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  1. Perhaps some of you already found out, but I never knew this. So perhaps it is of some use for you guys. We all know it wasn't possible to manage Germany national team due licensing issues, but it's rather simple to do so. No need of hex-editing and with this method you have to select 19 to 23 players and are asked to confirm (like any other national team). So here's what to do: start unemployed. save file open changes.txt (licence fix) add line (example): "MANAGER" "Declan" "Barry" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Germany" save changes.txt reload save now you're managing Germany! And you can do the double job! example: "MANAGER" "Declan" "Barry" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Germany" "MANAGER" "Declan" "Barry" "" "" "" "" "" "" "FC Bayern München" And for something else fantastic!!!! If you put in San Marino.... you manage San Marino. The problem here is you don't have 19 players to choose, so this is definately a problem. But it works with Mexico, Romania, Greece and many others!
  2. Hello everyone i will tell the exact way to find regens or the next Ronaldinho or Totti or any huge super star. the regen will appear in the game only after the super star retires there is two ways to know: first if the superstar is originally from a playable league then the regen for that superstar will appear in any team of that league and you should know that the playable league have a fixed date for youth intake or regen intake for example English league on 25\june on the start of new year . german and italian leagues a few days . later spanish league on 1/jul . so in that day search for the same nationality of the superstar you want . you will find a player with the same positions of play with the same preferred foot Remember THE EXACT POSITION AND THE SAME PREFERRED FOOT and i will show you a picture of a superstar and his regen And please note that the age of the regen can vary between 15 to 25 just focus on the same nationality and the same position and preferred foot as for superstars that comes originally Not from a playable league you must follow the superstar to know exactly when he retires and disappears from the player search after he disappears you can after about two to four months later search for a player with the same nationality and position and preferred foot will appear hope you fully anderstand regards
  3. Wonderkids - the game wouldn't be complete without them. And with an updated game, comes updated wonderkids, so prepare yourself to build a whole new team around them all over again. As per previous updates, we've created a list of all the wonderkids with the best potential and stuck them all in one place for you. We've done the hard work so you don't have to. For those of you unfamiliar with potential ratings in Football Manager, here is how they work: Each player is given a PA. PA stands for potential ability, the highest ability they can achieve during their careers. However, just because they have a PA of 175 doesn't mean you don't have to nurture them. It's very possible that a player doesn't reach his full potential because he hasn't been played or trained properly. Injuries can massively influence whether a player reaches their PA too. Credit to @Dec for the graphics and help, and @Chelsea8 for the original article (which I have shamelessly stolen from!) Name Nation Club Age Position Potential Ability Star Rating Sane, Leroy Germany Manchester City 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 176 Bernardo Silva Portugal AS Monaco Football Club 21 M (C), AM (RLC) 175 Tah, Jonathan Germany Leverkusen 20 D (RC) 175 Sanches, Renato Portugal Bayern 18 DM, M/AM (C) 175 Donnarumma, Gianluigi Italy A.C. Milan 17 GK 170-200 Romagnoli, Alessio Italy A.C. Milan 21 D (C) 173 Goretzka, Leon Germany Gelsenkirchen 21 DM, M/AM (C) 173 Brandt, Julian Germany Leverkusen 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 172 Giminez, Jose Uruguay A. Madrid 21 D (C) 171 Asensio, Marco Spain R. Madrid 20 M/AM (RLC) 171 Christensen, Andreas Denmark Chelsea 20 D (C), DM, M (C) 171 Coman, Kingsley France Juventus 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 171 Rajkovic, Pedrag Serbia Maccabi Tel-Aviv 20 GK 170 Lemar, Thomas France AS Monaco Football Club 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 170 Keita, Naby Guinea RBL 21 DM, M/AM (C) 170 Alli, Dele England Tottenham Hotspur 20 M/AM (C) 170 Mbappe, Kylian France AS Monaco Football Club 17 AM (RL) 160-190 Gabriel Jesus Brazil Manchester City 19 AM (RL), ST (C) 160-190 Dembele, Ousmane France Dortmund 19 M (RL), AM (RLC) 160-190 Martial, Anthony France Manchester United 20 M (L), AM (RL), ST (C) 160-190 Balde, Keita Senegal S.S. Lazio 21 AM (RL), ST (C) 169 Rabiot, Adrien France Paris Saint-Germain 21 DM, M (C) 169 Kimmich, Joshua Germany Bayern 21 D (RC), W (R), DM, M (C) 169 Saul Spain A. Madrid 21 D (C), DM, M/AM (C) 169 Sule, Niklas Germany Hoffenheim 20 D (C) 168 Neves, Ruben Portugal FCP 20 DM, M (C) 168 Shaw, Luke England Manchester United 21 D/WB (L) 168 Pjaca, Marko Croatia Juventus 21 AM (RL), ST (C) 167 Guedes, Goncalo Portugal Paris Saint-Germain 19 M (R), AM (RL), ST (C) 167 Henrichs, Benjamin Germany Leverkusen 19 D (RL), WB (R), M (C) 167 Cook, Lewis England AFC Bournemouth 19 DM, M (C) 166 Bellerin, Hector Spain Arsenal 21 D (R) 165 Meyer, Maximillian Germany Gelsenkirchen 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 165 Grimaldo, Alex Spain SLB B 20 D/WB/M (L) 165 Geraldes, Francisco Portugal Sporting 21 M/AM (C) 150-180 Meret, Alex Italy Udinese 19 GK 150-180 Woodburn, Ben Wales Liverpool 16 AM (RLC), ST (C) 150-180 Rashford, Marcus England Manchester United 18 AM (L), ST (C) 150-180 Embolo, Breel Switzerland Gelsenkirchen 19 M/AM (R), ST (C) 150-180 Martins, Gelson Portugal Sporting 21 AM (RL) 150-180 Odegaard, Martin Denmark R. Madrid B 17 M (R), AM (RC) 150-180 Melegoni, Filippo Italy Atalanta 17 M (C) 150-180 Thiago Maia Brazil SAN 19 DM 150-180 Tielemans, Youri Belgium RSC Anderlecht 19 DM, M/AM (C) 150-180 Kuki Spain Malaga B 18 AM (RLC), ST (C) 150-180 Mere, Jorge Spain S. Gijon 19 D (C) 150-180 Kean, Moise Italy Juventus 16 AM (L), ST (C) 150-180 Ndidi, Wilfred Nigeria Leicester City 19 D (C), DM, M (C) 150-180 Bailey, Leon Jamaica Leverkusen 18 M/AM (RL) 150-180 Origi, Divock Belgium Liverpool 21 AM (L), ST (C) 150-180 Lo Celso, Giovani Argentina Paris Saint-Germain 20 M (LC), AM (C) 150-180 Pulisic, Christian U.S.A. Dortmund 17 M (RL), AM (RLC) 150-180 Fruchtl, Christian Germany Bayern 16 GK 150-180 Zouma, Kurt France Chelsea 21 D (RC) 150-180 Hernandez, Theo France A. Madrid B 18 D/WB/M/AM (L) 150-180 Lirola, Pol Spain Juventus 18 D/WB/M (R) 150-180 Vallejo, Jesus Spain R. Madrid 19 D (C) 150-180 Gomes, Ze Portugal SLB B 17 ST (C) 150-180 Diawara, Amadou Guinea Napoli 19 DM, M (C) 150-180 Isak, Alexander Sweden Dortmund 16 ST (C) 150-180 Eggestein, Johanes Germany Bremen 18 ST (C) 150-180 Sousa, Afonso Portugal FCP 16 M/AM (C) 150-180 Oliver Spain A. Madrid 21 M (RLC), AM (C) 150-180 Lafont, Alban France Tolouse Football Club 17 GK 150-180 Pinamonti, Andrea Italy F.C. Internazionale 17 ST (C) 150-180 Bazoer, Riechedly Holland Wolfsburg 19 DM, M (C) 150-180 Gabriel Barbosa Brazil F.C. Internazionale 19 AM (R), ST (C) 150-180 Iheanacho, Kelechi Nigeria Manchester City 19 ST (C) 150-180 Ceballos, Dani Spain Real Hispalis 19 M/AM (C) 150-180 Lucas France A. Madrid 20 D (LC), WB (L) 150-180 Lozano, Hirving Mexico Pachuca CF 21 M (L), AM (RL) 150-180 Havertz, Kai Germany Leverkusen 17 M/AM (RC) 150-180 Soler, Carlos Spain Valencia 19 DM, M (C) 150-180
  4. Training overview Training is the most important aspect in the life of a footballer. It's in the training pitch you learn about your players as a manager, it's during training you work on and master your tactics, but unfortunately FMM and football manager in general is not and never will be able to replicate real life training. Before we start let's talk about the attributes that are affected by each training regime. Dec did a fantastic job while testing it and you can read the article here We all know that every player has a potential ability (PA) which is how good the player could become and his attributes can't increase over a certain amount. Let's say a player has a PA of 198 and to have such potential ability his attributes apart from 2 needs to be 20 that means I can "decide" if to have only one attribute with 18 or two attributes with 19 while the rest would be 20. Now what does that mean? It means that we should do our best to balance the training of our players; We don't want players to good physically and bad technically or vice versa. To have this balance there are basically two methods you could apply: - The "hardcore" method: By hardcore I mean it's for players that really go in-depth with the game, such players are willing to go to the training screen every month and change the regime of the whole team. For example I have player A and I'm okay with all his stats apart from his defensive stats so I decide to put him on a solo defensive training regime to improve those stats. After some weeks I may come back and say "his physical stats went down during this period but I'm not too bothered about it instead I'm interested in his attacking stats for now" so I'd put him in a solo attacking regime. The advantage of this method is that you can really mould a player how you want him. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of work especially when you are controlling a team like Barcelona with a huge first and second team and you should be prepared for players to moan even if the training is going well. - The more generalized method: This is the method we are all used to where we divide our players in group (attacking players, defensive players and the general players) and we set our training regime based on the groups The advantage of this method is that its faster and you don't have to go to the training page often, it's something you do once and you don't have to think about it again. The disadvantage is that after you've done this for every category of player you mayhave only the technical slot empty (some people may not) so if a defensive player and an attacking player is having hard time with the regime you've set for that category there is no way you can change it for those to players without altering the training regime of the whole group. I've player around with the 2 methods and I strongly recommend the second method for people that just want to pick the game and play. Intensive training Well, the guys at SI didn't make the job easy this year as we all know and the reason may be because with the redesign of player interaction they had to make the players behaviour to really count. After some tests I came up with the regimes you can see in the screenshots below... This might not work for lower league teams so you would have to change it slightly. Note that all players are not the same, some players develope faster when they are young and some when they are older so just be patient with the player if you have a good coach that says he still has room to grow How to tweak the regimes when a player is unhappy When a player is unhappy with his training regime you have to ask yourself what is making him unhappy since we do not get any feedback that could help us from the players the easiest way is to look at the progress graph and see if he is going down in something. The graph also helps you keep track of injuries. So what do you do generally with the graph? Basically you at what attributes are going down and ask yourself if the attributes are important for the role so let's say I have a striker and his physical stats are decreasing and I like my strikers to be fast and strong so it's really important to the way I play for that I may set fitness to intensive and bring motivational to low and watch his moral for a couple of weeks. Why watching moral? The reason is that it is directly affected by motivational training so if his moral remains low within that period and he is still unhappy even if he played all the matches in those weeks so I'd set it back to the default training regime and leave it for some weeks if he becomes happy I'd leave it there if not I'd try switching defence to low and motivational to low and then higher a motivational coach to help with the moral and I keep increasing and decreasing things that are not important for the role the player is playing. Generally If he is going down in his physical attributes then it's easy just put him to a fitness regime and it should solve the problem. It's not that easy when a player is unhappy and his graph shows his stats are increasing (It's common with young players) the answers is that you are simply over working the player or he is lazy and sometimes switching to fitness won't solve the problem so you could try this to give him a break for a while I also noted that sometimes goalkeepers were complaining so looking at the graph I saw it was because their physical stats were decreasing so to solve it it pushed fitness to intensive and tactics to medium. For lower league teams depending on the group you are dealing With, for the defensive players put attacking to light and for the attacking players switch defensive to light. I hope I've answered some questions about training and showed how to tweak things to get the best out of your players. If there are still questions I'd be happy to answer. Thanks for reading
