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Found 594 results

  1. Hello whether here who can help me? if there is Can you create a database of indonesia national team and league super Indonesia. Please.....
  2. I've recently taken an interest in the traditional Italian way of playing, prioritising a clean sheet and utilising a sweeper. I've rarely got defensive tactics to work in FMM, and certainly not with a sweeper, so I wondered if anyone has had any success with such a style?
  3. Loss of form

    I am currently playing in charge of Leeds united at the moment. Best free transfer I got is Nilmar he has scored a ton of goals for me over two seasons. But maybe this is a bug in the game I do really well gaining top six and more when playing. Then all of a sudden the form drops and I am losing and drawing nearly every game. Any tips on how to improve this?
  4. Does anybody find that there are always a large part of an international squad injured and/or not fit enough before most games? It has put me off international management, and with max squads of 23 I find it difficult to put a team together. And this isn't just one career it has been on numerous saves.
  5. Is it possible to change players morale with the help of in game editor?
  6. I started a season with Fortuna Sittard. One of the smallest clubs in the second division of the Netherlands. As all teams have, they have a second team. But all they players are generated and grey. What do you guys/girls do with your second team in a smaller club? Do you make them real players by offering a one-year contract? Or do you let them be and never use the second team?
  7. Please help me ... How to manage national team ... I like it indonesia .. How ?
  8. anyone finding their scout reports missing after awhile? kinda annoying esp since im the sort that relies of scout ratings to quickly filter off players. happened only after latest update.
  9. Can anyone give me a brand new man utd save? I have the unlicensed version and would like to manage my favourite team.. Please help!!
  10. International club

    So my manager just got signed to be the new manager of Cameroon and I have no idea how to pick players that aren't already listed on the roster. Anyone know how to do this?
  11. Help?!

    Got a iPhone and just upgraded to silver on here downloaded iZip pro on my iPhone 5 10.3.1 update and I've got the logo pack downloaded. How do the hell do I attach it to my football manager without a laptop? Really not a clue what do do
  12. Why include player to transfer deal its difficult to be accepted? And why all player in my club cannot featured in to be swapped on the transfer? Thanks for the answer
  13. If I go to my manager profile there is an area that says "manager rank". I am ranked #7 but how do I check the whole list? Which managers are in front of me? Thank you!
  14. No money

    Sometimes, when I create a new game, there is no money for me to spend. So like, I can't ajust it and it is set to zero.
  15. Transfer Budget

    I started my career with a budget of 177 million euros I finished the season first and won every trophy ,and now the board offered me 61.59 million euros.I've requested 10 times to increase the budget but they reject this always what do I have to do now?
  16. Hey guys has anyone come across a 2016/17 winter update for fm mobile 2016. I know I could just purchase fm mobile 2017 but I prefer 2016 and have all the logos and player pics etc. I refuse to pay 6.99 for a in game editor lol. Cheers
  17. How to change youth and training facilities using CHANGE.txt ? anybdy please help me .
  18. I was managing Barcelona and when i was picking my starting lineup,I saw that busquets was unhappy and wants a new challenge. He played in every match. I don't know why he is unhappy, he should be happy when he is in the starting lineup Can someone please help me?
  19. I bought FMM 2017 for android. I was managing the Dutch national team, İ was playing a friendly match against Kosovo I had 30 shots (27 on goal) and Kosovo 3 shots (1 on goal). Kosovo won the match with 1-0 and Robben was in the starting lineup. I don't know what I do wrong does somebody know what İ do wrong

    Is there a way of swapping clubs to different leagues using the hex editor?
  21. Hey, I'm new to FMM. I used to play a LOT of Championship Manager between 1999 and 2002. This game reminds me of those good times! But I'm having some trouble with parts of the game. Maybe you guys can help me out. 1. I can't find most of the recommended players, such as the wonderkids mentioned on this forum. Why is that? 2. I see the terms EME and OME sometimes. What's that? 3. If players are unhappy with their training schedule, and you change the schedule and they're still unhappy. What can you do? 4. How should I interpret the feedback that my midfielders don't create enough chances and the striker is isolated? I get this with most tactics, even very offensive ones like 3-4-3. 5. Should you adjust the training schedule of injured players to speed up their recovery or is this automated? 6. If you find a tactic that works well, can you keep using it or does the AI finds ways to beat you after a while so you have to switch it up every now and then?
  22. Facilities

    Would anyone happen to know how to upgrade my training/youth facilities or expand my stadium? I mean I know how but the "board" never allows it. How do I get them to do it or at least have a better chance of accepting my proposal?
  23. Hi Been trying to get to grips with this game. Like many (I suspect), it is a nice contrast to the over arching complexity of the full game, but still offers a believable football universe to play in. If I ask the computer (assistant manager?) to pick the team, he comes up with some strange decisions. Is he worth trusting at all. For instance, at Leicester, he ALWAYS picks Zieler in goal instead of Schmeichel When searching for new talent, it would be really useful to be able to save player search filters but I can't see a way to do this? It would be nice to be able to see the "venue" on the match screen, particularly in "neutral" tournaments like World Cup, Euros etc. I used to love in the "classic" championship manager games that when it came round to a World Cup it would list the fixtures and the stadium/city in which the match takes place. Likewise, when playing in a European club tournament (or any where the final takes place at a neutral venue), it would be nice to see the final venue revealed at the start of the tournament so you can plan you're own "Road to Cardiff" for example. Some slightly more detailed financial information would be good too - even if it was just the overall bank account balance! Overall though, it is brilliant. As a guy in my mid 40's, and having played Football Manager games of every iteration since the first one on the Spectrum, to think that I can have a fully featured game in the palm of my hand is astonishing!
  24. I have literally no experience on how to spot a regen, but I've got this Portuguese winger that i signed from Benfica, and he's the best player in the world, so this leads me to believe that he's the next Ronaldo. However, as you may have guessed, Ronaldo played for Lisbon, and this guy is from SLB, so I wondered whether this was just a freak coincidence. (His 'other nationality' is also French)
  25. I bought the game when it was first available. Have had a few like bugged games. One Game Iwas managing Barrow, and got offered the Ghana job, I refused and was kept being offered it. I am currently on a Norwich Save, After 2 seasons, I have reached Europa League Qualis, have only bought one player, Club says it is Rich but only offers me 911k, And Reputation is still at Regional with 242 points. Could Ihave a bugged download of the game