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Found 340 results

  1. Hi Guys I'm going for my 3rd attempt at this, had a break, a little go at the Keane 30 goals challenge and now I'm ready to crack this and get my name on the Leaderboard. So as I know who my first Team is in the N.Ireland League due to my other attempts... So to start I kick off with a player already in my team and proven to score in this division... So I know this can be a lengthy Stage 1 so off I go, lets see if my wisdom of testing different Tactics has paid off... to be continued...
  2. Hello everybody. I've decided to try The 1000 goals challenge. I will try it out with Ajax. I've been inspired by them being the youngest team UEFA Europa League finalist. And for my striker I'll take Moise Kean. Even though he is one of the most talented youngsters in the game it is not against rules of the challenge. So here he is You probably wondering how I was able to pull £23M with so not rich team... well I got 9M plus wages to start with, put it all in wages. And in Holland league you get your new season money on July 7th. So I got another 11M and increase of wages, put in all back in tranfers money and ended up with 24M. Just to make it clear: absolutely NO unlockables was used. And surely it is a very young team and after spending all of my budget on Kean I could not afford anybody but Predrag Rajkovic and couple of free agents. As for tactics I will try to go all in right from the beginning and we'll see how it goes. You only could do so much with tweaking tactics and I've tried many many different ones with my other save with Liverpool. So forgive me if I use some previosly shown here tactics.
  3. Rip Ameliorates San Sebastián! Hey peeps! This is my first ever career/journey that I've come up with. Hope you guys will enjoy following me throughout this journey. Every comment or feedback is highly appreciated. Let's get it started then, shall we? Going by the title of the topic, you should have an idea of the club I'm picking. ameliorate /əˈmiːljəˌreɪt/ verb 1. to make or become better; improve MAIN OBJECTIVE: To ameliorate Real San Sebastian to a powerhouse in the La Liga. A team more feared than the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. But before scaling up the ladder to be a Spanish giant, we have to start from the bottom. Only using players of a certain value and making my way up to get the best players and therefore, able to compete with other strong teams in Spain. So here's the interesting part of the career: To use a starting 11 of players who are valued at 1-2mil range. Once every transfer window opens, there will be a chance for me to upgrade my players... IF they meet some requirements. Since I'm using a 4-2-3-1 formation, here are the following standards my players have to meet in every position - GK - 15 clean sheets CD - 1 goal FB - 1 goal or 3 assists MC - 3 goals or 8 assists WM - 3 goals or 10 assists AMC - 8 goals or 10 assists ST - 15 goals and 5 assists When the transfer window is open, any player in their position that manage to hit their targets, will be upgraded to another player of a higher value! Now, there's 6 stages for me to upgrade my players to - Stage 1: 5 - 10mil Stage 2: 15 - 20mil Stage 3: 25 - 30mil Stage 4: 35 - 40mil Stage 5: 45 - 50mil Stage 6: 50+ mil When my starting 11 players is all made up with Stage 6 players, only then we declare ourselves kings of Spain, or even Europe! I hope this first post is clear enough for you guys on where I'm going with this. Any questions, you guys can drop a comment and I will answer them. As always, appreciate every comment and feedback given. Stay tune for the next update where the first squad members will be revealed!
  4. Welcome to the first installment of a series of short challenges that I've been wanting to do for a long time but for some reason never came round doing. I'd like to share these with you and get them out of the way before I embark on another long career. I hope you enjoy them. Here's the first one of this series.. BG's 1-season challenges 1/5 Juan Sebastián Verón Estudiantes - 1994-1996 Boca Juniors - 1996 Sampdoria - 1996-1998 Parma - 1998-1999 Lazio Roma - 1999-2001 Manchester Utd - 2001-2003 Chelsea - 2003-2007 Internazionale - 2004-2006 Estudiantes - 2006-2012 Brandsen - 2012 Estudiantes - 2013-2016 Sampdoria - 2016-2017 Juan Sebastian Veron started his professional career all the way back in 1994 in Argentina. He was brought to Europe in 1996 by Sampdoria and now 20 years later I'm bringing him back to Sampdoria for a fairytale ending. It only seemed fitting to end the amazing career this Argentine's had at the European club where he started as a young talent. Of course I could've chosen a much bigger team with better players and more games, but this man is 41yo so I don't believe he's able to play 60+ games a season anymore. I'm more than happy to give him 38 Serie A league games and hopefully a decent run in the Coppa Italia. If I can keep this man healthy and injury free I'd be happy to see him start 50 games this season. Let's hope we can give this man one more cracking season with loads of assists to his name before he hangs up his FMM boots forever. Challenge Creator: @Mikee1984 Big thanks to you! Challenge Link: Assisting with JS Veron I hope you'll enjoy this run of 5 short challenges with me and feel free to drop a comment or two. More updates will follow..
