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Found 430 results

  1. Fantastik puan genoa 😎 0 dakika sonra eklendi
  2. Hellow fellow Vibers! Our last challenge was about making Rooney creating for others. Who won you can see here What the next one is about is top secrect for now, but if you and another member in here wants to join our tag team club, please write me or @mcandrew003 ASAP . If you dont know one, but wants to join, we will sort it all out. We try to make our Challenges short ( 1season only ) and different.
  3. Afternoon Vibers! So, as you all may know I have posted my own fair few challenges this year, and I thought it would be nice to help out others! So, how does this work? Your Unique Idea If you have had a idea that you can't quite nail on the head, then bring it here! I am happy to help you guys out, aswell as a lot of Vibers will aswell. Your idea can be based on anything, from historical events to yesterday's round of EPL fixtures. Hopefully you can trust is enough to help you out No Copy Zone! Would like to ask other Vibers dropping in to try not to copy another persons idea, if it is similar then I would advise discussing with the person. Depth Don't Matter! It doesn't matter how much thought you have put into it, of you have had a sniff of an idea then let us know! Would love to hear and help develop some ideas with you guys. Feeling Confedential? If you need help but would prefer to keep it a secret, feel free to PM me or any other member, I'm sure they are happy to help. Look forward to reading your ideas lads!
  4. This post just for fun . I just wanted to know the best talented young forwards(less know/slightly known) that my fellow vibers have used during their career . So i expect them to post few forwards pic that they used. Mostly i like to use Samuel Eto's regen who appears around (may30 ,2017) or Zalatan's regen. Here are few talented players whom i used or intended to use during my career.Some of them are cheap while some aren't but one thing is sure that they develop into the beast . 1)ADALBERTO PENARANDA (Granada/Watford) Initial After IT (1½years) 2.)KUKI (Malaga FC) 3)FABIAN REECE (schalke 04) 4)MAXIMILANO ROMERO (Velez) 5)Andre Ribeiro (Zurich) 6)JOHANNES EGGESTIAN (WERDER BREMEN) 7)VICTOR OSIMHEM (FREE) Looking forward to read your comments . 😃
  5. Coach's son

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you unlocked Coach's Son. If yes how does it work? Im at Man United for the past 13 years and won everything here.
  6. Whats your biggest win over your club main rivals? Lets start with me, maybe its not the biggest but i had this screenshot in my photos so i picked it.
  7. So, as the title asks, what makes you give up on a save? I've just entered my third season as Everton, winning the League Cup and the Premier League title in my second, but crashing out in the Europa League semis and losing the FA Cup final. I've also just taken on the Ireland manager's job and have had an unbeaten start to the season. However, I can't muster up the enthusiasm to carry on going. Does that sound like you? Do you lose enthusiasm? Or what else makes you quit?
  8. Skin/Themes Development (Development Thread) SNEAK PEAK! [Work in Progress] (Currently Working On) SkySports UEFA Champions League Premier League [Next] - Vibe Community ------ List of Skins Completed (Available in the Downloads Section) Brown,Green,Orange,Purple,Red (Base Defaults) ------ Members Wishlist (What Skin/Theme would you like to see?) EFL Leagues
  9. Does anybody know if I can change the nation in which a club is based in using Hex Editor? I just want to change the nation they're based in to get youth players of a certain nationality. I don't want to change the league they're in.
  10. Well i was recently testing some formation over EME (i generally don't use it) , did some tweaks (don't actually what i did , it was random tweaking) & played the next match . The result of this match left me amazed ... i just can't believe...i never ever got this big win. May be it was fluke or maybe it wasn't , for that i'll run few matches with that tactics. May be i won't get such a result again but believe me i enjoyed this match the most .. with every goal score i was like ... i can't describe that happiness 😊😊 So guys what is your biggest win & its story . Please do post some awesome victories. Thanks 😀😀😀⚽⚽⚽🏆
  11. Hi all, my main man Nany Dimata just bagged eleven goals for me in one match. I wondered if this was a record?
  12. Is it just me or are teams that play defensive, counter attack and men behind the ball just broken in this game?! I'm considering starting a 1KC career and been testing formations, the one I've used in the game below works as this is the fourth different team I've tested with it, yet no matter how many CCC's, shots on target I have defensive teams just seem to be insanely good at defending! How is anyone supposed to enjoy the game when every team is playing defensive football and it seem impossible to score past! Any advice is appreciated as this is so consistent and it's putting me off playing this game! Thanks.
  13. Does anybody know any combinations of leagues to load to get an obscure nation playable? I just find it tedious doing it manually by creating 20 players for the nation
  14. Does the reserves feature only generate players from the country of the club? (E.g I've only seen English Reserve players in English teams)
  15. FMM17 Bug List

