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Found 18 results

  1. Top Football Manager Cup Welcome to Top Football Manager Cup, people. This is the very first time I'm organizing this TFM Cup so I hope there's enough interest for it and that it goes down well with the Vibe Community. I wouldn't give it a go if I didn't think it could generate some good old fun and good discussion points but one never knows of course. I'm very excited to get this underway. What is this Top Football Manager Cup all about? Simple. I present a problem or situation with 2 possible scenarios, A and B. I set it up, present the problem, give all the needed information including screenshots if necessary and all you have to do is pick which of the 2 scenarios will be most effective for that particular instance. You then PM me your chosen scenario, A or B, and I play out both and post them in a detailed update. If your chosen scenario does indeed generate the better results, you win, meaning you qualify for the next round where you'll get to play on with the rest of the winners of that round. Losers go home, out, finished, game over. Do I need to play at all? No. You don't need to actually manage a club or play a career. Your job is very simple, which is why I'm hoping to get lots of people to join. It doesn't require anything from you other than taking a few minutes of your time to read thru the problems and scenarios. All I require from you is a PM stating which scenario you favor without any explanation needed. Once I get all your PMs in -please don't reveal to anyone your chosen scenario until I post all your picks, or it would beat the whole point of this TFM Cup- and I will play out both scenarios and declare the winners of that round. What sort of problems/scenarios can we expect? All sorts. defensive vs attacking formations most suitable new players effectiveness of specific player roles clash of player role combinations front and back most prolific striking duo up front tactics tweaking - substitutions and match settings in-game and so on.. Every circumstance I present is unique and features either a different league, division, team or player. There's litterally thousands of possibilities here and my job is to give you a clear (un)common case you could encounter during one of your FMM careers with two different options on how to tackle it. This will gradually increase in difficulty as we get deeper into this TFM Cup until we are left with the one and only Top Football Manager. So even if you know nothing about this game you still stand a reasonable chance of beating Vibe veterans or even winning it alltogether. Why play a Cup anyone could win? That's the whole point, isn't it. It's all about fun and bringing people together, whether you think you know it all or are a tactical noob, have years and years of FMH/M under your belt or just bought the game recently, makes no difference. We are all here to share ideas and inspire the next, and I also believe some of the potential scenarios I have in mind -especially those further down the road- could make for excellent discussion points. Can you give an example? Something like this: Empoli are facing an incredibly tough first two months of their Serie A season going up against AC Milan, Internazionale, Napoli, AS Roma and Juventus and it's important for the relatively unknown manager -that would be me, BatiGoal- to get off to a flying start and impress both the fans and the board. Which of the two formations is most likely going to get Empoli off to a decent start and produce the most amount of points in the next 15 games vs opponents of that calibre. Formation A: defensive 5-3-2 + players, player roles and match settings provided in screenshots. Formation B: attacking 4-2-4 + players, player roles and match settings provided in screenshots. Everything else will be entirely identical. This is one of the simpler ones I have in mind for you, but I hope you get the gist. How do I sign up? Just give a shout and drop a comment and you're in. I'll update the OP accordingly. When do we go live? Depends on the turn out to be honest. If the response is low I'll cancel the idea. If we get enough excited minds we may start in a day or 2, 3, a week. We'll see. Top Football Manager Cup Rules All games will be played by me -BatiGoal- and NOT simulated. All games will be played on EME with the latest update in place. PM me -BatiGoal- your choice (A or B) once the round has started. Do NOT reveal your pick to anyone before the round has closed. Winners qualify for the next round. Losers are out. If a round has 0 winners a new round shall be played with those same players. The last remaining player wins the TOP FOOTBALL MANAGER CUP. All that rests me to say to you now is: Sign Up! There's no set maximum # of players so the more the better. Looking forward to getting this started. Managers: Eogtuc0910 mcandrew003 Brenty92 Ashez Victorezeja Veerus Thepremiermanager ExhilaratingEriksen Real_Random AndersJ Mikee1984 rinclais arobbo92 Jens Granit Xhaxa Taff Muzza2108 KennyMiller27 Paul186 Idol Cockers2505 gbohunmi10 Jack Freddie134 Mr.Manager Pogba
