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Found 323 results

  1. Hello fellow vibers. I follow my good friend @Taff and try this...AGAIN I have tried and failed the start of this challenge 4 times now. So far i have learned the belgium football is...annoying, alot of close games and alot of overrated teams. In other words I have to step up my own game and find out how to smash the league, because the tactic is there somewhere. To avoid no to brake my iPad i have written to the Master of Challenges. Lets see what he has got as advice for me. The teams latest fixtures...
  2. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue! Hello and welcome to yet another career, i know I already have two "active" careers but I felt I needed something new to refresh my love of the game. The Caretaker challenge will see updates as soon as I can but I've not had much PC time as of late. Regarding the Inception save I have no idea what's happening as Prize has gone dark, hopefully he returns soon so that save can start up again. What's This New Career? It's no secret I've got a love hate relationship with FMM and when I'm hating on the game I'm usually playing other games on my beloved Nintendo systems. I have a fairly decent collection of close to 300 physical games as I love trying different genres and discovering what types and series I enjoy and which I don't. One genre I have grown to really enjoy recently has been rogue-likes so I thought it would be fun to play FMM in the vain of a game like this. What does this mean you ask? Well I'm basically reworking the "New Manager Bounce" challenge I posted years ago to fit into this style of save. The Challenge I'll be starting as a brand new manager that's unemployed with a bronze badge and my mission is to do as well as I can. The catch however is the second I lose an official match I have to resign and move on! Will I be successful enough to improve or will I fast become a manager no one wants to deal with? Only time will tell! I've played enough to keep me going but I have no idea how well this concept will work in the long run and if I'll get to an in hireable point but that's half the fun. I'll set myself the end goal of winning any trophy but how long this lasts depends on if I can keep getting jobs, my interest in playing and how you guys react to the save/updates. The Updates These will be short and sweet updates posted from my IPod, no fancy stuff as I'll get to the point and smash the updates out as I play. The more support you guys give the quicker the updates will fly out the door hopefully. I already have a few ready to go so all the power is now in your hands. I'll aim to update daily but if you guys get behind this I'm sure I'll post faster than that as the style I'm going for should be painless for me to fire updates out. The Starting Point This adventure is now underway so where do you think this journey will start? You may notice this is on the original database as I've still not updated to the latest version. Oh for anyone who cares I'll be playing on the OME, when playing my Caretaker save I really enjoyed it and since then trying to play the EME has led to my new found frustration with the game so from now on I'm going to do my best to ignore the EME. It's always calling me and tempting me as I love what it's trying to do, unfortunately it just fails too much for the way I like to play the game. I did debate about using the EME for this but I actually thought the RNG/random factor of the OME suits this challenges concept more, it's a rogue-like so I should be fighting the games RNG! I think that about does it for this opening post as I've covered everything that needs to be said. The first update can be posted this evening if you guys want it as like I said I'm happy to fire these updates out. Thank you for reading and I hope you're excited for my latest gimmicky quest! As always if you have any questions, opinions or general comments on this save I'd love to here them!
  3. Good day fellow Vibers! Welcome to the new career between me and @Brenty92! After asking me earlier in my Journey thread, we spent several hours discussing ideas and creating challenges to play, and we finally decided on this one. So, we will be competing in an adaption of the Freebies Challenge! Below is the adaption we made: In the original challenge, created by @Smee123, you had to sell your top 5 highest valued players each season, but in our adaption, you have to sell your entire team instead. The challenge lasts until one of us wins every trophy available to a club in the Premier League. The teams we have started with are.... So, what do you think? Whose team are you siding with? Let us both know with a comment, aswell as your thoughts on the challenge, and anything else! Thanks for reading! TeamMcandrew003 or TeamBrenty92?