  5. Brief history of Juventus Founded under the name Sport-Club Juventus, initially as an athletics club, Juventus have played uninterruptedly in Serie A since its debut in 1900, with the exception of the 2006/07 season due to the scandal that rocked Italian football. They have been managed by the industrial Agnelli family between 1923 and 1943, and since 1947. Juventus established themselves as a major force at national level in the 1930s and at European level in the 1970s. Under the management of Giovanni Trapattoni, Juventus won thirteen trophies in the ten years before 1986, including six league titles and five international titles, and became the first club to win all three competitions organised by UEFA: the European Champions' Cup, Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA Cup. With successive triumphs in the 1984 European Super Cup and 1985 Intercontinental Cup, the club become the first in the world to complete a clean sweep of all confederation trophies. Juventus are the most successful club in Italian football, having won sixty-three trophies, more than any other club in Italy, including a record thirty-three official league titles, a record twelve Coppa Italia titles, a record seven Supercoppa Italiana titles, two Intercontinental Cups, two European Champion Clubs' Cup/UEFA Champions Leagues, one European Cup Winners' Cup, three UEFA Cups, two UEFA Super Cups and one UEFA Intertoto Cup. It ranks fourth in Europe and eighth in the world for most trophies won. The club's fan base is the largest at national level and one of the largest worldwide. It is widely supported throughout the Italian Peninsula and Italian diaspora. The club's contribution to the national team led to the Azzurri's World Cup triumphs of 1934, 1982 and 2006. -------------------- In FMM This guide is written loading Italy only. It is completely your preference when selecting how many leagues you wish to load, but simply because there is more youth players when loading Italy only is why I went for this. Unsurprisingly, given the great success of the club, the only expectation the board has is for great success in every area. It is undeniable that there's a lot of pressure on managing a club of its size, but with the extremely well balanced, talented squad along with the large £82M transfer budget the task is certainly made a lot easier as you attempt to achieve instant success with Juventus and stake a claim to win every competition you enter, if that's the type of save you're after. The club is in a fantastic financial position and you'll never be short of funds when managing Juventus. -------------------- The squad (Recommend starting XI in bold) Goalkeepers Gianluigi Buffon - There is not a lot to be said about this man, he has had one hell of a career. But he's not finished just yet for you in game. The Italian legend is still a world class keeper at the start of the game and should be your undisputed first choice for the first couple of seasons you are at the helm. Neither of the other goalkeepers at the club are anywhere near his standard and you are lucky to have a player of such quality between the sticks. Will obviously need replacing in a couple of seasons, but before then, can you get this man the Champions League title he deserves before he retires? Nicola Leali - Nothing special and will never be, or even anywhere near good enough to play for Juventus. He shouldn't even really be trusted to be a back up to Buffon as amongst other things he is incredibly slow off the line, uncomfortable with the ball at his feet and is poor with his distribution. At only 23 years old you may wish to give him a couple of years to see if he improves but trust me, it's not worth waiting for. Sell before he starts rotting in the reserves making his value go down dramatically. Neto - Whilst also having poor distribution and a poor technique, it'll be the 26 year old Brazillian who will be sitting on your bench this season if you don't wish to purchase a better keeper in the transfer window. Don't get me wrong, he's not that bad of a keeper as he has a fair spread of stats and could probably do a job for a mid table Serie A team, but along with Leali he's not good enough for Juventus. You'll have two choices with Neto: keep him as the backup to Buffon in the first couple of seasons hence saving yourself having to buy a keeper early in your reign, or demote him to 3rd choice whilst bringing a younger, more promising player in. I'd recommend the latter as it's always vital to have a backup keeper you can trust. Defenders Leonardo Bonucci - Juventus have one of the best, if not the best defence in world football and their 3 at the back system has become synonymous to everyone who watches them play. Bonucci is simply a world class defender that will put in consistently brilliant performances for you for the next 5-6 years. At 29 years of age he is in his prime at the start of the game and doesn't really possess any weaknesses. He has quality positioning, is very strong in the tackle and can also pick out a pass from almost anywhere on the pitch. As far as ball playing defenders go, they don't come much better than Bonucci. Giorgio Chiellini - One of the most consistent centre backs in Europe over the past 8-10 years, Chiellini will be able to replicate this for you in FMM and is the perfect compliment to the stylish playing style of Bonucci. He has fantastic physical stats which are always the most important stats on a player profile, great positioning, is strong in the tackle and most importantly of all he turns up in the big matches. Personally I would stick to playing him as a central defender but it's personal preference on whether you want more than one BPD in your backline. At 31 he is getting on a bit but will still be top quality for at least the next 3 seasons. Andrea Barzagli - You can always tell the strength of a team's defence when a player of Barzagli's quality has to be left out. A Juventus regular in real life, FMM surprisingly have him as slightly under par in relation to what you may be expecting. Obviously at 35 he lacks a bit of pace and is also beginning to be uncomfortable on the ball which is not what the Juventus back line needs. He can still do a job for you if one of the main men suffer an injury or a drop of form, and some managers might want to select him over the on loan Benatia, but in my opinion in FMM terms he Barzagli does not warrant a place in the Juventus starting XI. Medhi Benatia (on loan from Bayern) - This may be a surprise to a few with him only being on loan at the club but one look at his stats should be enough for any manager worth his salt to realise you need to make the most of him for the one season that you have him (unless you choose to purchase him at the end of it). With 17 aerial ability, decisions and positioning alongside a maximum 20 for tackling and top quality physicals it is hard to see why Bayern have let him go on loan to one of their European rivals. Play him as the right sided centre half in the back three and he completes one of the best defences in game in the first season. Daniele Rugani - Where do all of these quality centre backs come from? It is very likely that Rugani will be a direct replacement for one of the ageing guys in a few seasons time as he also has the potential to become a world class defender. He has a great spread of stats, has great positioning, thrives in the big matches and is extremely rarely injured. It's safe to say that the future of Juve's defence is in safe hands. Nurture him in the first few seasons by either sending him out on loan or if not ensure he gets enough game time to not stifle his development and ensure he is ready when called upon in the near futute. Daniel Alves - Onto the wing backs now and the RWB position is your first real selection dilemma as manager of Juventus. You are blessed with two very experienced yet top quality players in that position and it in truth it could go either way and goes mainly down to personal preference. There is no doubt that Alves is still a world class performer having moved from Barcelona at the start of the season, however as his age increases unfortunately the all important physical stats go in the other direction. Would walk into the team of almost any club in Europe and probably will be the more popular choice for most managers in FMM, I just prefer the more consistent performances of Lichtsteiner. The last point to make is that it's likely he'll only last another couple of seasons at the top level. Stephan Lichtsteiner - An extremely solid right wing back and can play anywhere up the right hand side of the pitch. In the couple of successful save I've had with Juventus, Stephan (typing his surname continuously is a bit of a chore), has outperformed Alves when called upon and always ends up being my first choice. He also gives FMM legend Alex Sandro a run for his money on the other side of the pitch. The Juventus defence is full of consistent performers and Stephan is no exception, he also has great physicals along with positioning and loves to bomb up the right hand side and get himself a few goals and assists every season. Is extremely good at crossing. It seems that he is also quite late to decline, earlier on in the year I had a 37 year old Lichtsteiner still performing at the top level week in week out. Federico Mattiello - The third right back at the club and the weakest by a considerable margin. Mattiello can also do a job on the left hand side of defence but that really doesn't cover the fact that he will be average at best in the future. He has quite a high value at the start so you may wish to sell but the more sensible option would probably be to keep him as cover for Alex Sandro instead of wasting money on a backup left back which you don't really need to do in the first transfer window you have at the club. My recommendation would be for him to stay at the club. Just. Alex Sandro - Anyone who has played the FMM series for a while will know this guy as a legend of the game from back in his Porto days. He was the go to left back in any save and could be picked up really cheaply. Having being disappointed by him in last year's edition it was a pleasant surprise to see him back as a world class player this year. The ultimate attacking wing back, he is a dream to have on the left hand side of defence with his pace and strength as well as his pinpoint crossing. One of the first names on the team sheet to be perfectly honest and the real unsung hero of the Juventus side in game. You may wish to put him on corners as he seems to have provided a decent amount of assists from them for me in the past. Midfielders Rolando Mandragora - An exciting young prospect in the centre of midfield, it's a good idea to try and loan Mandragora out in the first couple of seasons as he won't get a look in early on in your spell as manager. He could be the next Marchisio and has the potential to improve a lot in the future. If possible loan him out to another Serie A side so he gains vital experience in the league but don't sell even if you're tempted to as it could come back to haunt you in the future. Can also play as a holding midfielder and is accomplished as a centre back and unconvincing as a sweeper. Kwadko Asamoah - Mr. Versatile. One of those players who is a dream to have on the bench as he can be called upon to do a job in almost any position. However he's not just there to play the role of the admirable back up as if anyone of your usual starting XI slip up he's always loitering on the sidelines waiting to snatch someone's place in the lineup. There aren't many players like him about actually: someone that you know will do a job for you anytime he steps out onto the pitch. You'll get nothing spectacular from him but what you will get is constant 7-7-7-7-7 runs of form which is under-appreciated in a lot of manager's eyes. Sami Khedira - An extremely important player for Juventus in real life however Khedira is one that will divide opinion when it comes to FMM. If you want a more solid and compact central midfield duo then Khedira is the man to go for however with the BWM role not working great this year I personally have preferred the more offensive and stylish duo of Marchisio and Pjanic. However, Khedira is a quality player undeniably, a very strong and experienced player with great physical stats and someone who works very well within a team. Another reason Khedira doesn't make my recommended starting XI is because he tends to struggle with injuries a lot. Mario Lemina - This versatile Gabonese international is a handy player to have around in the first couple of seasons and at just 22 years of age is one that will improve drastically in the future. He doesn't have a single stat below 10 and the start of the game and can be deployed in several different roles. That alone means you should have no trouble introducing him into situations and games that will be good for his development and in a couple of seasons time you will have a player