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  1. Is the goalkeeper used actually vital? I'm one game into a run with Koln and Timo is out for 3 weeks with an injury and looking jaded in training o.o This may effect his clean sheet record!
  2. Awesome work kts, I thought it would take quite a few years to go from the bottom league to winning the top but once you got going you didn't look back! It would be interesting to see how the club has grown. Training Facilities / Stadium Size etc.
  3. I've only ever seen that outcome. And in case anyone was wondering about the actual rules - Which players do need work permits? Footballers from outside the EU must still obtain a work permit if they wish to play for English football clubs. Every non-EU footballer must successfully apply for a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) with the FA before the Home Office will consider issuing a work permit. The system has recently been tightened and now only non-EEA players who are internationally established at the highest level, and whose employment will make a significant contribution to the development of their sport at the highest level, are allowed to play in the UK. One of the reasons for the rule change was that only 58% of football players who were given work visas played any top-flight football in their second season. What are the criteria which will be used? Until 2015, football players needed to have played in at least 75% of their country’s senior international matches over the previous two years to play in the UK. Eligibility for a GBE now depends on a national team’s FIFA ranking, as follows: Official FIFA Ranking Required % of international matches in past 2 yrs FIFA 1-10 30% and above FIFA 11-20 45% and above FIFA 21-30 60% and above FIFA 31-50 75% and above
  4. Excellent work with the Kosovans, I'm impressed the team managed to do so well and win everything with such a relatively weak front line.
  5. Keep going with all the letters, set a massive total, get that goalkeeper up front and have him smash in the goals!
  6. 500 International BatiGoals

    Wow that's a kick in the balls. I think next time you should definitely be the club coach and buy them all
  7. Tag Team Challenge

    That is an impressively close result! Good game guys, unlucky!
  8. I was playing with a similar formation Brenty, but I think I worked out that he was too slow to actually foul anyone. Basically by the time he gets anywhere near another attacker they just pass it on to someone else and he's got no chance of getting anywhere near them. I did get sacked 8 games in like so I wouldn't listen to me!
  9. 500 International BatiGoals

    Brilliant work Bati, hopefully you'll be able to rattle that off in a year!
  10. Good work getting up and then qualifying for the Europa league kts, shame about losing that striker, especially since you can't actually do anything with the money Next step, the SPL title!
  11. How can I get this?

    Compre una copia real del juego para los nombres de los jugadores. Para nombres de equipos reales, descargue el arreglo de licencia de este sitio web. (Courtesy of Google Translate)
  12. It's been a bit since I've posted an update here, since I've been a bit slow playing it with all the challenges I'm involved in elsewhere on this forum, and also that it's peak golf season at the moment which does tend to eat up a lot of time! Dortmund - Season 1 Dortmund didn't have much of a budget when I came in, so I went with their current main striker for season 1, Stipe Perica. He looked pretty decent but I didn't have much confidence in him to make the required mark of 68 goals. Dortmund were in the Europa League having finished 6th the previous season. Europa League We pretty easily got through to the final of the Europa league, facing the mighty Liverpool we dominate the game but couldn't put away our chances. A late freekick from bloody Alberto Moreno of all people beating my keeper on the near post ended my hopes of putting the Europa league in the trophy cabinet. DFB-Pokal Cup A semi-final loss to Wolfsburg after extra time, having made better chances this time but a bit leaky at the back, but paid to any chance of cup silverware this year. Bundesliga Happier news here as we won the league fairly convincingly. Stipe did pretty well, but didn't manage to get anywhere near the record. Here are his stats, apparently I'd forgotten to screenshot him at the time. As you can see I'd replaced him for the next season. Dortmund - Season 2 Again the transfer budget and wage restrictions limited my signings but a new striker did come in to lead the line. Sandro, another 1 named ex-Barcelona striker with tbh very similar stats to Munir. Champions League We got a nice easy draw for the first knockout round, against KRC Genk. What followed was the most one-sided 2 legged tie I've ever seen end up in Penalties... 5 Clear Cut Chances, 26 Shots on Target and 61 total shots over the course of 210 minutes and we still only scored 3, one of which was from a penalty! Genk had 7 shots and 5 on target with 2 cccs and also scored 3. Thankfully we did edge the shootout. And we went on well, to face Athletico Madrid in the final. Which we won fairly comfortably, after they had a player sent off. DFB-Pokal Cup Again we dominated the game but ended up going to penalties, thankfully winning it. Note that Sami Louati scored the final penalty, winning the team glory. A young 21 year old left back I'd signed cheaply as backup... So the day later obviously the board expressed their disappointment with him. Bloody Germans and their lack of romance... Bundesliga A slightly tight result here! It went down the final game but thankfully we edged it. An awesome showing from Bayern though with a +52 gd from an AI controlled team. So to the main man, he won WPOTY, which is nice. But he fell well short of the target, banging in 58 goals in 54 games. So onto attempt number 3. Thankfully winning the Bundesliga for a 2nd time and the Champions league meant that my transfer budget has moved from £30m to £170m. I can't quite attract the absolute best players in the world but I'm well up there, I can offer well over £100k pw wages whereas when I joined Dortmund it was about £30k pw. Definitely looking more positive for next year!
  13. Slowly catching up with all the posts but I came third but I didn't get any points on the leaderboard?! My guys only got about 2 goals in the last 4 games as well, sad times but at least it's my first time on the podium. Looking forward to getting my double footed tackles into the next challenge, I imagine 2 would be a pretty good score? Maybe I can get a 3rd with 0 >.>
  14. Awesome work Taff, it's definitely a challenge I'm tempted by myself. Keep up those 120+ seasons and you'll set an imposing target!
  15. Great work Anders, good consistent results!