  5. Hello fellow vibers. inspired by @Ashez and @Taff i will attemp to score 1500 goals in my version of the alphabetchallenge. I will start at my favourite club in Spain and as i can freely choose a letter to begin with, my letter of choice is G. The tactic i will use for the challenge will be the Batitaff, and i will be using 3 strikers. Hope you will follow and comment. Best regards Anders
  6. “My fellow Americans, today is the start of something new. It’s going to be really great. So great.” Earlier today, American president Donald Trump gave a euphoric speech at the Allianz Arena. As he was addressing the gathered crowd, consisting mainly of Bayern Munich fans, board members and journalists - the only Americans present were the president, his chief press secretary and his family - his audience didn’t take long to know something was about to happen. As president Trump continued with his speech, jaws were dropping, beers were spilled and some people fainted. “I have just finished buying this great and wonderful club. Over the past few years, I have seen Bayern try and fail at being great. Now, I know a thing or two about being great, and making something really, great,” the president said. “I believe the Munich fans deserve something better, something terrific. So terrific. That is why I have decided to put this fallen giant back on the right track. You, my fellow Americans, are looking at the new owner of this powerful club. So powerful.” President Trump continued like that for over 30 minutes, essentially repeating the same message, over and over. At the end of his speech, Trump himself left, but journalists were given the chance to ask questions to his press secretary, Sean Spicer. Being asked what the short term plans were for the club, Spicer responded as follows: “First and foremost, it is the presidents wish that the club be moved elsewhere in this wonderful nation. We won’t be operating from Munich any longer, but from New York City, the Big Apple. The club will be training and playing in the Trump Tower, where a stadium will be erected at the top.” Spicer was subsequently hit by a number of journalists, saying that NYC is not located in Germany at all. Spicer: “Germany? Who said anything about Germany? We’re in Munich, North Dakota, what are rambling about Germany? And why do you have such a funny accent? You know what, I believe you’re fake news. Guards, please escort this man out.” The next question was what would happen to the players and training staff; would they be required to move to the USA as well? “People, please, New York is part of the USA as well. Don’t be racist!” Spicer said. “But it is a good question: all the players will, in fact, be released and replaced by better, more potent American players. The president and myself don’t understand why you would want all these Germans and other non-Americans playing in our beautiful city of Munich, North Dakota.” “As for the manager, he will be replaced by president Trump himself. We asked Ancelotti if he didn’t want to stay on, but he said something about ‘andare a cazzo una capra’, which I can only believe means something like ‘I am not worthy to serve you, übermenschen’. But the president will no doubt do a fine job in winning the MLS cup this year. That will be all, for now.”
  7. Introduction So you may have noticed the updates on my 1k have dried up after I equalled @BatiGoal 's record. That is because I have been messing with this little career. I will be taking over a club where I will not be able to use any of the contracted players who are at the club to begin with. I must sell/release/demote these players. From now on I am only allowed to use players from the youth/reserve team who I give contracts and youth players who are promoted at the beginning of each season (local players). The Career "LOCAL BOY TAKES MANAGER JOB Young Scottish manager Talent's Homegrown (awful I know) has gotten all of his requisite coaching certificates and has managed to take over his local club. Unsatisfied with the currently contracted players at Annan Athletic, he has stated that he wishes to build a dynasty at the club using all the local talent he has at his disposal. He has torn the first team apart and proceeded to promote youth and has held trials for local players." The New Players There were, let's be honest, slim pickings in the reserve squad to pick from but we must do what we have set out to do. A local team, for local people. Goalies Defenders Midfield Attackers So there are the players. I'll be honest, the coach didn't think much of them. Some seem to have a lot of potential, but they'll take some pushing to meet it. This lot will take some whipping into shape. See how they do in season 1 in the next update....