  2. Good Afternoon Vibe! So, me and my freind @arobbo92 have been discussing for a few weeks about a new idea to bring to the community. After finalising all of the details over PM, we are proud to present.... The Vibe Olympic Games What Are The Games? What is this crazy competition we have created? Well, it will consist of 20 participants ( more if massive interest)who will battle it out over 6 different events to be crowned the Olympic Champion! These events have been premade by the 2 hosts, me and Arobbo, and ready to launch when you guys are! Who Can Join? Anybody of any level is welcome to test theirselves in this competition, as long as you can meet the deadlines and be a good sport. Even if you have a career on here already, the challenges don't last long, as we will go onto in a moment. We would love to see a mix of players in here, wether you have been here for a few years or a few weeks, it doesn't matter to us! What Is The Time Span/Challenge Lengths Each event will last just 16 League Games to mark the 16 days of the Olympics. This isn't much time at all and can be played in 1 day if possible. As I said, there will be 6 events with a deadline of about 5-7 days. How To Sign Up To sign up, simply comment which country you wish to represent from the table below. As soon as this is done, you will be added to a list of participants. Hopefully we fill all the spaces so we can have a good run at this! Rules - No IGE - Meet The Deadlines Set - Be A Good Sport - No Reloading - Have Fun! - EME Competition Once all participants are in we will begin going over more rules and eventually our first event. Please pick a country from above to represent, and enjoy the ride! Graphics credit to @arobbo92 Participants: 1. Brenty92 - United Kingdom 2. Idol - Cuba 3. Mikee1984 - Russia 4. Eogtuc0910 - Kenya 5. JustM1kePlays - USA 6. AndersJ - Korea 7. Real_Random - Australia 8. Mollers01 - Canada 9. Granit Xhaka - Hungary 10. fuddeledfoxFM - Croatia 11. Thepremiermanager - Brazil 12. Taff - New Zealand 13. Muzza2108 - Spain 14. ExhilaratingEriksen - France 15. Chewkaiwen - Japan 16. Vs157 - Germany 17. Callum_holliday - China 18. KennyMiller27 - Italy 19. gbohunmi10 - Netherlands 20. Ciarandurham - Jamaica
  3. The Dec Tribute

    Hi guys and welcome to this Interactive Experience. This is just a short experience to honour this websites entrepreneur, Dec. After his announcement regarding his future with the Community, I have decided to create this short Interactive Experience to honour his legacy on the website. What Is This? After Dec announced his departure, I decided to make a tribute for him. This is going to be quite short as I have another idea planned with another member of the community. Anyway, let's get onto the experience. The idea is to go 5 games unbeaten with a team begging with each of the following letters.... T,H,A,N,K Y,O,U D,E,C! For repeated letters, we will need to play with a team twice. I really hope we can complete the for Dec, and to say a massive thank you! Anyway, for the challenge we will need 11 Participants, but more will be gladly accepted. Oh yeah, and it can be an unbeaten streak from ANY VERSION OF THE GAME ( FMH13, FMH14, FMH15 etc....) How To Sign Up? Please let us know which letter you will be completing so that other competitiors can choose another letter. The rules are.... - Choose a letter from the ones above - Go 5 games unbeaten with a club beggining with that letter - Post your results here so we can put together our message to Dec I really hope you guys decide to join up for the tribute, it's only 5 games unbeaten needed and will be over quite quickly, but I hope will mean a massive amount to Dec. Please remember to sign up, and thanks for reading! Letters T - Eogtuc0910 - Tamworth H - KennyMiller27 - Hartlepool A - Eogtuc0910 - Adelaide United / mcandrew003 - Ajax N - Arobbo92 - Newcastle United K - KennyMiller27 - Kidderminster Y - Taff - Yeovil O - Brenty92 - Olympique Lyon U - D - KennyMiller27 - Darmstadt E - mcandrew003 - England C - Mikee1984 - Crusaders