  4. Career Time Hello Vibers, I have decided to go on an International Management adventure. I haven't done many of these in my FMM years so I welcome the refreshing change I have in mind. One of the reasons I perhaps haven't gone ITN mode often enough is due to the known lack of possibilities in terms of coaching staff and training options, not to mention the previous lack of ITN competitions in general, but the advantage I take from that is that I will be able to shoot out updates thick and fast once the journey takes off. Running a club in combination is usually the wiser option since we can train -and protect- the main stars we're working with but again I see that as an added challenge. Once "my" players return from club to country they can A) be demoted to the bench and have earned themselves sub status B) be unhappy at their respective clubs for any reason and have a terrible morale C) be unfit or too tired/overplayed to play for his country D) be injured E) stagnated attribute developments for X reasons.. none doing my players any good, but that's the risk of playing ITN management only and yet it's an incalculated risk I'm taking for the upcoming challenge. The Challenge Score 5x 100 ITN goals (total of 500 ITN gls) with 5 different players. Not combined goals; Each player MUST score a century of goals. The Rules The standard rules. No IGE, reloading, etc. Engine to be played on: Enhanced (EME) The Twist Use pre-determined formations only. Remove player from squad once he reaches 100 ITN goals. So let me clarify a few things. I'm going to select 5 forwards and play them all at the same time. Yes, you read that right. So obviously that's going to be a 5-forward formation I'm starting with. Once 1 of them gets a century of goals he will be thanked for his services and removed from the squad. 4 forwards left and we switch to a 4-forward set up. Again, first one to reach his own personal 100 goal-tally receives his high 5's from the team followed by his ITN retirement. 3 strikers left..3-forward formation is pulled out of the closet etc etc until the last remaining forward gets his century of ITN goals in. Once, and if, that happens this challenge is completed. BatiGoal's Master Plan That's the plan. They're formations I've worked with for some time so I know what they're capable of. We normally don't pick formations before we get to evaluate the squad but, again (I keep saying it) that's the challenge I'm accepting. It may sound easy scoring 100 goals but it really isn't. They're ITN goals only and we just get so many of these games per year. I'm extremely dependent on success since ITN tournaments go by knock-out phases which can seriously limit gametime for these 5 lads. So I'll be starting with the TKO formation and all 5 forwards will be fighting it off to get goals in. I'm expecting to play this set up the longest of the five. Once 1 player gets the 100gls the rest won't be too far off I hope. From then on it'll be a quick turn of events going from the 4-2-4 to the 3-4-3 then the 3-4-1-2 and finally the 4-4-1-1. Gosh, what have I started..Oh well, success or failure, hopefully it'll be an enjoyable read for everyone. I'll be managing.. ..known as The Super Eagles Meet The Five Nigerian Heroes.. Name: Taiwo Awoniyi (18yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Advanced Forward Name: Umar Sadiq (19yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Poacher Name: Kelechi Iheanacho (19yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Advanced Forward Name: Isaac Success (20yo) Starting Position: Left Forward Player Role: Inside Forward Name: Alex Iwobi (20yo) Starting Position: Right Forward Player Role: Inside Forward The introduction ends here. I'll be starting this African Adventure in a few days. All that rests me now is to ask you to Wish Me Luck Cheers! BatiGoal's African Adventure - 5x 100 ITN Goals 0 gls - Taiwo Awoniyi 0 gls - Umar Sadiq 0 gls - Kelechi Iheanacho 0 gls - Isaac Success 0 gls - Alex Iwobi
  5. Hi everyone. This will be my first ever Career post having only recently discovered FMM17 having played PC FM/CM for about the last 20 something years. FMM17 definitely takes me back to those heady days in the 90s playing Champ Man (I was such a cool teenager). I'm taking on the Converted Winger challenge. If your not familiar with this challenge you can find the details here. Who I will be Managing. Who is my Converted Winger He currently has no knowledge of playing in a strikers role but I'm hoping that at the tender age of 20 he can learn quickly. Looking at his stats I think he has almost everything needed to be a top Striker except probably aerial and strength and any knowledge of the role. I'm thinking perhaps playing him as a poacher to use his pace and shooting or perhaps deep lying forward which would also utilise his passing ability. If you guys have any suggestions then fire away (if that's not against the rules!). I need him to score me 30 goals this season so the correct role within my tactics is going to be crucial. Really looking forward to this challenge. Hopefully I can put in a good effort and not fail miserably on my first attempt. Hope to have my first update out in a few days. Thanks to @JustM1kePlays for encouraging me to post and pointing me towards this challenge.