  8. Hi guys as some of you may have seen (or not) I put up a new(ish) challenge idea and I wanted to have a go myself (wouldn't be much of a member if I didn't try my own challenge) Anyway let's get on with it before I start ranting Taff Attempts the "Alphabet/Nation Lock/TT" Season A So we begin with season A (no need for numbers with this challenge (unless you don't know your alphabet @Brenty92) Now we have a few options Argentina, Australia, Austria...erm...erm well thats it (unless you fancy a go with Azerbaijan) And lets face it there is only one country to kick this off with (sorry @Real_Random but I'm still stewing after the H2H so no love for the Aussies) So season A will follow three strikers from Argentina But it's not enough to pick the nation this first season also requires me to pick the team to play with, and after both my 1K and DT were played out in the EPL, this time would be no different and I decided to use a team that I have never managed before, so move over Pep Guardiola Taffman Jones is in town So we have a club and know which Nation we want to use, and it helps that one of the best strikers in the EPL is both at the club and an Argentinian So there we have it my first set of three to get as many as they can in season A So I have my Team I have my Strikers, but I needed a formation to get the season onto the right foot Here's the Tactic and Instructions I used this year Not much in the way of transfers in my first season (usually with a tactic like this I can sell off all my CB's to raise funds, but hell none of Man Citys CB's are worth buying) So the squad is set, the tactic in place and I'm ready to get Season A underway, so lets look at how the team got on this year So a great season for the team but how did my triple Argentinian front line do? Lets have a look Here's their stats at the end of the season So their stats look good, but how did they get on in front of goal Here's the histories of ADP Aguero having what most would consider a healthy season netting just under 40 goals, not too bad considering the time he missed Dybala nets just over 50, well done young man And Pratto brings up the rear (as I thought he might), with 28 Aguero: 38 Dybala: 51 Pratto: 28 Total: 117 Goals Scored: 117 Goals Remaining: 1383 Alphabet TT Table Nation Goals Argentina 117 So a decent season netting over the 100 mark, but was hoping for closer to 150 a season, but we can't always get what we want can we Here's the boring bits So there we have it guys Season A over with now onto Season B, and with Aguero and Dybala to sell I think I'll be quids in for next season. Cheers for reading and as always comments are appreciated See you on the B side (HAHAHAHA See what I did there)
  9. John Liew a rookie manager started his managerial career as unemployed but he only wants to manage at his home league, the Republic of Ireland. Mid way through the 2016 Irish Premier Division, St. Patrick's Athletics have been struggling in 11th place (relegation play off). The club has decided to part ways with their manager and appoint John Liew (me) but can he steer St. Pats to safety?
  10. Hello guys, been quite a lull since the Brum career! Admittedly I would have done an Oxford United career next but I got busy with RL and they were too tricky for the time so I had to abort, and now I'm starting a-fresh with.. (YEAH I LIKE THIS BADGE MORE THAN THAT WEIRD SMILING MOON) Everyone knows the sad, sad tale of Portsmouth - having fallen like Icarus IMMEDIATELY after winning the FA Cup. (No thanks to that idiot Alexandre Gaydamak!) The plan for this career is pretty simple - get Pompey back up to the Prem in time and restore their reputation as a solid mid-table side, pushing on as able. Objectives: Short-term - Finish at least 12th, Reach Europa League KO rounds Mid-term - Upgrade the overall facilities to max(in medias), bring on 5 Academy products into 1st team (2/5) Long-term - Redevelop Fratton Park, do the Double over Bournemouth and Southampton Check back soon for the first of many updates! Trophy case: - 16/17 - 17/18 - 16/17 & 17/18 - 18/19 - 19/20