  4. I present to you, the return of the Save game challenges! What is a Save game challenge? - Originally created by Dec all the way back in 2011, a Save game challenge is a concept where your challenge will be based on a save game not a new game. A roaring success back then, Ollie and I attempted to recreate these a year later without much success but essentially I will upload a save game to the downloads section every so often, placing you in difficult situations and situations you may never have been in before as a manager. There will be three levels of achievement for each challenge; a gold, silver and a bronze trophy which you will be awarded depending on your success in the challenge. You may attempt them in any order. Note - You will need the latest update to be able to play these challenges. All challenges will overwrite save slot 2, so ensure you back up your saves before downloading. Game 1: Description: After a promising start to the season, it's looking like it could all fizzle out into another season of mediocrity for Espanyol. Coming to the end of January and sitting in 10th, an unhappy board who expect European football and a squad in no form whatsoever, it'll be a tough challenge to turn their fortunes around. As well as being known for their constant under-performance, the Espanyol fans also have to endure the taunts of their Catalan rivals Barcelona, who defeat them with ease year in year out. Things could be a lot different this season though: having scraped a win at Camp Nou earlier in the season, can you complete an historic double and please the board and fans alike with European qualification? Complete the double over Barcelona and qualify for the Champions League Qualify for some form of European football (Champions League or Europa League) Double the current points tally - end the season with 56 points or over. Download Link Leaderboard: Name - - - Thepremiermanager - 0 - 1 - 0
  5. Welcome to The Board! In this career, I will attempt to use the IGE (I'm trustworthy, don't worry ) alongside your help to guide a small, unnoticed club to European Success! This save will be heavily influenced by you, the community. You will act as the board members of the club, alongside me! So, let's get started... AFC Telford have announced the takeover of their club by a Unknown Community Group, calling themselves the 'Vibe Community' The takeover will include several members taking many responsibilities. The reported value of this group exceeds 1 Million Pounds, however they are not expected not to pump this much money into the club. Current Bucks boss Rob Smith is expected to be released by the club, and a press conference is set to be held with a few of the board members shortly Your interaction is really important in this save guys, so I will need the following things from you, as a community... Firstly, a boardroom Profile for the save. This should include... Your chairman's name Nationality Age Net Worth ( Optional) Next... A few questions for an interview (plans for the club, Money etc...) A few answers for an interview ( from your chairman) How much money should be pumped into the club for season 1? For this save, you must be committed and check for updates, as I will regularly ask for my fellow board members permission and feedback on transfers/managers/facilities etc... Thanks guys and please sign up or comment, it is needed for this to work! Current Members of the Board @Eogtuc0910 Rob Ber @chewkaiwen Jae-Tak Kim @mcandrew003 Ethanio Mcandiniho @BattleBravelyRelegation Cian McGrath @Nick11 N Nivar
  6. Coming Soon V V Who will take the 2017 Vibe Community Title?
  7. Hi guys Welcome to this thread where I will conduct some experiments! After recently buying the IGE, I have decided to do this just as a bit of fun, as I often do them by myself anyway My first one is more of a community game, and a game inspired by @Kun Agueros Agent Game! Rules At the start of the game, you must pick three players. These players must be under 26 Also, you begin with your players wages added together, then halved. The way you, as an agent earn money, is when the player moves clubs, you will get 50% of the fee added to your BANK, aswell as 50% of his new wage. Any bonuses from the players contract will be halved and added to your BANK You can release a player, at the expense of his transfer fee plus his weekly wage x2 Whwn you have enough money in your BANK, you can use it to buy better players and replace your old ones. Please let me know if this is clear and please feel free to sign up! Credit again to @Kun Aguero Sign up Form Agent Name Three Players Good luck! Leaderboard ( Based on money in BANK) 1. @Taff £25.192 Million 2. @KennyMiller27 £24.85 Million 3. @Kun Aguero 13.046 Million 4. @Eogtuc0910 £1.904 Million 5. @Jack £1.23 Million 6. @salohcin £162,000 7. @Seth Anacondas £136,000 8. @Davdio £40,775.