  6. Hi all, Some of you may have read the first round of this event, as @AndersJ and myself put @Brenty92 and @mcandrew003 to the sword by somehow getting Wayne Rooney to play football. For our second challenge we're welcoming some new challengers, making this into a H2H2H2H2H as 5 tag teams will attempt to come in with the biggest score possible. More teams are entirely welcome, PM @AndersJ or @mcandrew003 if you want and @Taff is still looking for a partner so if you want to get involved speak up. Introducing - @Brenty92 & @Mikee1984 @Cockers2505 & @scratch99 @JustM1kePlays & @Mollers01 @Taff & @Eogtuc0910 @AndersJ & @Idol General Rules Normal challenge rules, No IGE etc. EME only. Coaching Badges are allowed. All challenges will be 1 season long. Challenge #1 Rules - Osasuna I personally feel defending is overlooked a lot in the challenges posted on this board, so I've come up a with a little one. Osasuna (Athletic Pamplona if you don't have the license fix) have the worst defence in the top leagues this season, shipping 94 goals in 38 games at a terrifying rate of 2.5 per game. Could you do better? Take over Osasuna and go through the La Liga season, points will be awarded as follows - The number of league goals less than 94 you conceded (i.e. if you concede 64 you will score 30 points). The position you get above 20th (i.e. if you finish 10th you will score 10 points) And if you somehow manage to win a cup you'll get an extra 5 points (up to you if you consider this to be worthwhile chasing) NO TRANSFERS ARE ALLOWED. This is a challenge to use the players of Osasuna to see if you can better their RL performances. Team discussion is definitely allowed and even encouraged! If one of you comes up with a great tactic feel free to share it with your partner. Results are to be posted here on Sunday 4th June, which gives you all 2 weeks to get this done. Good luck and have fun!
  7. Hi Guys I'm going for my 3rd attempt at this, had a break, a little go at the Keane 30 goals challenge and now I'm ready to crack this and get my name on the Leaderboard. So as I know who my first Team is in the N.Ireland League due to my other attempts... So to start I kick off with a player already in my team and proven to score in this division... So I know this can be a lengthy Stage 1 so off I go, lets see if my wisdom of testing different Tactics has paid off... to be continued...
  8. Mr.Manager takes on the Premier League Second Chances Challenge Welcome all to my latest career, wherein I will try to take on @kts365 interesting challenge. If you never saw the original topic, here's a link: After a couple of gruelling careers recently, I'm not really interested in diving too far in to the details and minutiae this time round. I'm hoping to zip through each season fairly quickly, which will hopefully make this fun and easy to follow! So, first things first, let's find out where I'm going to kick things off: The Club: Blackpool FC The Pedigree: Who could forget Blackpool's one season in the Premier League back in 2010/11? Top of the league after day 1, Charlie Adam dominating the midfield (no really!) in a vibrant attacking side, and Ian Holloway's Ian Hollowayisms ("In the first-half we were like the Dog and Duck, in the second-half we were like Real Madrid. We can't go on like that. At full-time I was at them like an irritated Jack Russell"). Further back in time they had an even more illustrious history, winning the FA Cup in 1953 in the Matthews Final and finishing league runner up to Busby's Babes in 1955/56. The Reason: Two former Premier League clubs have plummeted all the way down to League 2: Blackpool and Portsmouth. But whereas Portsmouth have excellent facilities, a super stadium and a good chance of earning promotion themselves, Blackpool look dead and buried. If I'm going to get everyone back in the top flight, I need to sort out these problem clubs first before they fall further... Next update to come shortly!