  11. HISTORY OF THE CLUB Founded in 1902 as Madrid Football Club, the club has traditionally worn a white home kit since inception. The word Real is Spanish for Royal and was bestowed to the club by King Alfonso XIII in 1920 together with the royal crown in the emblem. The team has played its home matches in the 81,044-capacity Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in downtown Madrid since 1947. Unlike most European sporting entities, Real Madrid's members (socios) have owned and operated the club throughout its history. The club was estimated to be worth €3.24 billion ($3.65 billion) in 2015, and in the 2014–15 season it was the world's highest-earning football club, with an annual revenue of €577 million.[5][6][7] The club is one of the most widely supported teams in the world.[8] Real Madrid is one of three founding members of the Primera División that have never been relegatedfrom the top division, along with Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona. The club holds many long-standing rivalries, most notably El Clásico with Barcelona and El Derbi with Atlético Madrid. MY CAREER my career as the manager of R.Madrid.playing as the manager of R.Madrid is said to be easy due to the calibres of players in the team but the success I achieved was not easy.In this article,I would state my tactic,finances,transfers and achievements... FINANCES: I was given a transfer budget of €208m and a huge sum of wage..when I saw this,I thought it was to much for the team but are when I got to the squad,I realised they needed replacement for a number of positions because they were going to play in many competitions and back-ups were needed...I wud state how I spent the money when I get to transfers.. TACTICS(attacking 3-4-1-2): This is an attacking tactic I created myself and have also posted on this community.. It consists of 1 ball playing defender,2 Central defenders, 2 wide midfielders, 1 advanced playmaker, 1 central midfielder, 1 inside forward, 1 target man and 1 advanced forward.. U can read more about the tactics on my wall.. TRANSFERS Transfer in: Antoine Griezmann: I signed him for €126m in the January 2017 from Atletico Madrid..I needed a player who could play in the both the left midfield and a forward position so as to save cost,so I had to sign him..he had an average rating of 7.57 Paulo dybala: I signed him for €65m in the summer 2016 from juventus after I sold Karim Benzema to juventus..he acted as support for Ronaldo and morata in times of injury.He scored a total of 24 goals and 12 assists in 31 appearances therefore winning young player of the year award Antonio candreva: I Signed him for €60m for inter in summer 2016 ...he played on the right midfield and was backed up by James Rodriguez..he had an average rating of 7.50 Aymeric larporte: I signed him for €45m from A.Bilbao during the summer 2016..since I played a back three formation,I needed a replacement for Sergio ramos but he ended up earning first team by benching pepe,who was getting old..he was the runner up of the world player of the year behind Ronaldo in had an average rating of 7.62 Gianluigi Donnarumma: I signed him for €30m from A.C millan in summer 2016..he acted as back up for Navas,first choice goalkeeper..he played 36 games,conceding 15 goals and had an average rating of 7.44 Pending transfers: Ingo Martinez from real San Sebastian Transfer out: 1.Karim benzema to juventus (€80m) 2.casemiro to SLB (€50m)(requested transfer ) 3.Dani carvajal to west ham (€15m)(requested transfer) 4.Mariano to QPR(€10m)(requested transfer) 5.kiko casilla to Vigo (€7m)(requested transfer) All requested transfer were due to no playing time ACHIEVEMENTS: As a team: 1.unbeaten record 2.won the laliga with a total of 110 points, scoring 109 goals and conceding 17 goals 3.won the UEFA champions cup defeating Tottenham in the final 4.won the Spanish cup defeating Barcelona in the final 5.Earlier in the season,won the UEFA super cup defeating sevilla in the final 6.Earlier in the season, won the club world championship with a scoreline of 7-0 As a manager: 1.played 63 games,57 wins,6 draws,0 loses 2.scored a total of 178 goals and conceded 30 goals in all competitions. 3.manager rank:3rd 4.won 4 cups and 1 league title in a season(first season). HOT PROSPECTS IN THE TEAM: Alvaro morata: A 24 year old goal scoring young star..he scored 48 goals and 14 assists in 45 matches with an average rating of 8.26 therefore winning spanish league player of the year Matteo kovacic: A 23 year old advanced playmaker.. He scored 4 goals and 14 assists in 36 matches and an average rating of 7.75 Others include: 1.Borja mayoral 2.Diego Llorente 3.Marco Asensio 4.Jesus Vallejo 5.Raphael Varane From Real Madrid B: 1.Enzo Zidane 2.Matin odegaard 3.Fedrico Valverde 4.Lucas silva Thanks for reading
  12. Hey-a guys, starting up a career thread..with a twist. The Premise Take control of a National League club and go as far as I can in 3 seasons The Twist I'm giving YOU, the Viber, full control on where I go via the magic of a lottery!Y'all have 3 days(up to 12:00 GMT+8 on Thursday) to pick a number from 1-68 and comment 'em below - whatever number I draw will be wherever I start! The goal?Get them as high as I can before I either get sacked, get an offer from a bigger club or 3 seasons pass by,whichever comes first! Have at it and may luck help us all!
