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  1. I love the new font

    especially the new logo. i like it
  2. Server Move + Update

    @Stam, can you share the vibe's new logo in .png format?
  3. My unemployed to glory save!

    has downloaded it and only got this
  4. 2017 Standard Logos Megapack

    but , do you know a codes for ucl, uel?
  5. Great Winning Tactic (EME)

    where are the pictures dude
  6. Super 4-2-3-1 tactics eme

    where are the pictures

    how i can only download comps' logos? if clubs' logos, i can makes by myself
  8. Achievements Transfer

    yes, of course. i am glad as well
  9. Achievements Transfer

    in my experience, i asked stranger on facebook for gimme his game.cfg, it is succeed. he has got 2 unlockables, sugar daddy and abolish work permit. but when i used his game.cfg, only sugar daddy won't be able to used and the abolish WP is available.
  10. Achievements Transfer

    maybe, transfer your game.cfg to your new device. (once i was trying with androids)
  11. Liga Indonesia 2017

    file buat bahasanya gan?
  12. Liga Indonesia

    when you will upload this?
  13. 2017 Standard Logos Megapack

    can i only download the competitions' logos?
  14. The next game

    do not forget about leipzig and hoffenheim
  15. FMM2017v8.0 All Clubs Index

    do you have an all index for competitions?