  9. Stage I - Aquilifer. Carry the legionary eagle in year 753 BC. Build the foundation to the Roman Empire. GOAL - win the league with Latina, Frosinone, Lazio or Roma. Bonus Maximus - use one slave ( Africa/Asia), one legion soldier and one innocent farmers boy ( grey player from the reserveteam under the age of 18 ). Link to the challenge:
  10. Intro Hello all I hope you are all doing well, I am a returning member the last challenge I completed was "The Impossible Challenge" on Football Manager Mobile 2016 Whilst this was my greatest ever achievement playing Football Manager a few months later I found myself away from Vibe, Since my time away I have learnt things that will help me produce some content I have been working on heavily last few months, So let's stop waffling and get on with my write up of my new challenge on Football Manager Mobile 2017. There is many great challenges to choose from but this one is a personal favourite of mine and I will be attempting this one Choice Of Team Winger Choice So the rules state your chosen player must not have any shade of green in the striker position, For my chosen club this decision was a very easy decision most will probably guess so here goes....... So there is my club and my very first player wish me luck everyone, Season 1 update coming very soon
  11. Just M1ke On Tour

    Right let's see if I can actually make it through a save. There is no real aim of this save other then doing the best I can do at each club. I don't aim to stay at one club forever however I have no plans on what to do or where to go. Let just see where this save will take us. First update out later tonight. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride as Just M1ke goes on tour
  12. THE DARK ROGUE IS HERE so I know some others are doing this so I wanted to do this to WHAT IS THIS So basically you start unemployed and find a club (most likely England)and stay there until you lose an league/cup game when you lose you have change club's MAIN GOAL my goal will be to win a cup so here's my guy THE HUNT FOR A JOB STARTS hope you guys like this see ya
  13. Hello guys, been quite a lull since the Brum career! Admittedly I would have done an Oxford United career next but I got busy with RL and they were too tricky for the time so I had to abort, and now I'm starting a-fresh with.. (YEAH I LIKE THIS BADGE MORE THAN THAT WEIRD SMILING MOON) Everyone knows the sad, sad tale of Portsmouth - having fallen like Icarus IMMEDIATELY after winning the FA Cup. (No thanks to that idiot Alexandre Gaydamak!) The plan for this career is pretty simple - get Pompey back up to the Prem in time and restore their reputation as a solid mid-table side, pushing on as able. Objectives: Short-term - Survive in the Premiership Mid-term - Upgrade the overall facilities to max, bring on 5 Academy products into 1st team (1/5) Long-term - Redevelop Fratton Park, do the Double over Bournemouth and Southampton Check back soon for the first of many updates! Trophy case: - 16/17 - 17/18 - 16/17 & 17/18 - 18/19
  14. I laid the plans on the old oak table, with a grin on my face. "Daniel" I declared "We're going to England!" He looked at me with a emotionless face. He wasn't ready, but I was. 2 days later I approached the black painted door of the hotel. We were in Melbourne. I came across a man, a young man, with a English tone. We spoke for hours in the bar, confessing our love for football. He even told me he played Football Manager! I told him of my achievements. He paused, and looked at me surprised, but excited. 1 week later I rushed into the lobby of our hotel, eager to leave for our plane. I was blocked by that same man, the one who only the other night I had spoken too, and he was with two others, both dressed in black velvet suits. They pulled me into a Volkswagen, windows tinted black. "We would like to propose an offer" said the one. "An offer, we don't think you can refuse" said the other. The discussions were long, and it came to a conclusion, I was to be appointed the manager of a Melbourne Football Club! I suspected we would be battling it out in the regional divisions, when I looked up the club, it came up with the exact same man from our meeting. His name was Anthony Di Pietro, and he was the chairman of Melbourne Victory. My travel plans I planned to fly from Australia to Turkey, then to Poland and finally England. It would be a long journey, but worth it. Brief I hope you enjoyed the story part of this! This is my idea of my main save now, and I plan to fully show off both new leagues in Poland and Turkey. I will try to keep to the story format, and will keep it as interesting as possible! Comments or thoughts are appreciated!
  15. PL Second Chances Challenge Hi guys and welcome to the new challenge I am attempting! A brilliant challenge by @kts365, hopefully I can do well. Please see below my previous career update for the brief. Cheers guys! PL Second Chances Challenge Below First Update!
  16. Having failed twice at the UK challenge I decided I'd have a little break. With the plan of picking up the batitrick of goalscoring challenges I decided to try what looks like the easiest one first. Only 3 leagues to do and the biggest target is a relatively makeable 67. Season 1 - Target - 41 Goals So we moved to Belgium, this is the first time I've ever managed in Belgium so I had a quick glance around the league first to see if there was a suitable striker to pick. This guy jumped out at me immediately. (Apparently I forgot to take a screenshot at the start of the season). He looks very good, maybe lacking a little in Dribbling and Technique but good in the important areas. The league began and we struggled. Apparently the teams in the Belgian league are slightly better than the Welsh league and I do actually need to have a defence. After a bit of tweaking we settled into a good formation that seemed to be getting goals but not conceding quite as many and we moved on. The Europa League went alright, easily qualifying for the knockout stages before getting destroyed by Sassuolo. And we won the league! I was very surprised after the start we had but in the end we did well, although we fell at the Quarter Final stage of the domestic cup. Sadly Coulibaly's season finished prematurely, as he missed a penalty then got himself injured with 3 games left to leave him sat high and dry - On 49 goals. I was hoping he might make the 50 mark but I plan to spend a couple more seasons in Belgium so hopefully he can improve next season (or maybe get replaced?). But he beat the target which was the important bit!
