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  1. In my game experience of FMM2017 (game engine is EME), I have not seen IF or AP role used by AI team for wide attacker. The only selection is "W" role when you check opponent tactics page. Have you seen "IF" or "AP" role at AML/AMR position?
  2. Ai Team Condition Management

    Exactly, the game is running in different way. Except what you mentioned, AI team can buy player without payment. Transfer budget is no meaning for AI team.
  3. I posted a post in SI forum and hope SI can improve the condition management of AI team. But no reply up to now. The link is here. In my current Leicester city save, I saw below. In AI controlled team Chelsea, five players condition is under 70% and seven players condition is under 80% when match time is 30min. And take a look, Hazard condition is 60% at 30min and 60% at 88min. When a human gamer try to rotate players to keep them 90% up for start line-up. But AI don't care. This bring me some question: 1. Condition is not import in A game. At least AI team can ignore it. 2. Will low condition impact performance of player? Note: Game is on v8.1, lasted version, and game engine is EME.
  4. What is your issue? Defense or attacking? And please notice the update v8.1 which tweak the game engine (EME) a little. I really feel sth. is difference.
  5. I think Alonso's attributes is matched his performance, if his movement and positioning can be increased a little. Alonso performs well in real life, his mental ability give me more impression than his skill.
  6. Bankruptcy

    I heard SI fixed the "bankruptcy" issue in 8.1 update. Are you playing with v8.1 already?
  7. Match Stats Request

    I never thimk fmh/fmm is a stats based game. I enjoy the highlights. And current role and team instruction can not do what we expected in EME. But it is a long way to go.
  8. To use another phone is an easy way.
  9. Match Stats Request

    The pass in stats is really a problem. The pass of FC and wide player is really too less.
  10. Match Stats Request

    I do not think OME is more realistic. OME has its own problem.
  11. Match Stats Request

    Better to know which page are you required.
  12. See below link provided by @dec added 0 minutes later See below link provided by @dec
  13. Database 2017

    iOS or Android device? If you are play FMM2017 on android device, you can find there is a zip file in "android/data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/". All original files are in it.
  14. BatiGoal's T.K.O.

    Defense is ok. but I win the match with only 1 goals. This is not the purpose of this tactics.
  15. BatiGoal's T.K.O.

    I give up my test of this interesting tactics. Because I can not get 3 goals in average in my current MU save.