  8. Vibe All Stars Sign Up Now Closed Full Name - Vibe All Stars Short Name - Vibe AS Three/3 Letter - VAS ---------------------- Staff Staff Recruited with Past FmhVibe/Vibe All Stars Players Manager - Kyle August (Kyle) Motivational Assistant Manager - Declan Barry (Dec) Attacking Coach - Ash Sale (Ashez) Fitness Coach - Michael Seselja (Dirtboy) - Goalkeeping Coach - Jake Bannister (JakeBanno) - General Scout - Bati Goalov (BatiGoal) - Tactical Analyst Scout - Michael Shie (TenDirection) - First Team Scout Scout - Merlion Maple (MerlionMaple) - Youth Scout Physio - Corey Eaton-McKnight (corey) - Prevention Physio - Callum Curtis (Callum98) - Prevention Physio - Michael Sandland (JustM1kePlays) - Rehabilitation ---------------------------------------------------------- Goalkeepers GK - Luke Johnson (Johnson2017) GK - Ajith Menon (Ajith Menon) ------------------------------------------------ Defenders D/DM R - Wendy Juan Ardli (wendy_WJA) D/DM R - Bon Don (hasem) D/DM L - Kai Wen Chew (chewkaiwen) D/DM L - John Rabelas (KennyMiller27) D/DM C - Nicholas Lim (salochin) DC - Stephen Lamb (slambo) DC - Clarence Ferguson (Real_Random) ------------------------------------------------ Midfielders M/DM C - Martinz Ofor (ofomartins) M/DM C - Hoa Duong (BantamHD) MC - Helder Santos (SladePT) M/AM R - Zak Omar (ZakFC) M/AM R - Darren Chappell (Taff) M/AM L - Jungkyu Lee (poetry1004) M/AM L - Peter Moloney (Mollers01) M/AM C - Robert Brown ( robbrown172 ) ------------------------------------------------ Forwards AMC/SC - Jack Etheridge (Jack) SC - Calvin Tichelaar (dutchfmh) ------------------------------------------------------------ Other Teams that may be Coming Soon Sign Up Now Open
  9. So guys this is my first Fun and Games career where i will make everyone who applies. ( Must say name, nationality position and role) i will put you in completly random teams instead of starting you unemployed and will start everyone with half star ability and a random potential. Seasonal updates not a deadline as of yet but please sign up. Maximum of 12 but im expecting less. May the odds be ever in your favour. Leagues loaded Portugal, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Also shoutout to @enggarenk for giving me the idea. Tuc Out Sign Up Name Position Nationality Role Random Club Ethan McAndrew CAM English AP Muharraq (Bahrain) Mil Salohcin FC Singaporean P Shamrock Rovers (Ireland) Brick Wall GK English GK SC Mannsdorf Smash N'Grab LM Welsh IF Global FC (Phillipenes) John Rabelas CM Filipino BBM CD Honduras Bruno Passamani FC Brazilian AF Druk United (Bhutan) Mart De Haan CAM Dutch AP Waitakere United (New Zealand) Kang In-Lee CM South Korean AP Ayr Utd (Scotland) Gareth Higgs CB South Africa CD Pergolettese (Italy) Kersley Clovis CM Saint Lucia DLP Bardejov (Slovakia) Ajith Menon RB Indian WB Arsi(Greece) Kai Wen Chew CM Singaporean BBM Etoile du Congo (Congo)
  10. Hello I'm pretty new here but I thought maybe my first post should be a game everyone can play. I call the game "Manager Game", What a name I know... The game works like this, theres 20 players (Im not sure if I'll get 20 people but ill try anyway) and each player has 300 points to use on upgrading their profile You can only choose a premier league team as your club. They have to choose where they put their 300 points on there profile from all the abilitys above (I'll do the hard work of adding it though) To pick a club its first come first served so no complaining if you don't get the club you want! Application Do not try and cheat because I will add up and make sure you've only used 300 and it'll waste time. Adaptability [ Enter Number Here ] Ambition [ Enter Number Here ] Determination [ Enter Number Here ] Loyalty [ Enter Number Here ] Handling pressure [ Enter Number Here ] Professionalism [ Enter Number Here ] Temperament [ Enter Number Here ] Dicipline[ Enter Number Here ] Financial Control [ Enter Number Here ] Judging Ability [ Enter Number Here ] Judging Potential [ Enter Number Here ] Man management [ Enter Number Here ] Motivation [ Enter Number Here ] Tactical knowledge [ Enter Number Here ] Goalkeeping [ Enter Number Here ] Outfield [ Enter Number Here ] Youth [ Enter Number Here ] First Name: Second Name: Nationality: Club: Preferred formation (Only formations from picture below) : I'll stop receiving applications as soon as we get 20 people or on Friday Good luck everyone who joins up and hopefully ill do a episode 2. If this isn't understandable tell me and ill edit the post so it is Participants @Taff @mcandrew003@enggarenk@Fozz_Quaker @Eogtuc0910 @BantamHD @Seth Anacondas @DarkPearl @Jack@salohcin First Name Second Name Club Tactic Nationality Ethan McAndrew Leicester City 433 English Seymour Butts Liverpool 343 Welsh Rahmad Darmawan Chelsea 451 Indonesia Hoa Duong Manchester City 343 English Eoghan Tucker Tottenham 343 Irish David Forster Sunderland 343 Northern Irish Common Dolphin Manchester United 451 Singaporen Ziyad Khawaja ? Pakistan Mil Salohcin Southampton 352 Singaporen Jack Etheridge Everton 433 Welsh