battling the main guys in the centre of the park for a place in the starting XI. I wouldn't recommend sending him out on loan; it's probably best for him to stay under your own training methods. Claudio Marchisio - This fantastic professional has been at Juventus for coming up to 15 seasons now and since arriving in 2003 he has become one of the first names on the teamsheet for several Juventus managers. I would strongly recommend you not to buck this trend as he is an absolutely world class central midfielder, not many people in the football world would argue that. He boasts 54 Italy caps and at 30 years of age you'll still get at least 4 more seasons out of him. He has great technique, can pick a pass from almost anywhere and thrives in the big matches. Just a well rounded central midfielder who can be used in almost any role. Personally I've used him to most success in the box to box midfielder role which compliments Pjanic who's best used as a CM or DLP, deploying Marchisio in this role is handy as one of his traits is that he arrives late in the opposition area meaning you're guaranteed about 10 goals a season from him. Tomas Rincon - Was signed in the summer from Genoa and to be completely honest I can't understand why. Backup is the only reason that springs to mind but to be honest you might be better off using some of the youngsters as backup and selling Rincon for around £8M. At 28 it's hard to see that value increasing so I'd advise disposing of him within the first couple of seasons. Not good enough for Juventus, it really is as simple as that. Stefano Sturaro - Pretty much a better, younger and all round more capable version of Rincon. Whilst he is some way of the standard of midfielders such as Marchisio, Khedira and Pjanic he is a good backup option to have as he will improve in the future and can also be used in the holding midfield role to good effectiveness. Great physical stats and a solid technique, in my save which I got 6/7 seasons into he has improved quite a lot and is a good player to have coming off the bench, nothing spectacular but can do a job when called upon. You could probably get around £12M for selling him but to be honest there's not much benefit to come from doing that. Juan Cuadrado (on loan from Chelsea) - This Colombian winger really is an interesting one. There is no denying that in game, he is a quality winger and would be a major part of a lot of European teams however he is only relevant in your plans if you intend on switching away from Juventus' famous 3 at the back system. He can't really be used anywhere else as he doesn't have the right stats to be deployed as a wing back. If you play a system with inside forwards or wingers then there's no denying that Cuadrado is an important member of the squad, however it's completely up to personal preference. I really don't see the long term benefits of buying him permanently. Mattia Vitale - A versatile midfielder who will become average at best in the future. Loan him out preferably to a fellow Serie A side in the first couple of seasons and if he's not developing right then it'll be time to move him on for a few million. Will never make it into the full first team squad even though he is fairly well rounded at the start of the game. Luca Clemenza - Awful. Sell immediately. Miralem Pjanic - The perfect compliment in my eyes to Marchisio and a player who for so long has been one of the most solid players in the FMM series. BWM aside he can play every role to great success and boasts some incredible stats which only improve after a couple of seasons after he enters his prime. Great passing and creativity make him a fantastic playmaker and what he lacks in strength he certainly makes up with his decisions on the pitch and his movement. Actually was the runner up in the League POTY two years running in my save when played as a DLP. One of the best footballers at the club - probably should also be your number one choice for direct and indirect freekicks. Attackers Marko Pjaca - Looks like an exciting young talent after signing from Dinamo at the start of the season and will only get better. Has some really nice stats at the start of the game for an inside forward and give him a couple of years introducing him into the team every so often and he will bang the goals in left right and centre from the wing. Don't be tempted into selling him with his high value as a few years down the line you won't be able to get anyone much better than him in that role for the same price, especially as Juventus don't traditionally use players of his type. Can be played on either side and has great physical stats, is very rarely injured and turns up in the big matches. Moise Kean - This 16 year old has been dubbed as the next Balotelli and the game says he "Looks up to Mario Balotelli". Whilst this isn't necessarily a good thing, thankfully Kean has the talent to back this up. He will, guaranteed, be an important member of your first team squad in a few years time, his stats look good at the start but they improve a lot. He's actually a perfect candidate for the 1K challenge. It's rare to see players of his age have such good physical stats and that along with how clinical his finishing is can only bode well for the future. Much like the Juve defence, the attack is pretty much sorted for the short and long term future. You'll just have to hope Kean doesn't start setting off fireworks in his bathroom. Mario Mandzukic - A very consistent striker who is guaranteed to score goals under any circumstances. Along with being an intelligent player who is a very clinical finisher, his aerial presence along with this strength and stamina make him a good target man to use for him to lay on chances to his team mates. With the defence of Juventus being so strong it allows a more aggressive system to be used and with the passing and creativity of the likes of Pjanic and Dybala there is no-one better suited to the role of finishing and getting on the end of long balls than Mandzukic. Effective penalty taker. Paulo Dybala - Already a world class player at the start of the game, give him a couple of seasons and he'll become an absolute freak of nature. I'd even go as far as to say he the best striker on the game this year, which is why it would seem illogical that I'm about to suggest playing him behind the two strikers in a sort of triangular front three. He scores goals from anywhere: headers, long range, tap ins, penalties, but he's also the best creator at the club. With two top class finishers at the club already having Dybala behind them all of a sudden makes him the most important player in the team as he's the link between the midfield and the attack. He should be taking penalties, and will score tons of goals and create loads of them too. Will win the WPOTY multiple times during your reign as manager. Gonzalo Higuain - As if Juventus didn't already have enough attacking talent you then throw into the mix probably the most prolific goalscorer in Serie A. Higuain is a complete, well rounded forward who is wasted playing any other role than a CF. His movement terrorises defenders and his strength as well as his ability in the air make him an absolute nightmare to deal with. Absolutely prolific in front of goal and has a great technique. Quality player. -------------------- Squad summary At Juventus you have a world class squad with a whole wealth of talent that doesn't really have any weak spots. It's a squad that should be instantly competing for every trophy possible both domestically and on the European stage. You will have a world class goalkeeper in Buffon for the first two seasons in charge and a decent back up in Neto. Leali is nowhere near good enough and should be sold immediately, whilst you should look to bring in a young keeper who will become the backup in the short term, demoting Neto to third choice, and be able to be a long term replacement for Buffon. The defence at Juventus is probably the best in the game. You probably won't need to buy a centre half in your first 5 years at the club unless you choose to make Benatia a permanent purchase. With the current central defenders being Bonucci - Chiellini - Benatia - Barzagli - Rugani you can't really go wrong. There are a couple of solid right backs at the club at the start of the game so that position is absolutely fine as well. Alex Sandro is the only natural left back at the club so that might have to be addressed although it isn't a priority with Mattiello being able to fill in. A replacement may be on the cards for him though if there is one going cheap; there's no need to splash the cash with Sandro already at the club. There is enough talent in the midfield to get you through the first few seasons until the main guys start to come towards the end of their careers. Nothing is needed transfer wise really unless you intend on playing wide midfielders in which case a winger may be helpful. Once again though that isn't a priority and in the midfield there is a nice mix of youth and experience that is always a good thing to have in a squad. Up front there are three world class strikers in Mandzukic, Dybala and Higuain with another coming through the ranks in Balotelli Jr. Nothing at all is required in terms of change here and you should be thoroughly entertained watching that front three bang in goal after goal on a consistent basis. There are also some talented players out on loan from Juventus; most notably Kingsley Coman who is at Bayern and will make a real impact when he returns from that loan spell as an inside forward or a striker. You also have the useless bastard Simone Zaza upfront and another talented central defender in Mattia Caldara who is on loan at Atalanta. Pol Lirola is a promising right back who has the potential to be the long term replacement for Alves/Lichtsteiner. ------------------ Potential transfers in In the first transfer window there are only two positions that really need adding two and they are both for back up purposes only (for the first season anyway). The goalkeeper is a very important signing as the one you choose will also be Buffon's long term replacement. Starting with the goalkeeper, here are a few I would recommend after buying them for Juventus in the past: Gianluigi Donnarumma, 17 years old, A.C Milan - An extremely obvious choice but he should be made the number one transfer target in the first transfer window. Not only is he one of the best wonderkids on the game, but he also weakens a domestic rival in A.C Milan. Is available for between £25-30M and will be worth every penny in a few seasons time. Will be the number one for a couple of decades probably. Bartlomiej Dragowski, 18 years old, Fiorentina - A much cheaper option than Donnarumma but nevertheless would still be an extremely good option to take up. He has great potential and seems to have everything it takes to be successful at the top level. Don't let his cheap price tag fool you into thinking he's not as effective as other options. Marco Sportiello, 24 years old, Atalanta - At first glance his stats don't look too great but under the right training regime he get turn into a top quality keeper. One for those managers who don't like to just buy players who they know will turn into superstars every save. Better than the the current two backup keepers at the club. Left back Saed Kolasinac, 23 years old, Schalke 04 - Avaliable for just £11M you can't really go wrong with getting this guy as a back up. Outstanding physical stats as well as others that are key to a successful wing back such as tackling, crossing and positioning. A very wise bit of business. Aly Cissokho, 28 years old, Aston Villa - No point in spending big on an Alaba style left back when you're only buying for back up reasons. This guy fits the bill perfectly and whilst not as good as Kolasinac, he is available for a few million cheaper. Transfers Out You should look for a new club immediately for the following players: Nicola Leali Tomas Rincon Luca Clemenza -------------------- Tactics I've banged on a lot about Juventus' famous system so here are some tactics I've used to success with the Italian giants. Option One - 5-3-2 My edited take on the traditional Juventus system that has worked so well in recent years. When using this I won 6 consecutive Serie A titles and 4 out of 6 Champions Leagues. Option Two - 4-1-2-2-1 The variant for managers who are more interested in using wide attackers rather than wing backs. -------------------- Player Roles Captain - Gianluigi Buffon Vice Captain - Giorgio Chiellini OR Claudio Marchisio Penalties - Paulo Dybala, Mario Mandzukic, Gonzalo Higuain Free kicks - Miralem Pjanic, Paulo Dybala Corners - Alex Sandro, Miralem Pjanic -------------------- Summary With Juventus you are guaranteed an entertaining save with a world class squad that should be instantaneously battling for titles both domestically and on the European stage. With a solid defence, creative midfield and a free scoring strike trio alongside a squad with no real weaknesses, I find the Old Lady one of the most enjoyable teams to manage on the game. As a side challenge, can you manage to replicate the famous Juve style of football and get Gianluigi Buffon the Champions League he deserves before hanging up his boots?
