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Found 630 results

  1. Hi everyone, Recently, I changed my phone and therefore I would like to transfer over all my FMM Achievements which I have won and the saved games. The saved games part is easy since the folder is already labelled. I would like to know how I can transfer my achievements over from my old device Thank you for your help:)
  2. can someone help me with this problem? I tried to get some player from the reserve team, but when I'm offered the contract, that happened. and I tried to the another player, still like the first player. even when I'm moved to the another club, and tried to get some player from the new club reserve, it's still the same like the first. so, is there any solving problem for my problem? Thanks Before.
  3. Hi everone. Im playing FM since 2000 and now i had a problem with my laptop and i bought FMM17. But there is a problem, i found it unrealistic. I really want to play the game but i can not believe that the engine works according to the tactics we made or according to the player ratings. The reason for this is for ex, in the first season i see thinks like barcelona is 18th and malaga is the champ. Is this not unrealistic for the first season? Can someone persuade me that the engine works really according to the player ratings and tactics? Cuz i really wanna play FM again.
  4. Help!!!!!

    I need help please. I am the manager of Charlton FC and I'm doing well but I'm strugling to understand why bigger clubs don't want to employ me as there manager. Please help Me!
  5. Hi all, I've lost my love for the game and I just like a team to give me that love back, any ideas?
  6. I'm looking for a new challenge. Actually doesn't have to be a lower division team, just not a top team/not a team you can take to the Champions League title in 2 years
  7. Scout Badge

    Hello everyone. I just offered Pogba the Scout post and he has a bronze bagde but there is no exam for scouts. Can I upgrade them or they'll upgrade automatically?
  8. Training

    I have to ask for you help guys. what kind of training are you running at the moment. Normally i run Decs intensive but first season in Belgium the players did not like it. Normally i just sell those who dont like it, but it where too many. this season i have changed training to Ramis ( the one he used with his Gegenpressing. But still this happens.... nb my coaches are gold and training Ground is more than okay. So to my fellow vibers, what do you have the most succes with and the less unhappy overpaid players :)?
  9. Hello all, on the player match stats page, I know what all the categories are except "Cn." Will someone please enlighten me? Thanks. -HHM P.S.: for anyone who does not know, they are: Ps(C)= Passes (Complete), Key(A)= Key passes (Assists), Tk(W)= Tackles (Won), In= Interceptions, Hd (W)= Headers (Won), Sh(on)= Shots (on target), Cn= ?, Rt= Rating, Gl= Goals.
  10. FMM Save Editor

    Will the Save Editor ever be realeased or not? If not is there a way to improve player skills via PC?
  11. Hello what is the best player role in a 4 1 2 2 1 formation to have high possession and large number of shots ?! regards
  12. Hello everyone any one have experience in fm mobile can tell which is better passing short or direct to have more possession and large number of shots??!! and using offside trap will help in possession or just press alone is better ? regards
  13. Can't seem to get many goals with this tactic. And I find myself in a lot of 0-0 games. Pls help
  14. Tiki Takaaa

    Just wondered if anyone had any tiki taka (guardiola) style tactics with consistently high possession stats an dominating the match that they'd like to share?? I've tried short passing etc but even with great teams one match I may average like 54% possession the next 47% but never higher which for true tiki taka it's not good enough. It's probably the game I play on EME but I doubt the game lets you play tiki taka I'm talking 60% possession every game because say if I'm Man City playing Hull then I should be hitting those kind of figures in reality instead of struggling to hit 50% especially when the opposition just sit back
  15. Goalscoring

    Hey guys, I've seen a lot of people have great success with their strikers, scoring a thousand goals in a career, 80 a season and whatnot, but I struggle to get 50 a season out of a Messi Regen. My formation is: GK WB/CD/CD/WB BWM/CM IF/AP/IF P Any formations/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Youth Intake?

    So, I'm used to playing the PC version of FM, and in that there is a youth intake. But, is there a youth intake in FMM?
  17. Can a player gain or lose pros and cons as well as develop player traits. For example in my current Manchester United save I bought Sam Field from West Brom he has the con trends to struggle in big matches but he is only 18 as he gets older will he lose this con also he has no trait as a central midfielder can will he develop traits eventually just curious and would really like to know.
  18. See image. I was able to send an Arsenal player to physio. I don't have English leagues in the game either... I am managing Bochum in D1 Germany. Rum
  19. Say you start a new game, then made yourself the manager of Germany's national team e.g. thru editing the license fix text file So what happens if you resign? Will an AI manager becomes the national head coach? Will this AI manager of Germany do call ups & dropping players like the other national teams? Side question: what's "taking/passed coaching exam"? Does 'coaching style' mean anything?
  20. I want to copy the man utd club logo and use it as the 'my club' logo. But i have that many club logos i would like the specific code to find it without looking through the many logos i have to find it. I understand the 'my club' code to use is 'club_23071971' but i need the man utd one. Thanks
  21. Could I have the logo attached re-sized for my club save game in HD too make it more realistic (i'm playing on an iPhone 5c) thank you in advance
  22. Logos

    Should i remove the original logo files that come with the game and paste the new ones in there @Dec @Kyle @rseven
  23. Good evening everyone so I had a tactic that worked very well with Juventus but when I try this tactic with a team that I built with about the same type of player I take a lot of defeat
  24. Australia's League Help!

    Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to manage austalia's football team correctly? Any tactics or training? And player or team recommendation. Thanks!
  25. I bought the game and downloaded the basice data only since our internet sucks. But now we upgraded to 100mbps, is there any way to redownload the pictures? Or do I have to reinstall the game?