  11. Challenge Cup 2017 Hello fellow Vibers, and welcome to the 2017 version of VibeCommunity's Challenge Cup. This is a series of in-game challenges where members face off against each other to see who becomes the 'King' of FMM. This year's version will be brought to you by samhardy and me. If you are an FMHVibe veteran, then you will know how these work. If not, then there are 9 other glorious Challenge Cups for you all to look back on. The very first CC was hosted by samhardy and won by Ollie back in 2011. CC2 and CC4 were won by Sunny who remains to date to only person winning it twice. Scott beat this year's co-host, samhardy, in CC3 and Lewiitom claimed the Cup (CC5) early 2013. Due to unfortunate circumstances CC6 had to be canceled and what followed was a series of Cups where Ashez played both Hero and Villain. A lot of the latter and a little of the former to be exact. Devil popped Ashez's balloons in the finals in March 2014 claiming the CC7 title with the runner-up Ashez paying that favor forward annihilating Scott just a few months later, and becoming the 'King' of FMM in August of that same year. But then in 2015 Ashez failed miserably to retain his crown and was dethroned by MerlionMaple96 in the final. Let's have a look at the winners and losers of the glorious past. Do you think you have what it takes to beat every manager put in front of you and call yourself the next 'King' of FMM? Well, join and prove it! Your name could forever go into the history books of Vibe. Rules There will need to be rules to keep this madness on track so keep these in mind pls! To keep things equal all challenges last 1 season and will need to be played on Enhanced Match Engine (EME). Each challenge comes with a deadline, and each deadline comes with no extensions. No entry -> No points. Every manager must provide evidence using screenshots. As the rule above, No screenshots -> No points. No unlockables and no coaching badges. If suspicions arise, you will be asked to submit your save for inspection. No holidaying, a screenshot of manager profile after each challenge is required. No cheating and no use of any editor at all. Own tactics only. Send your results via PM with both samhardy and BatiGoal included in it. Have fun !!! After a brief discussion with my co-host we've decided that for the first round 1 challenge will be posted. The top 16 will qualify for the group stages which will see the numbers 1 and 2 of each group move on to the quarter-final stages of the tournament. Winners meet in the Semi's and the winners of those in the Grande Finale of CC10. Challenge Cup 2017 - Schedule Please leave a comment below if you want to join. The registration process will be open until we have enough members competing. Thank you and good luck! Qualifying Round - Best 16 will progress to the Group Stages PriZe Robbrown172 Thepremiermanager Jack Pogba HashtagTatica danovic78 Kun Aguero dutchfmh Joewins Jens Real_Random halamadrid tomppasson Mikee1984 samhardy HalaDMV PhiLiz BatiGoal buz0309 Del2378 Muzza2108 Nicolol GoldXavi CaptDenholm Taff RealHaks * Registration period closed *
  12. The Background: The Championship is a funny league. Widely regarded as exciting and competitive in its own right (Every season, the Championship title race is one of the most interesting elements of European football), but all too often it is just thought of as a stepping stone to the Holy Grail of the Premier League. Stand-out players in the league are often picked up by the bigger sides, either those already in the top flight or those nailed-on for promotion. Even the promoted teams risk losing some of their star men in the January transfer window, with high performers often labelled ‘a Championship player come good.’ However, there is a group of players, who, for whatever reason, have never made it big in the top flight, despite being widely regarded as the cream of the Championship crop. Some have had a go and not lived up to expectations. Some are loyal to their club, hoping that they will make the Promised Land together. And some – well some just can’t be explained. The Premise: I have selected five players who I think meet the brief above, and will place each of them with a Premier League side who I think matches their skill set, and then…we see what happens! So without further ado, the five men and their new clubs are…: Ross McCormack - Watford Jordan Rhodes - Middlesbrough Peter Whittingham - Burnley Tom Ince - Leicester Chris Gunter - Swansea Here I will take these nearly men and put them in the Premier League for at least a season. Will they thrive? Will they bomb? Time will tell. Follow this thread to see how they all get on.
