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  1. Winter transfers

    Everyone who want full transfers, just copy content from this txt file to changes.txt Some of this transfers was happened after transfers cut off of last SI update lige.txt
  2. Winter transfers

    write me pm if u want last update
  3. Winter transfers

    of course. Every transfers in all playable league in game
  4. Winter transfers

    I'm maked last update, put all free transfer player away from his clubs. Now we have more then 600 changes. This is last update, if something happen before official transfer update i will make.
  5. Winter transfers

    New update have more then 500 transfers in all leagues. I will make last update next monday (if some transfer happened from free transfers) Im trying to make managerial changes but this is not possible (because i dont want to make partially changes, i want to make complete). Some managers not exist in game in top teams.
  6. Winter transfers

    New update have more then 300 transfers in all leagues
  7. Winter transfers

    For new update please private message me. New update have 158 transfers in all leagues
  8. Winter transfers

    Because of some people who didnt like my work, i didnt want to upload more. Everyone who want patch (every wednesday and saturday), contact me on msg i will be send file. Thx
  9. Winter transfers

    You must load england and belgium leagues on start
  10. Winter transfers

    ok i will use myself licence fix in this patch which you delete before your licence fix.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is winter transfers. I will upload new transfers two times per week (wednesday and saturday). This is first update with all transfers from 01.01 to 05.01 (33 changes) Copy this file in Android/Data/com.sigames.fmh2017/files/installed or Android/Data/com.sigames.fmh2017/files then click owerwrite. Start new game. changes.txt
  12. I will make winter transfers every day, but i will be upload new file every saturday and wednesday. This is modification of existing changes.txt of this forum. Oscar in Shangai Gabriel Jesus in Man.City Draxler in PSG Babel in Deportivo La Coruna Rincon in Juventus Ndidi in Leicester 31 transfers to 5.1.2017 changes.txt
  13. 2017 License Fixes

    "CLUB" "Full club name" "Nation" "New club name" New short name" "Reputation" "New league" "COMPETITION" "Full name" "New name" "New short name" "Abbreviation"
  14. 2017 License Fixes

    This change exist, but is not correct. Now is : "MANAGER" "Jan" "Jansen" "Danny" "" "Blind" "" "" "" "" Must be: "MANAGER" "Jan" "Jansen" "" "Danny" "Blind" "" "" "" "" Becouse third "" is for club "PLAYER" "First name" "Surname" "Club" "New first name" "New surname" "Common name" "Year of birth" "New CA" "New PA" "New club"
  15. 2017 License Fixes

    Somebody must ask SI does have any chance to give us option in changes.txt to change name for stadiums. Because stadium of Man.City is not Etihad.