  6. Hey all, this is mainly compiled from Dec's guides a few years back. I wanted to post this up and get clarifications where appropriate. PLAYER ROLE PRIMARY STATS SECONDARY STATS COMMENTS Goalkeeper (G) Aerial, Agility, Handling, Reflexes, Decisions Communication, Kicking, Throwing, Positioning, Teamwork, Pace Sweeper (S) Decisions, Positioning, Stamina Heading, Tackling, Pace ‘Mop up’ anything that passes the DCs – final line of defense Limited Defender (LD) Heading, Tackling, Decisions Aggression, Positioning, Strength No-nonsense centre backs, best suited for less technical DC’s Central Defender (CD) Heading, Tackling, Decisions, Positioning, Strength Aggression, Teamwork Will do what’s required and play safe Ball Playing Def. (BPD) Passing, Tackling, Decisions Heading, Technique, Positioning Like to take more risks by moving forward; can be prone to mistakes with low mental stats Full Back (FB) Dribbling, Tackling, Stamina Heading, Passing, Decisions, Movement, Positioning Less attacking of the two DL/DR roles; will primarily defend Wing Back (WB) Crossing, Dribbling, Tackling, Decisions, Stamina Technique, Movement, Positioning, Teamwork, Pace Will push up and provide crosses from wings Deep Lying Playmaker (DLP) Passing, Decisions, Teamwork Tackling, Technique, Creativity, Positioning Sits in front of the defense; intercepts balls, provides outlet for defenders, starts attacks Ball Winning Mid. (BWM) Tackling, Aggression, Strength Dribbling, Decisions, Positioning, Teamwork, Stamina Aggressive and physical player tries to win the ball back Central Midfielder (CM) Passing, Decisions, Teamwork Technique, Movement, Positioning Neutral midfielder; will primarily link play Box to Box Mid. (BBM) Tackling, Shooting, Teamwork, Stamina Passing, Decisions, Movement, Positioning Never stops running and is everywhere on the pitch; tends to take long shots if unmarked Advanced Playmaker (AP) Passing, Creativity, Decisions, Teamwork Technique, Movement Hub for teams to create chances, care to make sure he’s not marked out of the game Inside Forward (IF) Dribbling, Movement Passing, Shooting, Technique, Decisions, Teamwork Will look for space to shoot by cutting from the wings to the center Defensive Winger (DW) Dribbling, Tackling, Decisions, Stamina Crossing, Movement, Positioning, Teamwork, Pace Great against top WBs by constantly pressing them Wide Midfielder (WM) Dribbling, Passing, Teamwork Technique, Movement, Positioning Like CM but on the flanks; typically causes narrow shape & works well w/ short passes Winger (W) Dribbling, Crossing Technique, Movement, Pace Doesn’t worry about defensive duties Defensive Forward (DF) Tackling, Decisions, Stamina Shooting, Passing, Movement, Teamwork Will track back and press opposition defenders to win the ball back Deep Lying Forward (DLF) Passing, Movement, Teamwork Dribbling, Shooting, Technique Links up attack to midfield; rarely furthest player on the pitch Poacher (P) Shooting, Decisions, Movement Dribbling, Teamwork, Pace, Stamina Sits in and around the box trying to get on the end of passes Advanced Forward (AF) Dribbling, Shooting, Movement, Pace Technique, Decisions, Teamwork, Stamina Focal point of the attack; must be fast to beat offside traps Target Man (TM) Heading, Shooting, Aggression, Strength Decisions, Teamwork Uses strength and aerial presence to score in the box Complete Forward (CF) Shooting, Decisions, Movement Dribbling, Heading, Technique, Teamwork, Pace, Strength Does everything when applicable; use with stars who transcend tactical instruction Trequarista (T) Creativity, Decisions, Movement Dribbling, Passing, Technique, Teamwork, Stamina Similar to AP/DLF but less defensive than those roles Does anyone have any corrections/clarifications on any of this? Also, I have a few questions: * When would you use the Wide Midfielder role? * If both positions are "green", when would you use DLF or AP?
  7. Regen help

    I was just wondering, what club(s) do you all generally look at to find cheap young good regens? I've struck out constantly on regens
  8. Afternoon all and welcome to my latest article! Having thought up a few ideas, I decided this would be the best to post at this moment in time. And with that, I present: mcandrew003's Top 5 Transfers Tips Somethng that could be quite helpful I believe for new and old members, so, here we go! 1. Exploit The Loan Back Rule A major issue with this years game is the lack of clubs that make offers for your younger players. This sneaky little inclusion in the game makes sure that this isn't a problem, at least in the first year you have the player. A Swedish superstar banging in the goals? Send him back over to Scandinavia for the rest of the year so his development continues. This is great if you are shelling out a good few Million on a mercurial talent and don't want him to rot in your reserves for the remainder of the season, or if you just want to see a player grow in his natural habitat for another year before deciding what to do with him. 2. Scavenge Off The Fallen Squads A good idea is to check the teams relegated each season. This is because of the fact that the key players values drop faster than flies, and can be picked up for under 10M in most cases. As you can see above, a League 1 riddled Sunderland still have Jordan Pickford on the books, and for the level I'm at he looks phenomenal for the price. Always check the relegated clubs, there are always bound to be some superb deals in there as clubs look to build a war chest to return with. 3. Excerise The Bosman Rule A must do for any Mid-Table side, checking this screen can be crucial to your teams recruitment in the following season. Wether you plan to sell the player, or keep him as an asset in your starting 11, Bosman Ruled players are often great steals. Occasionally, you can find massive players like Gotze, Reus, Lemar and Cavani wanting a move away from their respective clubs, meaning you can wait there and stalk your pray until the time is right. This is potentially the most cost-efficient way of improving your squad, being equal to if not better than Free Transfers. Or, take the other route and sell the players you grab off the market, making your club a healthy profit and allowing yourself the space to explore the market with no restrictions. 4. Check The Transfer List Often something people tend to forget to do is check who isn't wanted in the world of football. The transfer list is a great way to pick up a bargain for your side as you look to push for promotion, or your title race is falling apart. See above, Woodman is said to be worth 2.1M. Let's see what his price is when transfer listed.... 400K at most. A quality keeper, and I'm sure there are many more bargains better than this in your games. This is another extremely cost-efficient way to nurture your squad, bringing in brilliant players for cheap prices can really make or break your season. 5. TURN OFF THE INTERESTED FILTER! A fairly obvious one that people often forget to do, which can see them miss out on a quality player. Turning off the interested filter can really open up a whole new world of targets for you to explore, as above shows. This striker isn't available when looking with it on, but is now that it's off. A decent little player I would be happy to take. For the right amount of money, anybody will join your club. Sure, you might have to pay an extra 4-5 Million and 10-15,000 in wages, but this is an extremely good method of building your squad with absoloutley nothing holding you back (apart from your wage budget ) Well guys, there is my 5 transfer tips! A few obvious ones in there, hopefully there are 1 or 2 you haven't used this year however! Hopefully you enjoyed this, please remember to leave a comment on your thoughts on this article. Thanks for reading!
  9. Hello guys this is the topic for all National Team by database, look at this here: The list of all National Team added for the 2017 edition (42): England, Argentina, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Greece, Italy, Ivory Coast, Ireland, Mali, Marocco, Nigeria, Norway, Northern Irland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Senegal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, Wales New National Team added (13): Algeria, Bosnia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Greece, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Slovakia, USA And now, the tab of all National Teams by database: Australia solo (30): England, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Australia (30): England, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Belgium solo (15): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Turkey Belgium (30): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay England solo (14): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia England (29): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay France solo (18): Algeria, England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia France (32): Algeria, England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Germany solo (22): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Croatia, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey Germany (33): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, USA, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Netherlands solo (16): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Turkey Netherlands (30): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Marocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Italy solo (17): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Uruguay Italy (33): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Marocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Northern Ireland solo (15): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Turkey Northern Ireland (28): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Poland solo (17): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine Poland (29): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey Uruguay Portugal solo (15): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Cape Verde, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia Portugal (30): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Marocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Ireland solo (15): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Turkey Ireland (28): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Scotland solo (15): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Turkey Scotland (28): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Spain solo (11): England, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia Spain (30): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Marocco, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Turkey solo (15): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Turkey Turkey (28): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay Wales solo (15): England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Wales, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Turkey Wales (28): England, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ghana, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay
  10. I love international management – whether playing solely as an international manager, or combining it with a club job, it really brings an added flavour to the game. If I’m solely playing as an international boss, I spend a lot of my time on holiday, only coming back to pick squads and play games, so it’s interesting to see the game progress without taking an active part in it. If I’m a club manager too, international matches provide a nice break from the norm. Unlike club management, taking on an international team has two main aspects – squad selection, and playing matches. You have no budgets, staff, training or transfers to worry about – this is management in its purest form. Here are my top tips for success in the international arena, using examples from my latest journey with Ireland (and Everton). Picking your squad Playing matches So, what do you think? What stories do you have of international management? Has this inspired you? Let me know!