    To help SI (which will help us) get to the bottom of bugs in the game they first must be made aware of them. A few 'possible bug' posts have started but it makes sense to have them all in one place. I will create a list here and edit that list as time goes on. If you think you have discovered a bug give a brief description of what you have found and screenshots as evidence (in this thread). If the general consensus is that it is a bug (rather than a choice by SI) then the 'bug list' will be updated on this first post. Edit. In some situations it is very useful for SI to have a save from before the bug is noticed. The save can be sent to them for investigation. 1. Cup penalty bug. Winning on penalties but still going to a replay. Defeats being shown as wins and full time scores being completely wrong!! Evidence Not needed as SI have admitted the problem. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 2. Set piece taker. Unable to assign set piece taker during a match on EME. Alari has confirmed this is not a bug and it is something they have been unable to implement at the moment. 3. Player of the month awards. Another year of FMM where players win awards yet haven't even played 4. Player history page. Some player history showing as 2015/16 rather than 16/17 Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 5. Random Average rating on player history page 6. Player out of position bug. AI managers playing players in random positions e.g centre back playing as AMC when there are better options. 7. Blank club history page for some saves. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 8. Live scores from that competition different to 'actual scores' at the end of games. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 9. Sackings. A very high number of managers being sacked despite not doing that badly Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 10. Odd World player of the year winner. A Player winning WPOTY award when he obviously didn't deserve to. 11. Blank manager history page. No league data showing up. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 12. AC Milan have 0 physio's despite excellent facilities. Edit. SI have said this is intentional 13. Player profile appearing blank. No goals, assists, Ave Rating showing up. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 14. International call up during club matches . Players being called up for their countries meaning they can't play in the Champions league 15. Media message saying 'no one cares about friendlies ' after league match. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 16. Attributes dramatically lowering for not apparent reason. Creativity, leadership and strength noted so far. 16. AI making too many subs in an cup matches. (5) 17. Player exchange. Not showing P/X on Transfer out page. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 18. Player new position training. Unable to retrain players to play in a new position. 19. Match freezing. Some matches freezing. Also some saves freezing on certain days. Edit. This should be fixed now after SI released the hotfix for the problem. 20. Some Cup competitions not finishing An Issue with cups stopping at the 1/4 final or 1/2 final stage and not concluding.
  16. Improving National Teams?

    I'm wondering, when managing average national teams or sub-par national teams (The Irelands, Scotlands, Australias and Canadas of World Football) can you actually improve them? Can you get better players for your national teams?
  17. I play in english league and have too many young players and I put them in the loan list and there is no club wanted them I ask If there is any way to turn the reserves into a second team ?
  18. Simple question, friends. We're about 5 months in now and I think everyone's had a pretty good feel of the game by now. I've played loads of seasons on both OME and EME and tried hundreds of players, but my shortlist of favorites counts a handful only. I obviously loved Villalibre who produced 1000+ goals for Sevilla. Bazoer of course with his 250+ for Benfica. Ze Gomes an absolute beast -probably my 2nd favorite-, Sanches, Horta and Guedes all phenomenal. But my vote's gotta go to Gabriel Barbosa (IF) (I bet that's a surprise) who posed continuous and merciless threat to many an opponent on the right flank (FR) in my 1KC career. Incredibly consistent providing assists and goals for 15 seasons long and still a top class player at 33yo. Pure joy. Would love to hear yours.
  19. Now I know what I did here but has anybody else done this?
  20. This is the place to Report Missing or Bugged logos and Faces also other Graphical Content. Added Action Faces Added Lite Pack for Standard Faces Fixed 1080 Download for Standard Faces

    !!!FMM Can I ask for something from friends who have an original license??? 1)You will first create a new game 2)You will select countries, Spain, Germany, UK, Turkey 3)Manager name is Goca Durmus and surname is Kanik(Attention to the harmony of the lower and upper case) 4) The nation is from turkey 5)First team Fenerbahce from Turkey 6)Finally save the game and give me the save file Please!!!
  22. i just finished my first season with A.C. Milan and this season is the most exciting season i've ever played. i want to share with you.
  23. Glitch?

    When a player has a year left on his contract, make an offer for him (the club must accept) and set the transfer date to the end of the season (ONLY DO THIS AFTER THE TRANSFER WINDOW CLOSES). Come end of the season when it's time to accept/reject the player..reject him..because the club cant extend his contract when he's already agreed a transfer, You'll be able to pick him up for free. (Surely this is a glitch?)