I wanted him as the new Rangers manager! @danieljp yeah I'm currently using Sheringham in a couple of saves, I really like him. I'm not too sure on Neville but will use him eventually.
  4. Ronald De Boer

    Has anyone else noticed that Ronald De Boer will literally sign for almost anyone as a coach/assistant manager? Here he is as assistant manager of Plymouth Argyle 😂
  5. Redknapp Returns...

    Hi @Fish18ish, no this career isn't over. I will be updating it soon with the Europa League Semi Final against FC Porto 😁
  6. Don't Forget To # It

    PRE-SEASON... Hashtag faced some very good opposition in their first pre-season as a semi-professional club, coming up against four top Premier League teams. Robertson used his contacts and pulled in matches against Chelsea, West Ham, Tottenham and Premier League Champions Leicester City.
  7. Don't Forget To # It

  8. Don't Forget To # It

    Terry Westley and Ben Clarkson have also joined the Hashtag United management team... Westley has joined the club from West Ham United as Chief Scout, with Ben Clarkson joining from Southend United as Head Physio. Don't forget to # it.
  9. Don't Forget To # It

    Teddy Sheringham has been appointed as the Assistant Manager of Hashtag United... The former Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United striker has joined manager Adam Robertson at the popular club. Sheringham is looking to share his knowledge with the in-experienced players and wants to take Hashtag to the next level. What do you think of this appointment? added 0 minutes later Thanks @mcandrew003 I really appreciate it.
  10. Don't Forget To # It

    Adam Robertson has been appointed as manager of Hashtag United... Here is what you need to know about the new manager: Name: Adam Robertson Nationality: English Coaching Badge: Gold Playing Career: Semi-pro Coaching Career: West Ham Youth Coach, England Under 17's, 18's & 19's. Robertson has previously coached the England Elite squads at major tournaments along with coaching the West Ham United Youth Team for the last 3 years. Robertson was the ideal candidate to take on the popular Hashtag United side, having won the race against thousands of applicants. The assistant manager will be announced shortly...
  11. I’m sure that you are all aware of Hashtag United by now, if you’re not here is a bit of back story about them: Hashtag United F.C. are an English YouTube-based football club that was founded in 2016.They gained notability due to recording their matches, making videos around them and posting them to one of the players, Spencer Owen's YouTube channel, known as Spencer FC, which has just under 2 million subscribers. They have also played and beaten some Semi-Professional teams, such as Biggleswade United F.C and Newhaven F.C As of January 2017, their Twitter and Instagram accounts have over 100,000 followers each. Go check them out if you haven’t already! - Spencer FC YouTube Channel In this career I have placed Hashtag United and all of their current players into the National League South in the place of Hungerford Town FC, sorry lads. With Hashtag United growing and their population already at ‘Worldwide’ can they climb the English Football Pyramid? PLEASE NOTE: I created each player and gave them a current and potential ability of Amateur. The game itself predicts the players stats, making some players better than others. The game also adds positions onto players, which I did not apply when making the players. Let’s do this….
  12. Can You Add Custom Badge To Myclub

    Thanks mate, all sorted.
  13. I'm starting up a MyClub career, hoping to create a story for it. I was wondering if there is a way to add a custom badge to the club? I've take over Hungerford if that helps?
  14. Redknapp Returns...

    New updates coming soon (been busy house hunting) 👍🏻
  15. Redknapp Returns...

    Come On You Irons! ⚒