  13. Introduction Amongst all the articles and the guides/tips flying around at the moment, I have decided to run a fun little competition for all you Vibers. Now, there's no prize for winning, as it is just for fun, after all. So, let's get to the business part. We all know the dominance of the 2 Manchester clubs, the 3 'big' London clubs and Liverpool, as they all form the current top 6 this season in the Premier League. But what if they all had to start from the Vanarama National League, and work their way up? Well that is now a reality. Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool have all been placed in the Vanarama National League, the fifth level of the English Football pyramid, one level below the Football League. Here's the fun apart. I will simulate through how ever many seasons it takes for one of them to work their way up, back to the Premier League, winning the title. All you have to do, is guess which team YOU think will win the Premier League first, and the year. Simply lay it out like this : Name of team who will win the Premier League first - Year they will win - Please post your guesses below. Updates will follow within the coming days. Good luck!
  14. Hey guys I'm back with a brand new game!! I will ask each player to fill out a form to make a player and each of you will play for one of two chosen teams in the Turkish third tier! The two chosen teams are: Red Group: White Group: Ive given them both state of the art facilities and a bigger stadium so its pretty fair! I wont be replacing the whole teams unless I get that many players being involved! If someone fills out a form wanting to be a striker then I will replace a forward with there info using the IGE As the game goes forward anyone can enter as I can just add you into the game easily using the IGE so as soon as I have 5 new players for each team so minimum of ten players before I will start it including the two players I've already added, Myself and my Son Noah :-) Just fill out the form below to enter: Player Name:(First and Second) Age:(Between 18-25) Position:(can be multiple positions) Nationality:(Any) CA/PA will be 3*/5* for everyone so the earlier you get in the better you'll get quicker. Hope to see you all smashing it in Turkish lower leagues soon!!
  15. I'm sure something very similar has been done before by @BatiGoal but I was struggling to find the original idea. Anyway you have come here to find out about this challenge. It's very simple all you need to do is PICK any player (preferably a Striker). You gain 1 point for every goal your selected players scores. It's first come first served but pick carefully. Do you pick an already established goalscorer and STICK with them until they retire or someone who is younger and has more years left in them but might be lacking goals. If you wish to TWIST and change players it will cost you 10 points if your player retires it will cost you 5 points to pick a new player. I will then simulate the game and produce league table at the end of each season. Closing date for picking your player is 20th November 2016 5pm GMT so you don't have long. May the odds be ever in your favour.
  16. A FMM17 Interactive Experience : The Game Of Agents Hi guys, Kun's back with a new interactive experience, The Game Of Agents. Players agents had always been an inevitable part in modern day's football, and definitely playing their role in the football world, especially with all the mad money transfers going on recently. So I came with this idea, an interactive experience that involves agents, with you guys playing as an agent, signing players, and earn money with them through transfer as well as their wages. Basically, you are not just playing as an agent, you must have the scouting skills to know who you are signing and will they be successful enough to earn you the money. Let me explain the basic rules of the game. 1. Each player joining the game will be given a starting budget of 10 million to sign 5 players in FMM 17. The leagues started will be Spain, England, Italy and Germany. The money needed to sign a specific player depends on their starting value in game. 2. Once the players are chosen and everything is set, the game starts. I will holiday until the first transfer window in January, and provide updates on player's performance, transfers ( if occurs ), wages and value rise. 3. You will earn 10% of the player's wages, and 10% for transfer fees, and 10% from player bonus (goal and assist bonus in the contract page). I will conclude the money you earned in every update. You can also end your contract with your player, by paying his value in game. 4. The total money earned in the end of each season will decide the agent's rankings, and bonus for you to sign new players. Well, that's all of the rules, please ask or give any suggestions if I miss out any details. Please sign up for the game by commenting below, in the form of: Name : Players to sign : You can sign up first and choose your player later by quoting the sign up post. All on first come first serve basis. As this game involves many calculating and sorts, I can't accept too many members to join, so the signup end in 24 hours, which is till 7.30 GMT 13/12, and you can choose your player after that. That's all, and please join the fun. Thanks.
  17. Hi mates, Please enjoy vedio for my first save of ManUtd.