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  1. Andre Ayew

    I think he uses the same technology as William, not sure what tech stuff William has though :lol: But they look the exact same in terms of quality. Fine software whatever it is
  2. Finances on PSP?

    Thanks, I eventually found it, God I'm stupid
  3. Before I start, yes I am a complete idiot. So I've literally forgotten where to find it after playing solely iOS for the last year, can anyone tell me? I'm useless :lol:
  4. Site Feedback and Suggestions

    Rafa brought this up before, anyone want to comment?
  5. Mbaye Niang

    Next Thierry Henry Freddy Adu?
  6. Question about PA?

    No if they're -10, -9 etc it will randomly fluctuate
  7. England

    Nice update!
  8. Id like to see germany
  9. Managing the National Team

    Did you mean sort them by nationality? I don't think you can search by it
  10. Managing the National Team

    @Sam, fully agree, iOS too hard to search @anfieldsquirrel, do you mean on iOS or PSP?
  11. Is there any way to search players easier when playing on iOS and managing a nation?
  12. Aidan White

    Hes amazing, if he's half as good as that irl I look forward to seeing him for years to come for the boys in green
  13. England

    Good update
  14. England

    Beckham :wub:
  15. Michael Jacobs

    Wow turned out good for you, nick's PA is quite low in the game, good guide