  17. Hibs save

    Currently top of the tree with Hibernian got to the group stages of the euro cup and in the semi final of the challenge cup would love to have some followers here and on twitter @Dotfmm17 there ul see my save and where I could go next and what more could be achieved
  18. That's right my fellow Vibers I am back with my 3rd (thats right 3rd) attempt at the UK challenge Here's a link incase you missed it Now the reason for this being my 3rd attempt is very straight forward Attempt 1 - The original rules stated that you only had 1 season in each league, however this proved very problematic as moving from Ireland to Scotland after 1 season was Impossible no Scottish club wanted me (even after winning the league and all four domestic cups in that season). So @BatiGoal (the God of these challenges) changed the rules to allow a player to remain in each league as long as necessary to build your rep so moving was easier. Attempt 2 - I managed to break the record in 3 of the four nations, however after leaving Scotland with a very good rep (11th best ranked manager in the world) a season in Wales took that away very fast (as @Ashez has said the rep system is very flawed), and unlike my very clever friend @AndersJ I didn't load England as the primary league, so I was unable to land a lower division job to work my way up, so I was stuck in Wales (even after I got Nigeria to the WC final) So here we are, not one to give up I have started Version 3.0 (this time with England as the primary league) so I can join @AndersJ on that leaderboard (and hopefully take his top spot ) With all that out of the way let us begin this the third (and hopefully last) attempt at this very enjoyable (and very difficult) challenge Season 1 Ireland So we begin the journey in Northern Ireland and for me I wanted to go back to where I started the first 2 times and that is with Cliftonville FC This is where my journey begins again and there is still only one choice for my striker Daniel Hughes (I challenge anyone to find a striker with better attributes in this league) So with the same club and same striker I set out on my odyssey through the UK So Cliftonville have a pretty decent budget at the beginning of the game (when you adjust the budget that is) went from having £10K to spend to almost £200K, so I decided to add to the squad to give it better depth So with the squad shaped, we set off (slowly at first) while I got the tactics sussed but then we destroyed it this year The team also compete in the Euro Cup playoffs at the start of the year and we made it through two rounds but got our butts handed to us in the playoff game so nothing really to report Now onto the main man and well he killed it, chasing to 27 goal record he only needed less than half a season to get there beating the record by 10 goals by the new year, he went on to finish the season.... with a very solid 61 goals (hats off to @Idol for getting over 70) THE BLOODY SIGHT WON'T LET ME ALTER THE THREAD SO THE REST IS GOING TO BE A MESS (Hughes stats at the end of the year, team stats, fixtures, season awards and a spoiler for something to look forward to next year. Sorry but I have no time to change it now added 0 minutes later Sorry about the mess at the end but I'll update once season 2 is over
  19. Put together a fantastic Stoke side over 3 years and just won my first champions league, all with a net spend of 35 mil, not bad ay I'll quickly run through the line up So I'm a big fan of a 4231 system and like how it's used my the likes of Mourinho, Poch and Simeone to some extent. I've set up in this formation from day one of this career and haven't changed it a single time Here's the line up: Gk: Jack Butland - kept him on of course, now valued at 30 mil and he's got years ahead Lb: Christopher Schindler - bought him in my second season for 6 mil as a centre back, he can play as a full back either side Cb: Nacho - picked up from Madrid for 4.6 mil absolute steal in my third season Cb: Nico Elvedi - went big on this one in my third season, he's only 22, bought him for 28 mil he's well worth it Rb: Fagner - experienced Brazilian, got him 8 mil in my second season Cm: Imbula - He's now valued 40 mil I don't know what else to say, absolute tank and he's consistent Cm: Pascal Groß - robust midfielder. Picked up for 2 mil 👌 He's contributed 28 goals in 2 seasons. Wow. Definitely recommend him to everyone Aml: Gustavo Scarpa - bargain in the third season for 12 mil and he contributed to 24 goals Amc: Roberto Pereyra - picked him up for 20 mil from Watford. Decent stats if you can afford him Amr: Shakiri - beast, only one of a few players I kept now valued at £45 mil St: Lucas Moura - picked him up for 26 mil from Man City in my third season. Had an instinct to play him upfront in the final and it paid off Subs - only Oliver Shenton came on in the game otherwise only notable mentions were Abouboucar, N'Jie and Zaha In 3 seasons I've won 2 premier leagues and 6 cups. 3 league cups 1 FA cup 1 Champions league 1 community shield Not too bad for a mid table side. Just thought I'd share my success