  13. There are new challenges created here regularly and they are all great, but one that especially caught my eye was the Premier League Second Chances Challenge by @kts365 : I've been following along as @Mr.Manager attempts it and I'm captivated by the concept - so much so that I need to have a go myself. I won't repeat all the rules - you can read about them on the main challenge post - but the target is to get all of the following teams back into the Premier League at some point during the career: You don't have to actually manage each of those clubs yourself, they just need to get back into the Premier League at some point. The reason I like this challenge is that it makes you think of all the sneaky things you can do to boost these teams... Lateral thinking is required. You also get bonus points for each of the 6 former winners (Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City) who win the Premier League again. The Starting Club With all that out of the way, which club did I choose to start at? The answer will probably surprise you!! I'm going to try to keep things light with this career, so won't write things up in as much detail as I'm doing for PinaColada (which will run in parallel). For now, I'm keen to get started with this one and see what I can do to restore a bit of pride to some fallen giants.
  14. PL Second Chances Challenge Hi guys and welcome to the new challenge I am attempting! A brilliant challenge by @kts365, hopefully I can do well. Please see below my previous career update for the brief. Cheers guys! PL Second Chances Challenge Below First Update!
  15. Career Time Hello Vibers, I have decided to go on an International Management adventure. I haven't done many of these in my FMM years so I welcome the refreshing change I have in mind. One of the reasons I perhaps haven't gone ITN mode often enough is due to the known lack of possibilities in terms of coaching staff and training options, not to mention the previous lack of ITN competitions in general, but the advantage I take from that is that I will be able to shoot out updates thick and fast once the journey takes off. Running a club in combination is usually the wiser option since we can train -and protect- the main stars we're working with but again I see that as an added challenge. Once "my" players return from club to country they can A) be demoted to the bench and have earned themselves sub status B) be unhappy at their respective clubs for any reason and have a terrible morale C) be unfit or too tired/overplayed to play for his country D) be injured E) stagnated attribute developments for X reasons.. none doing my players any good, but that's the risk of playing ITN management only and yet it's an incalculated risk I'm taking for the upcoming challenge. The Challenge Score 5x 100 ITN goals (total of 500 ITN gls) with 5 different players. Not combined goals; Each player MUST score a century of goals. The Rules The standard rules. No IGE, reloading, etc. Engine to be played on: Enhanced (EME) The Twist Use pre-determined formations only. Remove player from squad once he reaches 100 ITN goals. So let me clarify a few things. I'm going to select 5 forwards and play them all at the same time. Yes, you read that right. So obviously that's going to be a 5-forward formation I'm starting with. Once 1 of them gets a century of goals he will be thanked for his services and removed from the squad. 4 forwards left and we switch to a 4-forward set up. Again, first one to reach his own personal 100 goal-tally receives his high 5's from the team followed by his ITN retirement. 3 strikers left..3-forward formation is pulled out of the closet etc etc until the last remaining forward gets his century of ITN goals in. Once, and if, that happens this challenge is completed. BatiGoal's Master Plan That's the plan. They're formations I've worked with for some time so I know what they're capable of. We normally don't pick formations before we get to evaluate the squad but, again (I keep saying it) that's the challenge I'm accepting. It may sound easy scoring 100 goals but it really isn't. They're ITN goals only and we just get so many of these games per year. I'm extremely dependent on success since ITN tournaments go by knock-out phases which can seriously limit gametime for these 5 lads. So I'll be starting with the TKO formation and all 5 forwards will be fighting it off to get goals in. I'm expecting to play this set up the longest of the five. Once 1 player gets the 100gls the rest won't be too far off I hope. From then on it'll be a quick turn of events going from the 4-2-4 to the 3-4-3 then the 3-4-1-2 and finally the 4-4-1-1. Gosh, what have I started..Oh well, success or failure, hopefully it'll be an enjoyable read for everyone. I'll be managing.. ..known as The Super Eagles Meet The Five Nigerian Heroes.. Name: Taiwo Awoniyi (18yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Advanced Forward Name: Umar Sadiq (19yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Poacher Name: Kelechi Iheanacho (19yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Advanced Forward Name: Isaac Success (20yo) Starting Position: Left Forward Player Role: Inside Forward Name: Alex Iwobi (20yo) Starting Position: Right Forward Player Role: Inside Forward The introduction ends here. I'll be starting this African Adventure in a few days. All that rests me now is to ask you to Wish Me Luck Cheers! BatiGoal's African Adventure - 5x 100 ITN Goals 0 gls - Taiwo Awoniyi 0 gls - Umar Sadiq 0 gls - Kelechi Iheanacho 0 gls - Isaac Success 0 gls - Alex Iwobi