  11. Hex Editor Tutorial : Managing National Teams Ever have the experience where you want to coach a national team in a save, but always get rejected for the job or the position you want is always secured? Ever wanted to play with Germany national team but sadly can't due to license problem? Well, this tutorial will solve your problem. Before I start the tutorial, I would like to remind that this "trick" is only meant to make your FMM gaming experience more interesting and real. Another thing is editing your save is always risky, so keep in your mind to ALWAYS backup your save before editing. Well then, let's start editing. Step 1 : Download any Hex Editor Hex editing can be done in both PC and on your phone. As in the tutorial, I'll be using a phone to do it. Step 2 : Finding Your Nationality Code Find your nationality code by opening nation.dat file under any database folders Database folders can be found under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database. In the nation.dat folder, search by ASCII your in-game nationality. As an example, my in-game nationality is Germany. So, I searched by ASCII or Text String the word Germany. The 2 values in front of the first character of your nationality will be the nationality code. As in the example, 9100 will be my nationality code. Step 3 : Finding The National Team Code After finding the nationality code, note the code down, and close the nation.dat file. Open your save in Hex Editor. Your saves can be found in Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>saves. Search by ASCII the national team you want to manage. As an example, I will search by ASCII "Germany". The 2 values which is 4 values ahead of the first character of the name will be the national team code.As in the example, ee01 will be the Germany national team code. Note it down. Step 4 : Finding Your Manager Code In the same save file, search by Hexadecimal, "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)". As an example, I will search by Hexadecimal "ffff0000b2079100". The 2 values which is 8 values ahead of the first character of "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)" will be your manager code. Note it down. As in the example, my manager code will be 802e. Step 5 : Start Editing As in the image above, the underlined "ffff" which is 2 values behind the last character of the code "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)", that is the national team code you are managing. Change it into the national team code you want to manage. As in the example, I will change it into "ee01" which is the Germany national team code. Step 6 : Now, search by ASCII the national team name you want to manage again. As in the example, I will search by ASCII "Germany", the 2 values which is 103 values behind the last character of the name of national team you want to manage is the code of the coach of the national team. In this case, since the Germany coach position is vacant, the digits is "ffff" which is equal to NULL. Change it into your manager code, which is found in the steps before. As in the example, I will change it into my manager code which is "802e". After that, save the edited file. Step 7 : Open your game and load the edited save file, enjoy managing the national team! Important : Always backup your save file before editing, edit at your own risk. This only works on national team which has sufficient players with the nationality. If you want to manage teams with no players, use this player generator uploaded by @enggarenk If you feel it too difficult to to edit using Hex Editor, but still want to manage Germany national team. Download this save uploaded by @rabihcattan So that's it for the tutorial today, kindly ask if you have any problems editing. PM me if you need help in editing. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it useful, hopefully more will come. Thanks. PS : Special thanks to @henda666
  12. AS Monaco Are you kidding me? Who wouldn't want to manage this awesome French side this year? Giving PSG a massive run for their money in Ligue 1 and currently showcasing some of the finest attacking football we've seen in the Champions League. AS Monaco are definitely one of the hot favorite teams to manage due to their excellent squad. Yes, a truly gorgeous squad, more on that further on. Name: Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club Nickname: Les Monégasques - Les Rouges et Blancs Founded: 23 August 1924; 93 years ago Stadium: Stade Louis II - Capacity: 18,523 Club Topscorer: Delio Onnis - 223 Goals (for those seeking a side challenge) Notable Honours: Ligue 1 winners (7x) Ligue 2 winners (1x) Coupe de France (5x) Coupe de la Ligue (1x) UCL Runners-up (1x) UCL semi-finalists (3x) Uefa CWC runners-up (1x) Uefa EL semi-finalists (1x) Expectations With the squad you have at your disposal, the talents, the balance in terms of age and positions - it really is one of the more balanced teams you can find in the game this year - the least you should demand of yourself, not the board but yourself, is to give a good run in all competitions and compete for silverware till the very end. You start with excellent training- and youth facilities and eventhough the transfer and wage budgets may seem low at the start of your career I can assure you there's no need to touch any of them in your first season with the club. More on that later. The Staff Quality staff. However, it's important to note that both Caldeira and Barros are specialized as attacking coaches so you may want to replace one of them for a specialization you don't yet have in your coaching staff. The other coaches are specialized in Defence and Goalkeeping, and of course your own chosen specialty. Fitness, Motivation, General and Youth are your alternatives. The scouts look good too although most of you probably want to see x3 Gold badges here too, I don't blame you, so you may want to look into that. There's a Gold Tactical Analyst and a Bargain Hunter. The Silver one is a Youth Scout. The physios are perfect as they stand. All Gold with two Rehabilitation and one Prevention, unless you want to opt for the opposite number which is just as good. Depends on a manager's preference and to some extent playing style. Best Defender I present the Captain of your team. Lacking pace is a slight issue but problem pretty much solved with a pacey partner by his side. Glik is a quality defender with fantastic numbers where it matters. Reliable, consistent and the first name on the sheet. At 28yo he's right at his peak when you take charge of the club and he's got at least another 5 top seasons in him. Best Midfielder Don't let the sea of blue's blind you. Fabinho isn't worldclass yet but don't be fooled, the incredible 10! 14's make him -potentially- your best midfielder. He starts the game as a good player but with gametime and training turns quickly into a real quality DLP or powerful BBM in the middle of the park, whatever you and your tactical set up require of him. I've found him a solid formation for either role and he excels in both. Let me correct myself, Fabinho IS your best midfielder. Best Forward Yes, of course it's Falcao. This team has some wonderful talents on pretty much every corner of the pitch but this 30-year-old Colombian Poacher is your best striker for the first couple of seasons. He is as prolific as the game's best so no need to worry about his form, he'll definitely get you the goals. Either as a lone poacher with assistance from the flanks or with an assisting partner by his side, he isn't bothered by either option. Alternatively put him on a fitness training regime to keep his physical attributes from falling unnecessarily quick. Talents - Future Stars This is usually the part where I go -Players To Buy ..or.. Positions That Need Strengthening- the beauty of this squad is that there's a fantastic pool of talent at your disposal. The talents are aged 17-20yo and the worst thing you could do is dive into the transfer market on day 1 and deny all these exceptional talents their chance to develop into worldclass players. So I'm recommending no buys at all for Monaco and use these future stars as substitutes. Alternatively for easier Cup games. In fact, some of them are already good enough to make a serious case for a starting spot..Lemar.. Mbappe.. but be very careful. Some of them are just 17yo and, as confirmed by the developers SI themselves, over-playing youngsters in FMM17 could potentially -and permanently- damage their future development so cherish your stars and nurture them well and smart, they're your club's future. Players With No Future Every club we start with or inherit at some point during our careers is bound to carry dead weight in the form of players that don't meet the club's standard, or have simply become abundant players, and AS Monaco are no different. These players have no future at the club and need to re-ignite their footballing career elsewhere. Monaco have only two of such players, namely: Javi Garcia and Elderson Echiejile. Javi Garcia - a 20yo on loan from Villarreal B. What he's got going for him is that he's quite versatile, but with the abundance of talent already at the club there's really no need to have anyone on loan denying the club's talents' gametime. In fact, 10! players -both Main and Reserve team- are of better quality than Javi Garcia so it's best for both parties to end this loan deal and send him back to Spain. Elderson Echiejile - a 28yo Left Back. Never really established himself as a starter in 3 seasons at the club and has simply fallen too far down the pecking order. Mendy is the best LB at Monaco. Then there is substitute Jorge with alternatives Sidibe (RB - LB) and Diallo (Reserves). Elderson being the 5th best LB at the club isn't ideal for a 28yo so best for everyone is to have him continue the 5 odd remaining years of his career elsewhere. Tactics + Match Settings A I couldn't tell which of the two formations was the better one as both gave me good results, so instead of going with the usual "main" and "alternative" set ups I simply named them A and B. This one right here features no flanks up the pitch which may seem odd but that's mainly due to having lots of great and talented *but* still young and inexperienced flank players. This formation cuts through an opponents heart when playing 'centered' passing focus. Jemerson (BPD) adds to attack from the back, the 'diamond' in midfield stabilizes the entire tactical set up with 4 quality players sharing all the needed duties, and Carillo acts as provider for Falcao. Refinements untouched, this works well without it. Glik is the team's captain. This is your option A. Tactics + Match Settings B Your option B. If things for some reason aren't as satisfactory as you would've liked there is a more than solid B formation which features AML and AMR for your future stars, Boschilia, Lemar, Mbappe, and others .. the 'diamond' is replaced with two in the middle and two on the flanks for a variation in attacking options. If this style suits you better then this is the formation you should go with. I went with an AP (Silva) for attacking support and W (Dirar), to make great use of our, now, TM (Carillo) up front, on either flank in order to stabilize the midfield. But as mentioned earlier, there are talented flank players who could provide you with IFs as well. There's a lot of options for you with this squad and with the versatility of this fantastic group of players you could choose to play nearly any formation you want. Match settings speak for themselves. We want to make the best use out of our speedy players on the flank so go with attacking mentality + direct passing. Perhaps it's wiser to leave the refinements untouched, just like in formation A, 'pressing' often needlessly tires your players out and forces them out of position, which may de-stabilize your tactical set up, but if you're playing to get results it offers a good alternative. Perhaps use it in-game when results are little more difficult to come by. I hope you'll find this AS Monaco Team Guide useful and if it made you decide to play them even better. Feel free to drop an opinion, a comment or suggestion. Thank you for reading!
  13. Good day everybody and welcome to this new guide. Today, we will be looking at how to analyse the opposition before and after matches, and what effect doing it can have. Let's begin, shall we? Analysing the opposition - Pre Match Analysis Something I think many people ignore are the Pre-Macth reports, which can be vital in moulding your game plan to outplay your opponent. This page can really unlock a team. Spending 2 minutes studying it can really boost your chances of gathering those valuable 3 points, or defending that lead in a Cup tie. What can we gather from this report, and how can we use it to exploit the opponent? 1. The opposition lack 2 main CB's. This means if we put a strong Target Man up front and play it wide and direct, he can outpower the inexperienced Centre Backs and hopefully score. 2. Player Ineligible. Their main striker is ineligible for this game due to us being the parent club, meaning they have a weakened attack. This means we can play a more attacking approach without being too worried about defence. 3. Recent Form. As you can see, the club's recent form is awful, with just one win in six. This means we can play a more confident brand of football in the fixture. 4. Formation. Looking at the formation can be the key to picking out holes in the opposition. Unfortunately, the 4-4-2 is a solid formation with no obvious faults. If you dig deep enough however, you can pick out a few massive cons. Analysing The Opposition - Squad Page Using this page can show individual player stats and show weakness in specific spots on the pitch, making it easier to pick holes in solid formations. What here can we pick out? 1. All of the clubs wide players, full backs and wingers, have dreadful average ratings. This means we can exploit the wings by playing down both flanks in game. 2. Fitness. Most of the clubs players are incredibly unfit and will likely struggle in game. This means when playing, we can play a more reserved approach until the last 30 minutes, and then go full steam, whereas the opposition will be tired and slow. There are many more things you could pick out here, but I'm just running over it. Analysing The Opposition - Match Day Tactics So, the match is upon us. For this example, I'm using a backup save of The Journey to show the results. This part can be important as it can really set your team up from the off for the fixture. Thanks to the previous step, we already have an idea of the teams playing style and weakness. What about this page? From these features, what can you gather? 1. The team are playing a different formation to the one shown before. The attacking threat is weaker now, meaning we can play a bit more attacking. 2. No Offside Trap. The team are playing no OT, meaning that the defenders may stray out of position. This could be crucial for your wingers and strikers. 3. Playing down the flanks. The team are playing it down the sides, meaning that's where the majority of there players will be looking to move to. This means if we win it back, we can send it through the middle and counter the opposition advance. So, using what we have learnt, what can we do? How did these changes and the in-depth analysis effect our performance? Easy. We found out earlier that the opposition lack a regular CB partnership, so a Target Man in Mhadebi and Wingers were implemented to exploit that. We also found they have no striker, meaning no attacking threat. This meant we went full attack, which caused us to achieve comfortable victory. The benefits of excessive analysis is clear to see. What have we learnt? Despite being time consuming, this way of scouting can really pick apart the opposition and get you that good result. This example game was against a poor team, but we actually achieved a better result than in the real save (this is the test save) and we were in a poor run of form. I hope this guide encourages people to use the Opposition scouting and tactical pages more efficiently in order to enhance your teams chances of winning the game. Feel free to leave a comment and feedback. Thanks for reading!
