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  1. Liga Indonesia

    when you will upload this?
  2. 2017 Standard Logos Megapack

    can i only download the competitions' logos?
  3. The next game

    do not forget about leipzig and hoffenheim
  4. FMM2017v8.0 All Clubs Index

    do you have an all index for competitions?
  5. or maybe this strategy design only for epl
  6. it is worked well on epl with aston villa, but doesn't work on la liga with barcelona
  7. Liga Indonesia

    oh yea, will em possible to be playing in continental competition?
  8. Liga Indonesia

    liga 2 are will playable? in previous database i got, only liga 1 are playable and it's using an A-league
  9. bagi dong bro database nya. @supersp i have the save data Indonesia NT in 2022. won the FWC and qualified to AFC Cup this fm_save1.dat
  10. Managing Germany

    cool! i can manage an impossible teams to manage. but i think, it'll be solution for pirates if they want to manage their favourite club. example: if they downloaded some real names save data, then they're will use this trick and then they can manage their favourite club or countries.
  11. FMM17 Turkish Patch (Türkçe Yama)

    do you know the tutorial?
  12. Version 1.0.0


    You're playing as Luis Milla. High expectations has waiting your magic tactic, because you're former of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid player. Can you put em up to big competition? *for get players, pick from FCD club