  20. Season 2 has been major for RB Lincoln League 2 champions ✅ 100+ points ✅ Checkatrade trophy winners ✅ Semi final of EFL CUP ✅ Quarter final Fa cup ✅ Marriot scoring 25+ goals (Again) Bring on league one! ⚽
  21. Introduction So you may have noticed the updates on my 1k have dried up after I equalled @BatiGoal 's record. That is because I have been messing with this little career. I will be taking over a club where I will not be able to use any of the contracted players who are at the club to begin with. I must sell/release/demote these players. From now on I am only allowed to use players from the youth/reserve team who I give contracts and youth players who are promoted at the beginning of each season (local players). The Career "LOCAL BOY TAKES MANAGER JOB Young Scottish manager Talent's Homegrown (awful I know) has gotten all of his requisite coaching certificates and has managed to take over his local club. Unsatisfied with the currently contracted players at Annan Athletic, he has stated that he wishes to build a dynasty at the club using all the local talent he has at his disposal. He has torn the first team apart and proceeded to promote youth and has held trials for local players." The New Players There were, let's be honest, slim pickings in the reserve squad to pick from but we must do what we have set out to do. A local team, for local people. Goalies Defenders Midfield Attackers So there are the players. I'll be honest, the coach didn't think much of them. Some seem to have a lot of potential, but they'll take some pushing to meet it. This lot will take some whipping into shape. See how they do in season 1 in the next update....
  22. The 200 International Goal Challenge It is a quite self-explanatory challenge so I will not waste time here. I have decided to choose Spain as my team as they are a great team which will make this challenge easier. However my player choice will do all but make it easier, say hello to Gorka. Comments are appreciated Tuc Out
  23. The Porto Challenge.

    My name is Daniel. I've been a Handheld player since the 1st edition on PSP, and I've lurked this board for a few years. You guys have really helped me out, congratulations on all the awesome work you've done for so many people over the years. I've played 70+ seasons on FMM17. I was starting to get annoyed at the game and I wanted to find something challenging. I found your challenges too specific for my patience atm I will get on some goal-ones soon, though. I've loaded a lot of files on my Samsung to choose a team to start with, all over again. I did pre-seasons with more than 20 teams. Celta intrigued me, Fenerbahce looked fun and Cova da Piedade bc Ricardo Barros Then, I suddenly realized, If I'm doing a fancy topic and whatnot to introduce myself, why not go with the team of my heart? This is just a challenge for myself; to introduce myself and to get to know you all better. I don't really have a specific goal in mind besides success; I might add one if things go well. I just want to share and discuss. Feel free to do so. I will post random miscellaneous pictures (such as training regimes and attributes) in this album: F.C. Porto Coach: Daniel Pereira Engine: Enhanced Europe: UEFA Champions League Star Player: Yacine Brahimi (26 years old, Left Winger, Algeria) Objectives: - Become champion in 2 years, overcoming Benfica's reign of terror - Cup success every year (Taça da Liga/Taça de Portugal) - European success in 5 years - Quarter-Finals of European Competitions every year - Liga NOS' player of the year - Liga NOS' top goalscorer/assister (one will suffice) - Bring success to B Team (Segunda Liga top3) Transfers I've decided to clean house, as you can see, conceding some astonishingly cheap prices because I have a very, very low patience My goal, as it always is in terms of squad, is to have a squad with 2 specific players for each position of my tactic. I usually loan the rest out, or in this case, I keep them in the B team, and replace them in case of injury, transfer or extreme unhappiness. The key buy here is obviously