  14. Well we know all of us don't have super Tactic thats wins us games. So to win a game without any super Tactics we have to basically do one thing that is tweaking our tactics according to opponent's Tactic . There is one rule that we have to follow while tweaking "Place your player in space b/w opponent's two players to disrupt their passing" . This in turn will help your player to capitalize on opponent's mistake . All you have to do is to place players at right position and sit back calmly .. invite your opponent..intercept their pass and hit them on counter attack... In above shown pictures i constantly tweaked my tactics to win match 4-0 , near 60% possession, 88% pass comleted , 35% cross completed . Opponent did shoot 3 times but none were on target , all because my defenders were placed correctly. Note -- Keep an eye on opponent's formation , managers with high tactical rating randomly changes tactics. I will show how to tweak tactics ... FORMATION DURING KICK-OFF : This is how both team lined up . I started with my preferred Diego simeone's 4-4-1-1 . So this pic shows city's tactical role. As you can see they have 3 midfielders one BBM while 2 CM . While BBM will act as workhorse one CM in middle will do defensive work while one on right side will act as creator. As you know my tactic is 4-4-1-1 which means 1 CM , 1 BWM & 1 AP. In this pic you see both teams tactics ... Black-- man city player Green - Chelsea player Blue - repostioned Chelsea players From pic you can see their 3 Midfielders have completely marked my two CMs , so my defense is completely exposed . here you can see opponent's midfielders are well placed aligned the space between my defenders , thus they can easily support their poacher ....then ...goal.. To avoid this i moved my BPD b/w their PCR and CM (that's BWM's position) & moved my AP To CM role . Now my BWM will Hinder opponent's CM(One in Center) passing while my only CB will mark poacher easily. Opponent's wingers are marked by my two fullbacks. MY two wingers will mark Opponent's other two midfielders. Here you can see my 3 midfielders(DM,CM,CM) will mark opponent's 3 midfielders .My AP reamin up there in Opponent's half to drag opponent's defender towards him . Wingers can now move up to support my CF . If you play mix pass or long pass you can easily counter attack ( i always keep counter attack on & no pressing).This way their defense is completely exposed . This is how it looks : 15 minutes later.. As i completely marked my opponent .. their manager changed formation quickly which look like this So in response i changed mine too which look this way.. Explanation-- To explain why i dropped one of my CM in DM postion .. well i paired kante with alaba in DM one assigned role of ball winner other act as DLP ... these two ball winner will mark Opponent's two AP(De bruyne , Sterling) .Hence their playmakers wont receive pass from their CM (See below in pic) I left one midfielder in Center to act as link between defense and attack as well as mark their CMs . I moved my wingers further upward to support my CF and draw opponent's denfender toward them Again i say i play mix pass or long ball so it is easy to attack . This way i don't concede easily as they are not able to pass ball fluidly. AFTER HALF -TIMET This is third time when city changed their formation ... it is 4-4-2 .. in which i CM is on Left BWM position while other CM is In RightCM position Here Wiegl will perform Defensive role while Gundogan will support attack Gnabry and souza provide width to attack . So , again i tweaked my formation My two Central midfielders (alli amd Lemar ) have similar position comared to wigel and Gundogan and their role is to intercept passes from Gundo. & Wigel . My BBM (Kante) will support my attack . You can see my one of my Def. is BPD whose job is to provide killer passes to my wingers . I've wingers position from previous formation for same reasin drawing out Opponent's defender. Now all depends upon how good your complete forward is if he is good enough he will score . Sometimes games will end in boring draw like this game . But yoc can see how less shots are on target as they are taken from distance. MATCH REPORT (OPPONENT'S COMPLETELY MARKED) See we can counterattack from here ? Tips -- 1)place BWM in front of AP. 2)Place DLP in front of BWM. 3) Always mark Opponent's midfielder and place one of ur midfielder in space b/w opp. Midfielders. 4) change passing from mix to long if you feel you are unable to attack 5) never put goalkeepers distribution to sort after 70mins. ...change to medium or long.
  15. Tactics Guide For Newbies FMM17 tactics guide for newbies with updated player role descriptions and primary/secondary attributes. Your Formation: Analyse your squad - It can sometimes be a little tricky to get the most out of your squad but the best way to go about it is to find a suitable formation for the players you're working with rather than forcing your players to play in a specific formation that you're comfortable with or that has worked for you in the past. That's risky if you don't know the squad well enough. What works for one team may not work for another, so before deciding upon a tactic you should look at how many players are capable of playing in each position. It's also important to bear in mind that we need not only a starting eleven but also a handful of good substitutes to provide necessary cover. Otherwise your tactic will soon fall apart when injuries, suspensions or loss of form occurs. If you have a squad for example with 4 players capable of playing up front as a striker then going with a formation with 3 strikers is very risky since it leaves you with insufficient substitutes. Squad depth is one of the most underestimated aspects in the game for newbie managers so make sure when analysing to look for your best squad and not just your best eleven. Adding/Removing players - If you're working with a very large squad it's imminent that not everyone is good enough to stay on at the club. The age and ability of a player needs to be taken into consideration when judging whether players are or aren't up to the club's standards. Also, take a look at their attributes and see if they fit the roles they need to be covering on the pitch. If they aren't good enough then you should consider selling them but if they're still at a young age and have potential to grow then sending them out on loan is best for their development if these players aren't guaranteed playing time during the season. If you have a good transfer budget to buy reinforcements I suggest knowing your squad well and building a formation first before delving into the market to strengthen your team. You would be off to a bad start if you ended up buying players you don't really need. Only enter the market when you know what type of player you're going to need to strengthen a specific position in the team. Your Tactics: Balance is key - A too attacking team will concede a lot of goals while a team too defensive will be struggling to create opportunities, so it's absolutely crucial to get the balance right. Successful teams have the perfect mix of attack and defence as even a tiny shift in the balance on either end of the pitch may affect your players' performance and the entire outcome of the game as a result. The safest way to go about it when starting a tactic is to maintain a 5 attacking and 5 defending outfielders balance. The attacking players also includes players whose job it is to attack and defend, such as Box To Box Midfielders. When going forward their job will be to attack and you therefore can't rely on them to always be back in time to defend and vice versa. There must always be a mixture of 5 defensive players on the pitch as well. However, this doesn't mean 5 players in the back line but instead 5 players who are defensive-minded or are assigned defensive roles, such as Defensive Wingers. For balance you also need to consider the space between each player as massive gaps between attack and defence will undoubtedly lead to problems with getting the ball forward and create scoring opportunies for your forwards. Width creates space - Like balance, too little width will lead to very little to no space for your players in the attack. Too much width leads to major gaps in the middle, which leaves the opponent with oceans of time and space to create goal-scoring opportunities. So it's equally important to bring the right dosis of width into your tactical setup, without giving away too much space to the opponent. It's therefore recommended to have no more than 2 players playing on either side of the pitch. Having players play wide, such as Wing Backs or Wingers, helps to spread the play and utilise the whole pitch. In the attack, this creates more space for the players playing in a more central position who in turn can exploit the gaps in the opposition's defence. On the defensive side, Full Backs, help counter the opposition by effectively man marking opponent Wingers and stop their crosses from reaching the box or the threats from their Inside Forwards. Do's & Dont's: For example, a striker's role is closely linked with the midfielders behind him. Wide men affect the responsibilities of full backs and central midfield pairings have a massive responsibility in the team, depending on your formation, so it's vital we know and understand the interpretation of these roles and how well and effective these work together, or how badly some of the roles turn out to be in close proximity. Goalkeepers - Sweeper Keepers basically do a Sweepers job so pairing them up with sweepers is a bad idea as they would walk in each other's way. Sweepers are better suited having a regular Goalkeeper behind them. Defenders - From all the possible pairings in your defensive line there's two that you may want to avoid. Ball Playing Defenders play through balls so the increased creativity demands possession at the back in the form of a Central Defender. Pairing a Ball Playing Defender with a Limited Defender who yanks the ball forward at every opportunity is therefore not recommended. Same goes for two Ball Playing Defenders who, paired up, play with too much creativity and sharply increases the risk of losing possession due to the many risky passes. Midfielders - Your central midfield has to provide defensive cover, link play and forward runs, so you need to pick roles to cover all of these. A 2-man midfield will often be outnumbered in football so it's crucial to offer protection to your defence first in the form of a Central Midfielder or Deep Lying Playmaker. Having a Ball Winning Midfielder as one of the two is very risky as he does not hold position, due to that tendancy to go searching to win the ball, and this can significantly expose your team. 3-man midfields are in the majority of cases built around triangular set ups, with 1 player at the base protecting the defence, or at the head, spearheading the attack. A flat midfield trio reduces passing options considerably, the only real benefit is making your midfield harder to play through, so a triangular shape is generally more effective. Wide men - Plan first how many wide players you are using before you decide on their roles. Having lone wide players automatically reduces the contribution on either end as he is expected to get all the way down the flanks, as well as defend. Playing 2 wide players offers more room for specialism, with players able to be selected on being individually good defensively, or offensively, without having the be particularly proficient in the other. Wing Backs and Wingers will in most cases walk in each other's way as they are instructed to cover the same space so it's much more effective to go with Full Backs, who defend, and Wingers, who attack. Or Wing Backs, who overlap Inside Forwards that cut inside when moving towards the box. Forwards - It's recommended to base your attacking chances around multiple routes of attack. This is needed to prevent the opposition defenders succeeding at their main job, nullifying your attack. Covering the flanks with Wide Men is one. The other is right through the middle. There are those who mainly focus on creating and those whose main focus lies on scoring. One depends largely on the other. Creators: Defensive Forwards, Deep Lying Forwards, Advanced Playmakers, Trequartistas and Wingers. Scorers: Advanced Forwards and Poachers. It obviously doesn't mean that creators don't score and scorers don't create but when pairing them up these combinations tend to be more effective. The other forwards, Inside Forwards, Complete Forwards and Target Men, do a lot of both -creating and scoring- and due to their strength and aerial Target Men in particular benefit from having Wingers on the flanks who provide them with crosses. Player Roles - Description: Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards Player Roles - Attributes: Primary Attributes - attributes needed to successfully perform a specific player role. Secondary Attributes - attributes needed to distinguish good from great players for a specific player role. Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
  16. 1) Diaw Pape Djibril Diaw is valued at 180K at the beginning of a save. I was roaming through the low leagues (managing Dortmund) and I came across him. At 21 years of age, he comes with 16 Aerial, 16 Tackling, 18 Aggression. I thought he had potential so I decided to bid. They declined my first bid, which then lead to his value increasing to about 500K, I offered once more, but they declined again. His value was now almost 800K. I bid 1.2M and that is when I finally got him. Yeah, I over-payed him, but, it was worth it in the end.! Diaw quickly became a starter for me the first season I bought him. He played in two UCL finals with me and is now in his 3rd season with me. What makes him so good is him being so consistent. He rarely gets lower than a 7 rating any game. Hes is a phenomenal defender now valued at 17.5M for me! You can probably get him for a lower price than I did if you bid smart, try bidding around 100-200K more than his value. 2) Khune South African goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, is worth less than 1M in the start of a save. His stats are amazing for his value! Having all green in the goalkeeper area, while having leadership! He can become a great first team goalie for any side! Although his value is cheap, Kaizer Chiefs are not willing to sell him so cheap. I have not purchased him in my current save but I have in others, and he is a great keeper who strives in big matches. 3) Quique Oh man! I know hes not so "cheap" but he is a crazy forward! At the start of a save, he is valued around 8M, which yes, is not so cheap. But if you are a top team, you can probably pick him up for less than his value. Managing Dortmund (3rd season), I found him for free. I decided to give him a contract and give him a chance, as a backup for Bernardo and Gotze. Quique can play a numerous amount of positions up top, but I found that he plays best at Striker as a poacher. He has only played 11 games, and scored 8 goals, with 4 assists. For his previous team Almeria, he was even better! During my first season with him he has become a great player valued at 15M. I hope you liked this short list! Thank you!
