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  1. Good work so far! Ligue 1 may be tricky, it's a fair jump in goals
  2. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    Great tally mate. Shame you didn't post your career on here though, it's always good to read about the journey! What tactics etc etc?
  3. 🍹 PinaColada - A Double 1KC Attempt

    Thanks for sharing. How is Coludo doing as a DLF? I've never really used it but I had assumed it wasn't the best for goals. Could you push Ciftci back to an AM role and leave just the main two upfront?
  4. Haha! I had a bit of a backlog of seasons that needed writing up, so I thought i'd smash them all out quite quickly. We're up to date now so it'll slow down a fair bit.
  5. The Vibe Grand Prix

    This looks awesome! I'm not great at the individual challenges but I think I will definitely give this one a whirl at some point.
  6. Haha! He's actually developing really well at Forest - he's worth £11.5m now... Thanks mate. The aim is to secure promotion nice and early so I can start looking for jobs as soon as. added 0 minutes later Haha, they are really good fun! Not quite as involving as the in-depth individual challenges too.
  7. 🍹 PinaColada - A Double 1KC Attempt

    Hey man, just caught up. Very much looking forward to seeing how you get on! I think the formation could well be all important here... I do worry that the 4-2-2-2 is putting too much defensive responsibility on your midfielders.
  8. Season 5 Highest division for second chance teams: Premier League: 31 Championship: 11 League 1: 5 For the second season in a row, we began the year wanting to jump ship. Unfortunately, the opportunity just would not arise this time around, with only a few minnow clubs looking for a manager: Dulwich Hamlet haven't played in the Premier League have they…? In the meantime, I was left to half-heartedly continue my work at Forest. One thing of note is that we were hit with a big tax bill, although it didn't seem to make any difference to our funds: Our form was generally patchy as I wasn't too interested, although we did achieve a club record win in Europe: Finally, in late October, a Lancashire giant found themselves in need of a manager… The Club: Bolton Wanderers FC The Pedigree: Bolton are a real Premier League club, having competed in 13 of the 25 seasons since the league was formed. Although they made the odd appearance in the 90s, the 00s were Bolton's time to shine; when a squad built by the one and only Big Sam sent shockwaves through British football. Jay-Jay Okocha was one of the most entertaining players the league has ever seen, and the Trotters could also count World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff and Champions League winners Fernando Hierro and Ivan Campo amongst their ranks. Further back in to the recesses of time, Bolton were the pride of Lancashire. They won the FA Cup three times in the 1920s, and were also victors against Matt Busby's decimated Manchester United side in the emotional 1958 final. Before accepting the job, I made my sneakiest move yet. In my last piece of business as Forest manager, I bid a whopping £35m on a Bolton youngster. The lad did have potential, but I won't pretend it was a fair deal! I took over at Bolton with the club in a sorry state. After 16 games the club had yet to win the league, and were already 7 points from safety. It took a few more weeks, but in late November we picked up our first league win of the season over fellow strugglers Bristol City. After that we put together a decent run of results, including a decent win over Premier League opponents in the FA Cup… …But unfortunately we left ourselves with far too much to do to secure a playoff spot. For the first time in this career, I wouldn't be celebrating promotion. In my 30 league games in charge, we picked up 55 points. Over a full season that would have been enough to see us finish third, and so hopefully only minor changes will be needed to win the league next year. Elsewhere Stefano Pioli's Manchester United won the league again (Mourinho was sacked a few seasons ago), and they are proving to be a real force in this career. We were only able to scratch one new team off our list this season, as QPR finished runners up in the Championship. Lower down the leagues there was a disaster as Ipswich and Wigan both suffered relegation to the fourth tier. It looks like I might have to go about this challenge differently if I'm going to see those League 2 stragglers work their way back to the top. Thanks for reading, all comments welcome!
  9. Thanks BG. Yeah, it is great to pick up these sleeping giants and restoring them to glory. Good luck with Leeds. Haha, I have left backs coming out of my ears!
  10. Haha you are too kind! Thanks mate. I genuinely rotated for every cup game but for some reason we found ourselves in the final... I have seen some lopsided teams in my time but that was just overkill!
  11. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Is there a leaderboard for player appearances by the way? This one must be right up there!
  12. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Amazing career BG & Bazoer. Most strikers don't manage 270 career goals! Well done.
  13. Season 4 Highest division for second chance teams: Premier League: 28 Championship: 14 League 1: 5 We started the season with Blackpool, but the aim was to get over to a new second chance team as soon as possible. And by the end of June, a two time European Champion came a-calling: The Club: Nottingham Forest FC The Pedigree: Forest had a topsy turvy time in the Premier League in the 90s, being relegated three times but also finishing 3rd in the 1994/95 season and qualifying for the UEFA Cup. With players such as Stuart Pearce, Bryan Roy and Stan Collymore, they were always an entertaining club and have been sorely missed since they last departed the top flight, back in 1999/00. In the inaugural Premier League season, Forest were relegated in what turned out to be Brian Clough's last season in charge. They had had an incredible time of it with Ol' Big Head prior to that though, culminating with winning consecutive European Cups in 1979 and 1980. With two trophies, they have won it as many times as Juventus, and more times than Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea or Atletico Madrid to name a few. So, with an expectant board demanding promotion, I got stuck right in to the Forest job. The first thing I noticed with the squad I had inherited was a huge number of left backs. I generally like to have two players for every position, which meant that here I had 4 more left backs than I wanted. 4! Intriguingly, when I went to the team report, I was sagely advised that we were weakest in midfield. The identified solutions? More left backs! Could this be a bug? Our one and only mission for the season was to gain promotion. Somewhere along the line, however, we accidently won the EFL Cup. Woops! The good times continued to roll and by mid-March we were all but up. With that, I started looking for a new job to take on. There wasn't much that caught my eye, until I saw Bradford floundering in League 1: I put my name forward which didn't please the board. But was shunned in favour of Stuart McCall. Charming! Elsewhere Manchester United won the league again, which meant that for the first time this career we didn't have a new Premier League winner. Reading stormed to the Championship title, finishing well clear of my Forest side in second place. Sheffield Wednesday were victorious in the play offs, giving me a trio of names to tick off our second chance list. Less pleasingly, Portsmouth got a nosebleed after finding themselves as high up as League 1 and swiftly wait straight back down to the safety of the fourth tier. Thanks for reading, all comments welcome!
  14. Thanks man! You won't have to wait long, update 4 will be with you shortly...
  15. Hmmm... formatting is a bit weird on that post. I'll try to fix it.