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  1. Update 2: Season 1 January Transfer Window First off I completely forgot to show you my team at the start of the season so I guess I'll show you it now. All other players under Ben Close and Michael Doyle haven't really played but I have made two more loan signings who I will talk more about in the near future. Things have been going great at Fratton Park seeing us sit in 1st place with only 18 games left to play, but not far behind us Doncaster who are only 4 points behind us. Key Players The reason we are sitting top of the table at the end of January is because of one man and his name is Eoin Doyle. As you can see he has bagged 34 goals in 34 games what is absolutely brilliant and has also scored 27 goals in 26 league games. You can also see that he isn't all about goals as he has 12 assists what is outstanding. It's going to be a sad day when we have to say goodbye to this man. At the start of the save I thought another player would be excellent as well but I decided not to include him in the Key Player section as I didn't want to embarrass myself if he flopped but om my god he certainly never flopped. Mr. Chaplin has been terrific playing as the Attacking Midfielder in my tactic and is also my team captain despite only being 18 years old. Together these boys are dominating both the most goals leaderboard and the highest average rating leaderboard. Another player who has been brilliant is George Saunders and is definitely a must buy for any League 2 side as he can be picked up for less than 100k. He will more than likely be able to play in League 1 next season for us IF we go up. Fixtures I have decided to put all of my fixtures in a spoiler as they make the layout of this update look ugly, so feel free to look at them. If you read through the fixtures you would see that I have been put out of every cup but to be honest we were the better team in most of the games. Transfers Alright I feel like this transfer window I actually messed up losing my backup center back/left back and the only signings I made were two loans. Rory Watson An average keeper that will be a rotation player until I get a solid keeper in next season. Max Boonstoppel A fairly poor center back but it's ok he is only the backups backup so he won't play many games. Anyway guys that's all for this update will try to get the next update out fairly soon. Also if you guys don't mind leaving feedback on how I could improve these updates it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks Andrew, next update should be out soon.
  3. Thanks Bati, things are starting to look good tactic wise, just have to get lucky with other teams getting promotion now
  4. Update 1: Season 1 Pre-Season I've officially taken over then Portsmouth job now and I have just kind of realised how hard of a challenge this will actually be. If I am able to get Portsmouth to the Prem then I am 100% sure I will be able to complete this challenge but being pretty inexperienced I have never actually taken a team from lower league to the Prem before. Oh God... Signings I have made 3 key signings for the team and I am sure they will be able to create a massive impact on our chances of gaining promotion. Igor Djoman The Ball Winning Midfielder has solid defensive stats and good stats going forward and should definitely have an impact in the midfield Vasil Bozhikov The centre-back will be a rock in our defense with 14 strength, 13 tackling and 12 pace and will also be banging in headers from corners with 15 aerial. George Saunders The central midfielder looks solid with good stats in every aspect of the game going forward and defensively. He will more than likely get played as a box to box midfielder or central midfielder. Tactic With this being my first career mistakes were bound to happen and well here is the first of many. I forgot to take a picture of the first tactic I used and I can't remember the player roles but fortunately the tactic wasn't great as you can see by our pre-season friendlies. Thankfully I have created a new tactic what is fairly similar but is producing great results and instead of showing it to you guys right now I am just going to keep it private until I know it is solid then after I have got some success with the tactic I will happily reveal it. Here is one of my games with this tactic: Key Players One of the players that I have that I feel will be key to our success will be the man up top Eoin Doyle. I can tell you already that with 6 games played Doyle has been involved with 7 goals what is absolutely brilliant. I hope you enjoyed the first update and stay tuned to find out how we are getting on in the scary place of league two.
  5. Thanks mate, first update should hopefully be out in an hour or two just have to write it. Insane is my middle name Thanks mate. Hopefully I'll be able to beat it, just have to find a solid tactic then things should workout. I think
  6. Introduction Well then this will definitely be interesting giving the fact I'm not the most experienced player of this game Hello There, I'm Rocket and you must be thinking right now who the hell is this person, so before we get into this challenge I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. My real name is Ryan and I'm 14 years old. I've been a Celtic fan all my life and will continue to be. I'm obsessed with football manager despite the fact that I am absolute hopeless at the game. How I will post updates Well unlike other careers on the website I will be doing 3 updates per season and this is so that I am always keeping you guys up to date with what is actually happening in my save as seeing and not getting updated after every season. (If you have posted a career in this type of format before msg me and tell me then I'll change the title) I will also post my tactics and on some of the updates as yet again I want to show you guys everything I am doing in this save. My current aim is to get 1/2 seasons done per week which is a lot of updates that will be coming your way so make sure to keep posted. What is the PL Second Chances Challenge and why are you doing this challenge? Well I decided to do this challenge as I have read many other careers based on this challenge and I decided I would give it a try knowing that I would probably fail miserably. Team List Time To Start! Okay, now all of that is out of the way it is time to reveal what team I will be starting with. And the team is........... Portsmouth!!! I have decided to use Portsmouth as they are probably one of the hardest teams or possibly the hardest team to get back to the premier league. What I am planning to do is to get them to the premier league in about 3-5 seasons and If I am extremely lucky there is a chance that I may be able to get 15 teams back to the premier league. After I am finished with Portsmouth I will more than likely drop back into the league 1/2 and get whatever team I have chosen up to the premier league and keep on doing this cycle until I have completed the challenge. Anyway that is me finished with this introduction and I will be aiming to get the first update out either late tonight or tomorrow around lunch time (BST)