  17. Much to everyone’s joy, the January update brings many upgraded or new features to the game, and of course brings updated transfers. But that is sometimes a curse rather than a blessing – sometimes your go-to bargain players from the first half of the season have been moved on in real life, meaning you have to splash the big bucks to buy them. But don’t worry, there are always fresh bargains to be had! With the way transfer fees are going these days, I consider players under £10million to be a bargain. Clubs in China buying average players and sticking them on high wages hasn’t helped either! Below are my top 8 bargain players: (Please bear in mind I used Manchester City to ensure I had the money to buy all of these, so the wage expectations are a little higher than normal!): Domagoj Vida This guy is a solid across the board defender – an experienced international with plenty of years left in the tank. He’s comfortable anywhere in the backline, and while his passing, tackling and aerial ability are good, he lacks a little in the strength department for a centre back. However, his pace, stamina and crossing make him a good option for either side. I actually got into a bidding war with Bournemouth for him (which shows that he is an achievable target for any top-flight club) and eventually picked him up for £8million, with wages of 65k. Frederico Venancio One of the first players I found when researching this piece, I really like Venancio. He does everything you need a centre-back to do – good in the air, a solid tackler, with excellent positioning, decision making and leadership. His strength needs a boost, but he is still young enough to develop. Snap him up for no more than £5.5million. Hilal Soudani Arguably the biggest bargain on the list, I picked up Soudani for £2million. Let me repeat that. £2million. A striker, the right side of 30, with high stats in shooting, dribbling, pace and movement, with strength not far behind, and a better than 1-in-2 record at international level. Sure, his aerial ability isn’t that high, but I’m willing to overlook that. And with wages of just 35k, you’d be mad not to sign him. Joel Robles You may be surprised to see an existing Premier League player on the list, but hear me out. When I did an attribute search for well-known players (David de Gea and Petr Cech specifically, arguably two of the best keepers in the Premier League), Robles appeared both times. His green stats are what you want from a keeper, while his throwing isn’t far behind. He could be a little more agile and better at decision making, but for just £6million you could do a lot worse. Lassana Diarra A sneaky one, as he’s not technically a bargain being free, but I wanted to include him anyway – Lass has all the attributes you need for a holding midfielder. He’s only 31, and expects wages of 40K, so a good pickup for any top-flight side needing steel in the middle. Wellingon Nem Wellington Nem nearly didn’t make the list – initially, Shaktar wanted nearly £17million for him, however they sold Bernard for an eye-watering fee and brought in a number of replacements, so I was able to pick him up for £9.5million later in the window. Excellent at what he does and pretty poor elsewhere, sign him if you want a playmaker who gives you an extra centre-forward option. Expect to pay around 65k on his wages. Dudu Another player signed after a bidding war, Dudu is an exciting attacking talent. Creative, with technique, movement and dribbling abilities near the top of the range, he can play across the attacking midfield spectrum. It cost me the full £10million to see off Liverpool to sign him, and he wanted a whopping 90k in wages, but in my opinion he is worth the money to have an attacking force in your side for years to come. Jaume Costa I like Costa – he does everything I like my full-backs to do. He’s quick, has a good engine, can tackle and positions himself well. His aggression is a little high, and his crossing could improve a little, but for just £7.5million and 45k on wages, I wouldn’t sniff at signing him.
  18. When Starting a new career one of the big things that we all take into consideration is the transfer budget. Whether it's wielding the massive war chests of the giants of the game, or trying to work with the crumbs some sides have to deal with. Whatever your goal in your career is, the transfer budget is a big part. The following is the starting budgets for all the teams in the top 5 leagues of Europe and a select few other clubs who maybe of interest to some. Premier League Bundesliga La Liga Serie A Ligue 1 Best of the rest
  19. Hello out there. maybe is just me, but lately i have played this game alot and therefor i have used this forum alot. I have been taking with many different people in here and thats what keeps me going. Chatting with you guys out there, learning, guiding and helping eachother out. with this chat of guides i will offer my small tips for Challenges where i have found them hard, difficult and even sometimes easy. i hope some of you who also have played the Challenges before me and many of them, will just join in and so that we can share our knowledge. this is new for me, so the maybe the build up is not that good, but the intention for helping others out is here ⚽️? First of all, this is not an i know best write, this is me hoping that i can help others. I Got inspired by others, lets help eachother. best regards Anders.
  20. Free Agents post update Sometimes when you start a new save. You may look at your squad and come to the conclusion you need a number of additions to your team. Sometimes your budget doesn't allow you to sign all those wanted players. Here is a guide to players that you will be able to sign for FREE at the start of your save. Ronaldinho Gaucho Age:36 Position:AMC/AML/AMR Approx Wage: £70k If you don’t know who this guy is, You probably don't know football. The former Barcelona and Gremio legend is a must for any team that can afford him. He can play anywhere in the attacking role but would be suited to the no.10 role behind the striker. Maicon Age: 34 Position: DR/WBR Approx Wage:£70k Another Brazilian free agent. The 34 year old is another one to look at. If you’re looking for a rb option. Can play as a fullback or a wing back with 15 crossing and 15 dribbling expect him to run with the ball and get those crosses into your strikers. His Stamina is a bit of worry but he would definitely be a must for an experienced cover. Alex Menendez Age: 24 Position: LB/ WBL/ ML/ AML Approx Wage: £17k One of the younger options on this list. At just 24 this former Sporting Gijon academy product. Could develop into a long term option at Left back. He is the kind of player with regular playing time and right training method those blue ratings could soon turn green as he becomes a reliable part of your team. Lassana Diarra Age: 31 Position: DM/MC Approx Wage: £43k The French ball winning midfielder is a great option at the heart of the midfield for any team, His hard tackling style and great stamina will make him a must starter sitting in front of the back four. Raul Meireles Age: 33 Position: DM/MC Approx Wage:: £65k The Portuguese defensive midfielder is a good choice for most premier league sides outside the top 6. He has a glittering career winning leagues in turkey and portugal, also winning the champions league with chelsea in 2012. Despite his age he would be an experienced centre midfielder option for any side looking to control the battle in the middle of the pitch. Dimitar Berbatov Age: 35 Position: AMC/ ST Approx Wage:: £70k Despite his age the big bulgarian can still more than do a job for any premier league team. Although not blessed with pace, his control and technique more than makes up for it.He would be better suited in a two striker attack. In his most suited role of DLF he will no doubt play the creator for a the younger strike partner to play off of. Mirko Vucinic Age: 32 Position: ST/AMC/AML Approx Wage:: £75k Another proven goalscorer available for free. The former Juventus and Roma striker still has much to offer at just 32. He can provide an option as a lone striker or in the advanced playmaker role providing that creative spark behind the front man. Robbie Keane Age: 35 Position ST Approx Wage: £55k The last one is a bit of a bias pick from myself. The all time record goal scorer for the Republic of Ireland with 146 caps and 68 goals. He could be a reliable choice for managers who favour the poacher role in their striker. Still rated highly in movement and technique and despite his age still rating a reasonable rating in stamina. Could be a choice to come off the bench to get you the crucial goal like he did many times for club and country, which could be vital role needed in a promotion push or saving from relegation. Hope these guys will help you out as you start out on your new careers thanks for reading.
  21. I heard there is a bug about loan out players in FMM2017v8.2. Exactly, I do not know detail about it. Because my way to loan out young players still work well for me. Here, I share what I do. I hope this can help you before the bug been fixed. Step 1 Go to "Manager Option" page, and In option "Reserve Team Settings", to select "All aged 24 or under" for "Assistant Manager loans out". "24" is my suggestion, you can select the age you want. Step 2 Demote young players you want to loan out to reserve team. Step 3 Waiting the messeage for loan out confirmation. And confirm. See my result of loan out. Note: 1. If your club have B team, I have not tested. 2. By this way, some players maybe can not be loan out in this window, please waiting for next window. 3. I also meet some players loan out failure. You confirmed loan him out, but he is still in your team, and next request message from other clubs will come again, you confirm, then again....... I hope above tips can be helpful. Screen shots uploaded!
