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Found 408 results

  1. FMM17 Bug List

    To help SI (which will help us) get to the bottom of bugs in the game they first must be made aware of them. A few 'possible bug' posts have started but it makes sense to have them all in one place. I will create a list here and edit that list as time goes on. If you think you have discovered a bug give a brief description of what you have found and screenshots as evidence (in this thread). If the general consensus is that it is a bug (rather than a choice by SI) then the 'bug list' will be updated on this first post. Edit. In some situations it is very useful for SI to have a save from before the bug is noticed. The save can be sent to them for investigation. 1. Cup penalty bug. Winning on penalties but still going to a replay. Defeats being shown as wins and full time scores being completely wrong!! Evidence Not needed as SI have admitted the problem. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 2. Set piece taker. Unable to assign set piece taker during a match on EME. Alari has confirmed this is not a bug and it is something they have been unable to implement at the moment. 3. Player of the month awards. Another year of FMM where players win awards yet haven't even played 4. Player history page. Some player history showing as 2015/16 rather than 16/17 Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 5. Random Average rating on player history page 6. Player out of position bug. AI managers playing players in random positions e.g centre back playing as AMC when there are better options. 7. Blank club history page for some saves. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 8. Live scores from that competition different to 'actual scores' at the end of games. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 9. Sackings. A very high number of managers being sacked despite not doing that badly Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 10. Odd World player of the year winner. A Player winning WPOTY award when he obviously didn't deserve to. 11. Blank manager history page. No league data showing up. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 12. AC Milan have 0 physio's despite excellent facilities. Edit. SI have said this is intentional 13. Player profile appearing blank. No goals, assists, Ave Rating showing up. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 14. International call up during club matches . Players being called up for their countries meaning they can't play in the Champions league 15. Media message saying 'no one cares about friendlies ' after league match. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 16. Attributes dramatically lowering for not apparent reason. Creativity, leadership and strength noted so far. 16. AI making too many subs in an cup matches. (5) 17. Player exchange. Not showing P/X on Transfer out page. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 18. Player new position training. Unable to retrain players to play in a new position. 19. Match freezing. Some matches freezing. Also some saves freezing on certain days. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 20. Some Cup competitions not finishing An Issue with cups stopping at the 1/4 final or 1/2 final stage and not concluding.
  2. Hi mates, I can't help making this post. When I am playing FMM2017, I notice that cross from flanks is the most way AI team use against my team. No matter what team it is. Man city, Liverpool, Stoke city... They all play cross. No matter who the striker is, Aguero, Firmiro...The team all play cross and send the ball into box. No matter how I play I can not stop they play cross against me, FB+W, FB+DW... @Alari @Jack Joyce @Marc Duffy Please do sth. to change it. This make the game so boring. Note: I play EME on v8.22.
  3. Hi. Have been a long time lurker on this forum and thanks for the great work you all do in supporting the game. Been dabbling with this game for a while and always struggled to get "into" it, but am really enjoying my current save with Leicester. Thought I'd share with you my exploits in the CL and this very tight finish to the group stage:
  4. So it is well documented that Ante Coric is missing in the game but is anyone else? Discuss additions that you would have liked to seen in the England database here.
  5. So according to FMM they said those players whose contracts allow recalls can be recalled but so far i havent been able to see any, a suggestion is to allow us to decide if we want to enable recalls on the loans just like attribute masking or no budget in first window in the settings, as the previous versions all allows us to recall players, it feels alittle weird that i wasnt able to, dont know if this affected others too, but it did for my experience, anyways still love the game and this is my little feedbackk thanks
  6. I mean, he's a nice player and all, but...
  7. Hello! Inspired by batigoals defender challenge, Im wondering did anyone in this forum ever try to beat the record for this ? Or does anyone have the goalie to take penalties like in the good old days :)?
  8. Skin/Themes Development (Development Thread) SNEAK PEAK! [Work in Progress] (Currently Working On) SkySports UEFA Champions League Premier League [Next] - Vibe Community ------ List of Skins Completed (Available in the Downloads Section) Brown,Green,Orange,Purple,Red (Base Defaults) ------ Members Wishlist (What Skin/Theme would you like to see?) EFL Leagues
  9. Is Roberto Rosales the best cheap quality right back on fmm2017?? How many of you used him & how was his performance for your team ??
  10. Whats your biggest win over your club main rivals? Lets start with me, maybe its not the biggest but i had this screenshot in my photos so i picked it.
  11. Hi all, for those who know me know that I am attempting the Latin Europe Challenge, don't know what season I am in as there is so many, I have been with Villerial for sometime now, winning everything with a team of late 20 early 30's due to the rule of using no regens... but I still went the whole season without loosing a game, "but did I" (apologies for so many pictures) Final Season... As you can see the league table was straight forward winning every game... So why have a shown you a load of fixtures, well look at 20th April, game against Juventus at home, yes it's green as a win does, but I didn't win it, I lost 1-2, yes I won on aggregate, but it wasn't a win, note the heading says "so did I" Yes it was a good season, but not for the challenge, anybody wanting to challenge themselves, those who quote best tactics, top striker etc, then attempt these types, and you will have lots of sleepless nights just thinking about how you can squeeze more goals to complete the Stage...
  12. Is anyone still noticing their players tactical roles changing since the update? Usually after a few seasons it starts and it happens between games and during games, and probably to 5-6 players. I can't pin down an actual event that triggers it during a game, it just seems random. Really starting to ruin career games as I'm constantly reverting my players roles back to what I want them as.
  13. Return of Old Bugs

    Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia, including the creators of FMM17. So why not bring back some "classic" bugs while at it? Bug 1 - Stamina Bug -7 stamina and -5 strength, beautiful. No severe injuries for the lad. Bug 2 - Ghost Bids I offered him out rather than transfer list him, and now I can't accept the bid. All this happens in Season 7 - what a season it looks to be!
  14. I know there is the in game editor but 6.99 is a bit ridiculous! Why the hell is this not included with the game no wonder a lot of people just torrent the modded version of this.
  15. Well i was recently testing some formation over EME (i generally don't use it) , did some tweaks (don't actually what i did , it was random tweaking) & played the next match . The result of this match left me amazed ... i just can't believe...i never ever got this big win. May be it was fluke or maybe it wasn't , for that i'll run few matches with that tactics. May be i won't get such a result again but believe me i enjoyed this match the most .. with every goal score i was like ... i can't describe that happiness 😊😊 So guys what is your biggest win & its story . Please do post some awesome victories. Thanks 😀😀😀⚽⚽⚽🏆
  16. Best Match

    What is the best match that you've , so far ,played on Fmm17. In this match my team scored 4 goals in 7-8 minutes. Its also the highest amount of goals scored by my team in a match.
  17. So those of you who have been following my current head to head challenge with @mcandrew003 may have seen this.. BUT - I think i have smashed any record there is for most goals scored by ONE person in a single season - Villa returned to Athletico to partner up with Torres, but he never in a million years expected to break world records! Using EME
  18. Weak Foot

    I'm not sure if I'm going mad and I've just never noticed this before, but I've got Trent Alexander-Arnold here with a weak foot rating of black? I'm pretty certain I've never seen anything less than red, does anyone else recall seeing this?
  19. Who said you couldn't start your own affiliation with a club of your choosing I've been doing it for 2 seasons now .
  20. Hi all I'm going to start a new game and was wondering about the coaching setup. I have obtained my gold coaching badge I was wondering which skill to choose I normal go with motivational then make sure I have GK, DEF, ATT, FIT, coaches. How do other players go about a coaching setup?
  21. This is the place to Report Missing or Bugged logos and Faces also other Graphical Content. Added Action Faces Added Lite Pack for Standard Faces Fixed 1080 Download for Standard Faces
  22. That's what you need to do to beat my record of 19 goals on OME. I've never actually seen 20+ gls in a single match on either engine ever.
  23. Transfer issue!!!

    Hey all. Not sure if anyone else has come across this.. listed one of my players for sale... had a transfer offer come through, click the little option next to the offer but the screen doesn't come up! It just crashes and won't let me accept or move on!
  24. Hey all, Is it just me - I've just noticed, that when i make any changes to my National team's formation, roles, tactics etc.. It mirrors it across to my club team and vice versa. This is incredibly annoying. My national team is set up different to my club team as there are different players!! I wouldn't have thought it is supposed to be like that surely?! I change my striker to a poacher for example on National or GK to a sweeper in my national, and it does it for my club team! No wonder my team plays rubbish after i've played some international games
  25. Lower Leagues

    So I decided to take charge of probably the smallest team in the game, Hungerford Town! A great challenge, very difficult to buy players or even sign anyone on loan... but that is the sort of challenge that makes FM great for me. Then the FA Cup first round draw is made, I eagerly look to see who I've been drawn against... a chance for a giantkilling? A home draw against a similar sized club with good chance of progress? No. In fact I'm not in the draw at all! Really? In the self proclaimed best management game in the world, you cannot actually take part in the greatest knockout competition there is?! So there it is, game ruined. I have no interest in carrying on with that career. How many updates have we had now? And still this massive issue hasn't been fixed! I played a game called Mac football manager in 1998 which was incredibly basic. But yet even that managed to make sure that everyone took part in the FA Cup. Just so, so poor.