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Found 659 results

  1. Squad harmony

    Pleas can someone help how to grow squad harmony i cant understand it???
  2. Was just wondering if we can change our clubs using changes.txt, and what else can we do, change the transfer budget?
  3. Manager's son?

    Does anyone able to unlock manager's son? I had a player retired after 16 seasons with me. He played at least 5 league games for me each season. Do we need to wait till next season to get the son?
  4. Is there a way to manage a team in, for example, the MLS and actually play through matches with them? If so, how would one go about doing this?
  5. How long does retraining take? I am experimenting with a decent young midfielder (who can only play a single position - AMC) to retrain him so he can play a little deeper in the midfield as well. It's been 3 months without as much as an update. I am starting to doubt if I ever clicked the final accept button.
  6. Hi all, I've lost my love for the game and I just like a team to give me that love back, any ideas?
  7. Did any of you have had any success retraining a position with a player
  8. please give me the steps on where to paste the license fix. thanks mate.
  9. Maximiliano Romero Ante Ćorić Angel Gomes in older yes and new update no
  10. So I started a normal save with ajax for my YT And needed some squad depth and so I looked in the b team and found this guy so ya tell me what I should do him But first I'll get some friendlys In with him Thank you for any tips Seeya
  11. Currently Playing Boston United in the English Premier Division's 2023/2024 season. Its impossible to sign players outside UK because of brexit... when you sign a player they wont be given a work permit, even if you appeal with an attorney no chance of signing them (well maybe theres a 1/1000 chance, but havent got that 1 chance yet). Already tried to sign more than 30 players from regions that require a work permit, they all accepted my contract offer but none of then where granted a work permit. No Chance of getting the Disable Work Permits option because its impossible to sign players from regions that require a work permit anyway... Any Solution????
  12. ICLOUD problem here. I had two iCloud saves before my phone broke, I had to restore it which erased everything but shouldn't affect things stored in iCloud right? I've tried loading both saves and I get this, any help appreciated pls
  13. Tried to tag this as off topic btw. Just want to let people know there is a YouTuber not sure if it's someone off here or not, who's using people's names and tactics on his channel off vibe@mcandrew003 seen yours in there. It might not be a problem but just wanted to let people know.
  14. Training Regime please

    Hi, in this fmm17 i still use real madrid. For tactics and the final result is currently no problem, which is my problem now that is training regime .. i twisted to see belonging to others, then suddenly for 2 seasons passed almost all my players not happy with regime training that i give. Even they are always injured until I am confused for the rotation of the players as there is no suitable substitute. And in the end they one by one ask for sale. Well, can you guys here provide a suitable regime training for my team? Harmony in my team has been very critical. thank you
  15. Can anyone help me with what roles I can put for 3 strikers playing up front?
  16. In my 2nd season, with most clubs, I regularly have problems with a 'negative atmosphere' in my team. This is how I try to deal with it: - Check if players have problematic relationships with eachother in the 'Personal' screen. - Give players with expiring contracts a new contract. - See if there are training issues but usually my players don't complain about the training intensity? - Try go give as many minutes to everyone as possible but this doesn't always solve the problem. What more can I do?
  17. Does anyone know how to move multiple clubs to different leagues on FMM 2017 using hex editor
  18. Help me with tactic

    any tactic to share with me for my Burnley save?
  19. Hey Guys I would not mind starting uploading some stuff to youtube at some point, how do I go about putting FMM on YT???
  20. hy! i am new on this forum, so please help me. i want to manage a national team without purchasing that option. i want to know if it is any challenges to fulfill to unlock this. please help and thanks for answers.
  21. Please help me ... How to manage national team ... I like it indonesia .. How ?
  22. I want to sell him,but i don't know his ability in the future...
  23. So I usually play FMM17 on my iPad, but once when I was away from home with just my iPhone I went to load up my most recent save from iCloud and continue playing. Came to find out that none of my progress on my iPad was saved to iCloud. I've since been home and still can't figure out how to load a save from iCloud on either device. My iPhone gives me an option to save to iCloud, but that's it. Don't have that option on my iPad and can't load an iCloud save from my iPad either. Does anyone know how to actually do this? Or am I just stuck playing on one device?
  24. I am wanting to do an 2017/18 English League Placing file like I did for 16/17 I am doing a changes.txt, with there being parallel moves across Step 2 and Step 3 i.e. Gloucester from North to South, will it be awkward to write, in which case, would I be best off waiting till i could get access to PGE??? Any help would be appreciated FQ
  25. @Alari @Jack Joyce Not sure if this is the best way to report bugs but I've got a bit of a strange one. I started typing out a long back story but tbh I don't really need it thinking about it. If I sub off my captain, then change my mind and put him back on the pitch again I get a prompt saying '[Current Captain] will be selected as captain. Keep these changes and return to match?', then if I click 'No' it goes back to the tactics screen with the Reset Tactic blanked out. I've tried it on a couple of saves and it crashes on both of them, 100% of the time (well, 4/4). Playing on Android 6.0 Kernel 3.10.90-g424020b on a Huawei P9 (EVA-L09) EMUI 4.1 1080x1920 resolution. Prompt If I Click 'No' If I click 'Yes' Clicking in game doesn't do anything at this stage, but the phone is fully responsive and I don't get a crash or error message. I can minimise and happily carry on with other stuff.