  22. Lower League Tips and Tricks 2.0 Credit to Dar J for the original idea There are times it’s fun to pick a big club, wield their ginormous transfer kitties and buy yourself Trebles and quadruples on FM; there are also times when it’s fun to roll your sleeves up, go down to the muddy pitches of the lower leagues and drag yourself up the divisions. With boards in FMM17 being just as impatient as their real-life equivalents, you may find yourself turfed out the door with surprising regularity if you fail to adapt, and nobody wants that. This guide aims to help you become more a Graham Turner than a Graham Westley and stay long enough to come up from the Fourth to the First Division. Be more like this guy..... .... instead of this P45-collecting ponce-nugget! Quick note: Most of these tips are colored in from my experience knocking around in the lower English leagues, so the mindset leans more towards that context. 1. Dipping into the player pool - Setting up your database at the start of the save presents an interesting question, as it can shape the direction majority of your moves make. Do you go for a database range where your initial pool is shallow, but opens up more range for signings – or vice-versa, with a pool that helps you rocket up the leagues early but locks you out of phenoms long-term? Don’t be afraid to test various database combinations for the best results, and take note of what certain countries tend to produce so you can plan ahead depending on what you want your squad to have. 2. Squad-building 101 - Remember that you’re not managing United or Chelsea that can afford 27-man squads and a zillion players out on loan; in signing players, jacks-of-all-trades tend to be worth more than specialists, at least until you reach at least League One/challenge for the promotion playoffs. Each signing matters due to small budgets so look for players that have relatively high primary stats for their roles and balanced stats in the others – and don’t be afraid to refresh the squad at intervals depending on where you are in the League. 3. K.I.S.S(Keep it Simple, Sunshine) - Going along with the squad-building, it’ll be hard if not impossible to run esoteric tactics like gegenpressing or the Leicester version of 4-4-2 when your players run the gamut from Wayne Shaw-esque laddies to youth team cast-offs in League One; it’s sometimes just not technically or physically feasible to run those kinds of tactics. Don’t be ashamed in using basic 4-4-2 while you’re still climbing up the leagues, and use your planned tactic whenever possible with your youngsters to blood them in it. 4. Work with the board - Before you even pick a season expectation, take a look at your surroundings and ask yourself if it truly is possible to achieve it without hitting a rich vein of form; if it doesn’t, go pick the next lower objective. It both shields yourself from underachieving and benefits you in the medium-term as board members are sometimes more amenable to requests after an unexpected success. 5. Study your division - This really goes side-by-side with the 4th point but it’s also important – make sure you at least study the promotion structure in your league. Spain’s 3rd division and Lega Pro have funky promotion systems so make sure you find out exactly how you don’t get stuck there for a long time. 6. Look around at how lucky(or unlucky) you are - Variances in facility quality are more pronounced at this level; factor this in everything you do, from picking expectations to tactics to your signings to how you go forward in building your team. Don’t be afraid to scout your planned club and see where they’re better at; if you have good training facilities, use that to attract relatively better players to your squad while you build up your youth systems; if your youth academy is the better-equipped, be confident in flooding your squad with your prospects. 7. Club over all - I understand it’s tempting to keep your star players with you for the climb upwards the divisions a la Andy King or Ashley Williams; sometimes, the AI will make a bid for them though. If keeping them means the beginning of discontent within the squad and your season spinning out of control, don’t be afraid to let them leave – and use whatever funds you get to both bring in quality replacements in the short-term and invest in club facilities long-term. 8. Do a Lincoln - Don’t be afraid to play a round of Cup roulette; it raises your club’s profile if you perform a giant-killing and can lead to funding facility upgrades if you do well and even nick a pot here or there. Never let a Cup run be detrimental to your League progress though – what’s the point of 30 FA Trophies and several scalps if you never leave the Conference? Let it go if it’s hampering your League form. 9. Talk to your players - Morale management is just as important here, if not even more than the higher divisions since fired up players can and often will do more for you! Make use of the interactions as necessary – and never be afraid to give ‘em a rollicking if need be! I hope these tips help you out and that you give the lower leagues a spin on your next save! Get out there and have fun!
  23. For some years now, Belgian players have been at the top of football. What started out with Marouane Fellaini at Everton, Moussa Dembélé at Fulham and Jan Vertonghen (<3) at Tottenham, has evolved to Belgian talents being the pick of the crop in international competitions. At one point, every Premier League Club wanted to have it’s very own Belgian, simply as a symbol of prestige. Since then, a lot of new and hot talents have turned up. Some have proven unable to live up to their hype (Musonda, Januzay, Bakkali), while some others still have time to grow. Others still are turning up, filling Belgian hearts with hope as the current ‘Golden Generation’ is slowly starting to age. Kompany, tunring 31, Vermaelen as well, Vertonghen already 29, just as Mertens is becoming 30. Who will be our stars of the future, and who should you invest in on FMM17? Mile Svilar The son of Antwerp FC legend and goalie Ratko Svilar, he is proving to be even better than papa. On FMM you’ll find him on every database available at Anderlecht. He’s only 16 years old and can be snapped up for just 3 million euros (you can make the conversion yourselves, right?). He is my favourite youngster this year and in every save I have to have him. Using the IGE, I’ve found him to have a PA of 4.5 stars, while he’ll occasionally drop down to 4 stars. But still, he’s good enough for most of the semi-top teams on the game. If you’re managing outside of the big 4 leagues, he’ll be your number one for two full decades. Great value for money, that is. Leander Dendoncker People often forget about this insanely talented 21 year old, purely because he plays alongside Your Tielemans (Youri Who, right?). You’ll have to cough up some 12 million euros to take him on, but I promise you he’s worth it. He often gets a 4 star PA, with the occasional hike upt to 4.5. But what he lacks in star potential, he always makes up for in hard work and excellent game ratings. Even when he had a 4 star PA, he’s never been a disappointment, not even in my league winning Spurs side. Take a chance on Dendoncker! Nicolas Orye Nicolas is more of a gamble. Usually you’ll find his PA at around 3.5 stars. Very decent for any team looking for some reinforcements up top in any competition outside the big 4. Great player for lower league teams or say the Belgian Pro League. You can usually snap him up for less than 500K; I’ve managed him once for 100K. Great value for money. Nany Dimata Now here’s a real gamble for you. After playing an excellent season in real life, this 18 year old has received an upgrade, courtesy of SI. You can now find this gem with a PA of 4-4.5 stars. An excellent player to take on the 1 K challenge with… if you’re lucky, that is. If you like those odds, you can snap him up for about 2 million. Great player for something like the Turkish teams who need quality on a budget. Dante Rigo Another fun gamble, Dante gets a PA of 3-4 stars. He may be an excellent player for lower leagues, or for top leagues if you hit the jackpot. For comparison: Mertens also has a CA of 4 stars, meaning that 4 is more than enough to achieve great things. Moreover, at only 17, Dante might be able to beef up you lower league team to challenge for that title? Unfortunately, he doesn’t come cheap as he starts the game costing 1.4 million euros. Paolo Sabak (Genk) might be the better gamble, but he doesn’t have the pedigree Rigo has. Jorn Vancamp Another Anderlecht youngster, Vancamp has shown himself to the world at recent European and World Youth cups. While he started the season off with a 3.5 PA, SI seems to have given him a slight boost to 4 stars. This might still fluctuate across your saves of course, but still it’s safe to say Jorn is a safe bet to snap up a decent player. You should be able to sign him for a fee of up to 1 million. That’s fair, isn’t it? Siebe Horemans While Wout Faes of Anderlecht was the talk of the town before the season, it’s now Horemans who seems to be a Red Devils contender. The young AA Gent man looks like a solid rock at the back at only 18 years old. While his expensive, and his PA fluctuates between 3.5 and 4 stars, he usually plays well even so. At 2.1 million, he’s still inexpensive, while it may deter the teams that could really use him over a longer period. Orel Mangala Another of Anderlecht’s talents who is ignored because of Tielemans’ hype. He gets a solid 4 star PA and can be snapped up for free at the end of the second season. He quickly transformed my too weak Mechelen team into real title contenders, making us champions in his first season. Can have the occasional weak game, but still great value for money. Have a look at him! Dion Cools While everybody has fallen in love with Thomas Meunier, now at PSG, his former buddy at right back has always been my favourite. Dion has worked his way up the leagues and is now one of the best prospects at right back we have. A solid 4 star PA explains why. He’s inexpensive at the start of the game, valued at 350K, you can snap him up for somewhere between 2 and 3 million euros. An excellent choice for teams who desperately need a solid right back but don’t have a lot of money to spent. Never disappointed for me. But be quick, his value rises fast. Lucas Schoofs Lucas is a tricky one. Before the update, he would end up with 3.5-4 PA. After the update, however, I’ve seen him sky-rocket up to 4.5 occasionally. Don’t expect that to happen on every save though. Valued at only 2 million euros, he might very wel be the one you’d rather sign than Tielemans. If you’re lucky, you might even have the better of the two when going with Schoofs. Take a risk and go for Lucas! Honorable mentions Dieter Creemers (Lokeren, 3.5-4 star PA), Youri Tielemans (because you already know him), Björn Engels (Club Brugge, 4 star PA), Din Sula (OHL, 3.5 stars, bargain at 26K), Jens Teunckens (Club Brugge, 3.5-4 star PA), Dante Vanzeir (Genk, 3.5 PA), Siebe Schrijvers (Genk, 3.5-4 PA), Béni Badibanga (Standard, 3.5-4 PA), Timothy Castagne (Genk, 3.5-4 star PA), Sébastien Locigno (Oostende, 3.5 PA, bargain at 65K), Isaac Mbenza (Montpellier, 4 PA), Thomas Foket (Gent, 3.5-4 PA) Let me know if there are any Belgians you’ve been impressed by and feel free to post your results with any of them! Love and all that jazz, Jens
  24. Hex Editor Tutorial Changing B Team's Relationship Today, I'm going to write about how to change B team's relationship, etc. making B Teams like Real Madrid Castilla and Barcelona B playable. 1. Download any Hex Editor, you can do it both on phone or on PC. 2. Open club.dat from the Spain database folder. ( Open the one in spainsolo if you are playing with only Spanish league ). 3. Search for the first team name as ASCII. As an example, if you are trying to make Castilla playable, search for "R. Madrid". The club code of the club will be 4 values ahead of the first character of the club name. In the example, Real Madrid's club code will be 1104, note it down. 4. Search for the B team's name. In this example, search for the B team of Real Madrid which is R. Madrid B. The first team code of the B team is located somewhere few lines below the club name, and after a series of FFFFFFFF. Change the first team code to FFFF. In the example, I changed R. Madrid B's first team code, 1104, to FFFF, which changed the team's relationship to their first team. 5. Save the edited club.dat file, and start a new game with Spain loaded as primary league. You can then play as Castilla manager. Disclaimer : The players in the B team will be in loan status from the first team. Additional : There's other things you can do with this trick, like making some lower league teams the B team of your club. Please note that having a B team in England league is not something recommended, as the save will eventually crash when your B team is playing in EFL Cup or FA Cup. Finally, thanks for viewing, and please leave a comment if you have something you don't understand here. If you feel Hex editing something too difficult, but wish to play with Castilla or Barcelona B, you can download this club,dat file below, and place it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database>spain. Then, start a new game with Spain as your primary league with other leagues loaded as well. club.dat
  25. Many FMM Players around me are grumbling about big data increase after update. I have install FMM latest version without any Players graphics installed even from game or vibe, only standard logos megapacks from vibe installed and got a bit over 1 GB data used at my storage. When we install for the first time or when there an UI or databases update or tweaked, sometimes we need to download new data directly from SI's server it will called , then the game will unzipping it automatically, but the zip folder will remain at ur storage and when there is a new database update or tweaked, the old still remain there too. Will be on folder called archive at database folder. I think those files are not used by game (Please Correct me if i wrong). Archive folder are used for older database. So for saving our storage we just need to dump those files (or back up it to PC if needed later). Cautions: Thanks for @Dec Thans for @Alari so if u remove archive folder, can make the game crashed when u load a save or start a new game with november database. And, by dumping those, we will save our storage about 500 MB, isn't so big but for some handheld that has limited storage surely it will help. So there is a trick from me, to save our storage. Thanks for reading.