Gelson Martins, the future of my team. Already an integral part of my XI at 21 years old. I really like wingers, I think everybody and their mother does. So I wanted nothing but the best in each side of the field. I bargained hard to get him, but I did it, and in this challenge, you will be hearing a lot from him in years to come Sebastian Coates was an obvious buy for me when I saw his price. I had my 4 CB's already (with Hugo Basto's purchase: play him if you buy him and then thank me!), but this guy is something else. I also brought Fábio Martins from Braga (a darling from my old saves) to back up Brahimi (with Ruben Macedo waiting on the wings of FC Porto B). Predrag Rajkovic has no business being in Tel-Aviv with such a skillset, so I brought him to back-up, and possibly overtake Iver Casillas. I needed a reliable, experient backup to Ruben Neves to distribute play and lead the team; after a lot of research, I opted (and very excitedly!) for Fernando Gago, one of my favourite midfielders of all time. Tactics I've played almost all my seasons with a 4-2-3-1, too. Two fullbacks, two no-nonsense centre-backs, one ball winning and a central, an advanced playmaker creating for two inside forwards and a poacher. This one is not too different, but I grew tired of the classic one and kinda tweaked it. I prefer to have DM's than MC's; this way I can send my full-backs off to the beautiful world of being wing-backs! This way, my team offers more of a danger by the flanks. I want to dominate; it's as simple as that. I want to have possession, create plays, score goals, win games. But I like to have an immaculate defense, I'm a perfeccionist. So, this tactic will be tweaked sometime in the future. I've decided to sub a DLP for a CM, simply because I love Ruben Neves. He had a beautiful breakthrough at my hometown club, not getting the minutes and respect he needs at the moment but with me, that'll all change! He's my primary outlet, I trust his passing skills from deep. I decided to go with Gelson Martins as a Playmaker instead of an Inside Forward, because he is right-footed, and this way, I have a more diverse arsenal. I tweaked a lot of the instruction panel. I normally played Balanced-Mixed-Mixed to pleasant results in previous saves, but I found that, since the update, this hasn't been working for me. Since I want to be the main team in the game, I'm going Attacking-Short, trusting my players, who are technically gifted, to keep possession. I'm a flank guy too, because I see a lot of 4-1-2-2-1 in Liga NOS, which is countered by my overwhelming pressure. Training Just general intensive training, with a slight tweak on Fitness. Squad At the moment, I have an extra CB because I will need some rotation playing 4 competitions, and an extra ST (Soares) because I want to try different tactics around a target man, once in a while. Results I'm a bit late starting this thread, but I got away from the playoffs scraping 2 goals in Gladbach! The Benfica draw was not something I fancied, conceding 2 goals isn't really my cup of tea. All in all it's a good start, I will keep you all updated soon! A big thank you, Força Porto!
  24. On what is possibly my 20th attempt I have finally hit the big 1k! Apologies for the lack of a posted career - I have started and given up on the last few for various reasons (either through getting in a muddle and saving over current slots, having to delete the game as I've gone on holdiday with no space for pictures... or just failing), I just figured this would be the same so I didn't start one... Anyway, I hope I will still be considered for the leaderboard and can (with instruction on how) load up any required evidence. I went for Isak because 4321 seems the way to go this year and a 16yr old wonder kid with 16 ariel to start off seemed like the right choice! I also have Martins as a entry for the assist leaderboard in 316 (4 were in the first season before I bought him). The 1000th goal was of course a boring old penalty. I moved from Newcastle to FCP in the preseason and bought Isak so no goals were given up. I was Sweden manger for about a week but it just annoyed me so I quit with no extra goals for the tally.
  25. Hello fellow Vibers A new mini challenge has been born by @mcandrew003 Rule. Play a season with Manchester United. Play Wayne Rooney as amc/mc. Hit as many assists as you can. As @mcandrew003 and @Brenty92 likes a huge challenge they have chosen to invite @Idol and I to a challenge. Big question is now - do YOU support 1. Team Titans ( @mcandrew003 and @Brenty92 2. Team BeingYourIdol ( @Idol and @AndersJ