  16. Introduction Well then this will definitely be interesting giving the fact I'm not the most experienced player of this game Hello There, I'm Rocket and you must be thinking right now who the hell is this person, so before we get into this challenge I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. My real name is Ryan and I'm 14 years old. I've been a Celtic fan all my life and will continue to be. I'm obsessed with football manager despite the fact that I am absolute hopeless at the game. How I will post updates Well unlike other careers on the website I will be doing 3 updates per season and this is so that I am always keeping you guys up to date with what is actually happening in my save as seeing and not getting updated after every season. (If you have posted a career in this type of format before msg me and tell me then I'll change the title) I will also post my tactics and on some of the updates as yet again I want to show you guys everything I am doing in this save. My current aim is to get 1/2 seasons done per week which is a lot of updates that will be coming your way so make sure to keep posted. What is the PL Second Chances Challenge and why are you doing this challenge? Well I decided to do this challenge as I have read many other careers based on this challenge and I decided I would give it a try knowing that I would probably fail miserably. Team List Time To Start! Okay, now all of that is out of the way it is time to reveal what team I will be starting with. And the team is........... Portsmouth!!! I have decided to use Portsmouth as they are probably one of the hardest teams or possibly the hardest team to get back to the premier league. What I am planning to do is to get them to the premier league in about 3-5 seasons and If I am extremely lucky there is a chance that I may be able to get 15 teams back to the premier league. After I am finished with Portsmouth I will more than likely drop back into the league 1/2 and get whatever team I have chosen up to the premier league and keep on doing this cycle until I have completed the challenge. Anyway that is me finished with this introduction and I will be aiming to get the first update out either late tonight or tomorrow around lunch time (BST)
  17. Hi all, Some of you may have read the first round of this event, as @AndersJ and myself put @Brenty92 and @mcandrew003 to the sword by somehow getting Wayne Rooney to play football. For our second challenge we're welcoming some new challengers, making this into a H2H2H2H2H as 5 tag teams will attempt to come in with the biggest score possible. More teams are entirely welcome, PM @AndersJ or @mcandrew003 if you want and @Taff is still looking for a partner so if you want to get involved speak up. Introducing - @Brenty92 & @Mikee1984 @Cockers2505 & @scratch99 @JustM1kePlays & @Mollers01 @Taff & @Eogtuc0910 @AndersJ & @Idol General Rules Normal challenge rules, No IGE etc. EME only. Coaching Badges are allowed. All challenges will be 1 season long. Challenge #1 Rules - Osasuna I personally feel defending is overlooked a lot in the challenges posted on this board, so I've come up a with a little one. Osasuna (Athletic Pamplona if you don't have the license fix) have the worst defence in the top leagues this season, shipping 94 goals in 38 games at a terrifying rate of 2.5 per game. Could you do better? Take over Osasuna and go through the La Liga season, points will be awarded as follows - The number of league goals less than 94 you conceded (i.e. if you concede 64 you will score 30 points). The position you get above 20th (i.e. if you finish 10th you will score 10 points) And if you somehow manage to win a cup you'll get an extra 5 points (up to you if you consider this to be worthwhile chasing) NO TRANSFERS ARE ALLOWED. This is a challenge to use the players of Osasuna to see if you can better their RL performances. Team discussion is definitely allowed and even encouraged! If one of you comes up with a great tactic feel free to share it with your partner. Results are to be posted here on Sunday 4th June, which gives you all 2 weeks to get this done. Good luck and have fun!
  18. Short career - goal from the board is " win it all"....we all saw how that went last season. I will do it, but unlike Wenger i bought the only thing he really needed. update will come when the Lord wants it to come!
  19. Having failed twice at the UK challenge I decided I'd have a little break. With the plan of picking up the batitrick of goalscoring challenges I decided to try what looks like the easiest one first. Only 3 leagues to do and the biggest target is a relatively makeable 67. Season 1 - Target - 41 Goals So we moved to Belgium, this is the first time I've ever managed in Belgium so I had a quick glance around the league first to see if there was a suitable striker to pick. This guy jumped out at me immediately. (Apparently I forgot to take a screenshot at the start of the season). He looks very good, maybe lacking a little in Dribbling and Technique but good in the important areas. The league began and we struggled. Apparently the teams in the Belgian league are slightly better than the Welsh league and I do actually need to have a defence. After a bit of tweaking we settled into a good formation that seemed to be getting goals but not conceding quite as many and we moved on. The Europa League went alright, easily qualifying for the knockout stages before getting destroyed by Sassuolo. And we won the league! I was very surprised after the start we had but in the end we did well, although we fell at the Quarter Final stage of the domestic cup. Sadly Coulibaly's season finished prematurely, as he missed a penalty then got himself injured with 3 games left to leave him sat high and dry - On 49 goals. I was hoping he might make the 50 mark but I plan to spend a couple more seasons in Belgium so hopefully he can improve next season (or maybe get replaced?). But he beat the target which was the important bit!
