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  1. Best Young Forwards

    For these young players, their PA will not be same in each saves. It is random within some range. I like this setting, because you can try different players.
  2. Hi mate, the UID of man utd is 680. The logo files should be named "club_680.png". You can check this index for more.
  3. Could you check what is the mentality and tactics used by AI team? Is there any difference in two leagues?
  4. add player face in my club

    No. It is impossible.
  5. Changing morale of players

    yes. ige can boost morale.
  6. Great test and analyzing, mate! To compare Bogba and Herrera is not fair. Bogba has higher CA than Herrera. From my experience, higher CA player will have more chance to take the ball.
  7. No money

    Please check your preference seting. There is a option to start game without transfer budget. Maybe you turned on it.
  8. Finances 'bankrupt' issue

    Have you updated the game to latest version?
  9. Manager rank?

    Or disable the internet connect.
  10. Ireland is a300. 9f00 is for Ireland before 1922.
  11. goalkeeper attributes

    Good news, mate
  12. Is he in your starting line-up? It looks he is not satisfied with his status in team.
  13. Very interesting tactics! I am wondering how it work when meet 442. I will try it!
  14. Could you let me know what is the real code you input for seach? And could you check the the position you start search? It is suggest to start serch from top of the file, by rolling up to the top.
  15. I did not realize this in previous versions. But in current version of FMM, this realy make me crazy.