  20. Besiktas: Road to Glory Hello Vibers. Today I start a new career which shall hopefully be the beginning of many more to come. I had been disinterested with FMM recently. Having been disconnected from the game for around two years, I was often overwhelmed by the new features and tactic options that came along with the newer editions, that I all together would just get frustrated and stop playing after a bit. Now that the freedom of summer has dawned upon me, I have decided to burn away my days trying to master this game once and for all. Why Besiktas? Well, for the 5 or so years that I have been playing FMM, I ended up playing in most of the leagues. The Turkish league, however, is a new league this year. A league I have not conquered. It also, from the looks of it, seems like an exciting one - a league that could maybe rival the Portuguese league? So that is basically the reason: I want to try out a completely different league and become it's master. How will this career be organized? I will start by giving you all an insight into what I am planning to do in the upcoming season (play attacking, change up the midfield, win the league etc.) It's useful to note that the plan may not pan out exactly as I intended - for better or for worse. Then, once I am done with the season, I will post a few stats, interesting games, and pictures of the stand out players. I will also comment on what I thought about the season, and finally, - this may be something that is somewhat unorthodox - I will rate how much fun I derived from FMM throughout the season. It will be out of 5 stars, where 1 star would mean that I found the game awfully boring and 5 stars would mean that I found the game extremely delightful. Towards the end of the 'Season Update' post, I'll review my targets and set new ones. When will I start? I am hoping to start right as soon as I finish typing this post and the targets post. What if I get bored? Well I really hope it does not reach this stage; the whole point of this career was to bring me back to the game. It'll also be great to get some of your feedback as that would motivate me further to keep going. I think that is that. I will begin by writing out my targets and get on with the career!
  21. Link to the original challenge All credit goes to @samhardy for this intriguing idea! The rules are as follows. Pick an international Side, Select your team as normal. When a player gets injured whilst in a game or just in the squad, banish him to the pits of hell (never to return again!). In order to complete the challenge I must win the World Cup, European Championship (or equivalent competition) and the Confederations Cup. No IGE, reloading etc. (The normal rules lol) Ill be back with my choice of team a little later...
  22. Hello fellow vibers. I follow my good friend @Taff and try this...AGAIN I have tried and failed the start of this challenge 4 times now. So far i have learned the belgium football is...annoying, alot of close games and alot of overrated teams. In other words I have to step up my own game and find out how to smash the league, because the tactic is there somewhere. To avoid no to brake my iPad i have written to the Master of Challenges. Lets see what he has got as advice for me. The teams latest fixtures...
  23. Welcome to...... Full name: Miejski Klub Sportowy Znicz Pruszków Founded: 1923 The best known player from Znicz Pruszków is Robert Lewandowski, who played for Znicz from 2006 to 2008 The main aim of this save, along with dominating club football and all of Polish football is to bring Lewandowski back to the club. Playing 59 times and scoring 36 goals you can see why Lech paid a mere 325k for him back in 2008 Znicz Pruszków So after what seems like an eternity of being asked the same question over and over again by the press. Most of them around language barrier and me not being able to pronounce any of my players name. I am taken to see the ground. With the smallest capacity of just 1977 in the league I am shown around the Stadion Znicza Pruszków what is more commonly know as MZON Oh just one more thing to note this is where the away fan are kept! What shall we call this? After the tour I get back to my office to find a brief report on my desk of the team and the staff It’s seem the midfield could be a problem for us and I really need to look at developing the staff I have here as I don’t have the resources to attract much better. Money I have a decent wage budget but not alot of transfer money to play with but I could move money around if needed to. The Players Just picked out a few players that I think might be key after watching the first training session Not a player you might instantly look at and think ‘get in my team’ but for me he has all I need in a Central Defender at this level. Good in the air, decent tackling, really good at positioning his self and the right amount of aggression. Very good pace and crossing ability. I will have to look at tactics but he will definitely be and huge plus down the wings for us. The man I am tasking to get us the goals. A well rounded players but I might need to look at someone to either play along side him or behind, he doesn’t seem the type of player who would worry a defence by himself. The man between the sticks. I always like a keeper that is a great communicator, along with him being good in the Air and good Strength there was no battle between him an the other lad. Tactics This took longer then I thought. I was trying hard to get a formation with winger to work but they just don’t have the depth in certain positions to make it work throughout a season. I decided to settle for this for the pre season and see how it goes. A very balanced narrow formation, the hones being on the two CDM breaking up the play in front of the defence and then look to start a fast paced counter attack to catch the opposition off guard Training I’m not sold on this working. I am going to give it a go but I think some might struggle with it as the facilities and coaches are low level so it might be something I go back to and change. Fixtures I am going to be doing my updates on a monthly bases. Where I take a look back over what has happend in the previous month. The next update will include the friendlys and the first league game of the season. As well as any other news to report. So how do you think I will do? Prediction on the results how many do you think I will win, lose or draw? Well that just about does it. If you have enjoyed it don’t forget to drop any like, comment and share. I have been JustM1kePlays and I will speak to you legends soon.
  24. Mr sacked tries again ?....this time with a better club. Notice Dikate....came for free...left for 1m after 2 games ?? The season is nearly over, broke the little record, but i did not break it good enough ??
  25. Sevilla FC Part 1 Hi and welcome to my Sevilla save. Sevilla are a side in spain that have always seemed to be a sleeping giant of la liga. With Barcelona and the Madrid clubs dominating the league. Despite their success in the Europa league in recent years, Sevilla fall into a group of teams that never really threaten the status quo at the top of La liga. I intend to change that. I will be following these philosophies in this career. -Youth development -Sign young players -Build and maintain a Spanish spine to the squad Current honurs It has being 70 years since Sevilla last lifted the tittle and it will be my primary goal to end the wait for the trophy. We will also be looking to win or 6th Copa del rey in the near future. As for on the European front Sevilla have being dominant in the Europa League but my goal is to establish Los Rojiblancos as a champions league contender. Domestic La Liga (1): 1945-46 Segunda División (2): 1929, 1933–34, 1968-69, 2000-01 Copa del Rey (5): 1935, 1939, 1947–48, 2006-07, 2009-10 Supercopa de España (1): 2007 European UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1): 1979–80 Europa league (5): 2005-06, 2006-07, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 UEFA Super Cup (1): 2006 Team analysis Having taken a look at some players both in game and in real life I am happy with the base I have.I have picked out 3 of the following players for a closer look I hope will be a big part of this save. Sergio Rico Ww A player who fits everything I want in my team. Young,Spanish and bags of potential. Sergio I hope will be no.1 for years to come as long as he doesn't become a target for the big boys. Joaquín Correa Correa a talented young winger. Who I see playing on the left flank as a inside forward or in the no.10 role. Another player I have high hopes for. Vitolo Vitolo is quiet possibly my best player. With ability to play anywhere in the front 3 of an attacking midfield but will primarily play on the left (depending how Correa develops). Like Rico I expect Vitolo to draw plenty of interest and we will be hoping to keep a hold of this key player. Team report Besides the three I mentioned above, Our team seems to have plenty going forward with having the likes of Lucianno Vietto, Samri Nasri and Matias Kranevitter on loan. We also have the likes of Ganso and Rami in the team. At first look it looks like our first window will be focused on strengthening the middle of the park and defence. Season Objective The board want me to qualify for champions league .Which given the talent on hand shouldn’t be too much of a ask, and considering the minimal difference in the transfer funds to win the tittle. It wasn’t worth the added pressure given that we will need a lot of work to compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid.If it is needed I can review the wage budget and increase our transfer funds to 56million. Transfers In the early stages of this story I have a number of targets I would like to bring in but as of yet there isn't any confirmed deals. more on this in part 2 Pre season/Fixture list A very tricky start to this save with some high quality pre season games. I won't be expecting much from any of the friendlies, as I will be experimenting with plenty of players and tactics. What the above pic doesn't show is the double header with Barcelona in the Spanish super cup which will take place after the European super cup tie against Real Madrid. Both fixtures will be tricky but also a great chance to get some silverware in the cabinet ahead of the season, That also starts at Camo Nou.... That's it for the first upate of this career. I will post in the next day or so with a report on our pre season tour, European and Spanish Super Cup. Be sure to check back and see how we got on. Any suggestions on transfer targets, tactics or suggestions on this post will be appreciated... Thanks for reading....