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Found 35 results

  1. Better engine?

    Which is easier to score goals and get better results?
  2. Just a question about how you guys fill your backroom positions... Depending on the club I am with and what facilities they have, I sometimes like to fill out my backroom positions with older players, in my last couple of saves I have singled out players like John Terry and Lee Cattermole, in Cattermole's case, going as far as bringing him in around the 30yo point, making him captain and building him up to eventually become assistant manager when he hits 35-36. I find, moreso in the lower leagues, using older players in your squad to fill such positions can be prove invaluable, as you normally have to pay compo to take staff already employed elsewhere if there are no interested unemployed candidates to fill said position. So guys, what do you do to fill staff positions Fozz
  3. Personally I prefer Goalkeeper. For some reason, I find Sweeper Keeper makes too many errors even when my Goalkeeper prefers to be a Sweeper Keeper.
  4. I shall keep this short and sweet I'm considering doing a full overhaul of the games database transforming it in to the 97/98 season with the legends of yesteryear I.e del piero,owen,Kluivert, Bergkamp,ronaldo,romario
  5. Staff has potentially given you as a manager more control than ever in FM Mobile 2017. But how often do you use it? Vote on the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks, Dec
  6. I do and it massively helps me!
  7. Ok guys so while just started Vibe All Stars i normally do Vibe Legends from past players short after if not at the same time. now i came up with an idea to spice up some competition. i need to figure out a name for the 3rd team this will be filled with players who missed out for the legends team which will be drawn from past players. Now this is for fun for all of us. each team will have the same level of treatment same start same level of staff etc. Team Names which would you like to see? 1. Vibe Rejects 2. Vibe Outcasts 3. Vibe Others 4. Vibe Rebels
  8. It is a feature introduced this year but I've not seen many people use it. Please vote on the poll and leave your opinions about it below. It'd be great to see how everyone views this big change to the series. Thanks, Dec
  9. Career

    What club should I start a new career with?
  10. Hi all, As you may have heard 8.2 is out by the end of the next week and will include the transfer update so my question is will you start a new career due to the update? Please vote on the poll and leave who you are going to manage in the comments below. Thanks, Dec
  11. We have 4 on form strikers who may be a little underrated currently so let us know which you think should be upgraded the most. Please vote on the poll and leave why in the comments below. Thanks, Dec
  12. Out of these 4 teams which would you rather manage in the update due to their signings? Please vote in the poll and leave why in the comments below. Thanks, Dec
  13. A simple question but will you be starting a new career before the update? As you may or may not know it is likely to be out around mid-March based on previous years and will include the winter window transfers. Vote on the poll and leave your comments below. Thanks, Dec
  14. It's been a quiet January window so far so it begs the question - Do you ever buy in the Winter Window? Please vote on the poll and leave your stories and opinions in the comments. Thanks, Dec
  15. I like to buy wonderkids aged 16 or 17 and train them to superstars. Who else???
  16. Hi, I'm back with my semi-regular question. This time it is if you modify FMM17 with the use of logos, faces, databases, license fixes etc...? If you do or don't then please vote on the poll and comment below what you do. Also comment if you have any suggestions for things you would download. Thanks, Dec
  17. Hi, mates, I'd like to know whether the "W" role is popular in FMM2017.
  18. Manchester United have been rumoured to get Patrice Evra back at the club from Juventus. So today I ask, have you ever tried to sign a player back that you've sold? As always vote on the poll and leave stories in the comments. Thanks, Dec
  19. The transfer window is open tomorrow so that means that we can all get onto FM Mobile 17 to assess our club's transfer rumours and confirmed deals...or do we? Let me know if this is something you do in the poll and share with us all your stories in the comments. Thanks, Dec
  20. Loan Feeder Clubs

    I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed as you do, when I stumble across a story about Manchester United looking for a loan feeder club. Now, if you're sitting there thinking "what on earth is a loan feeder club", then i'll explain. A loan feeder club is an agreement between 2 clubs that allows team A to loan youngsters to team B so that they can develop. An example of this is Chelsea and Vitesse. Anyways, it got me thinking. Do you think this should be introduced to FMM 2017 as an update, or in FMM 2018? I personally think it would be a great addition. It would benefit both clubs involved, as the feeder club would have developed youngsters, and the other club would recieve promising youngsters from a top European side. Feel free to vote in the poll, and explain your decision below. Thank you.
  21. A simple question but a very difficult one - Is Football Manager Mobile 2017 a good step up from 2016? Please vote on the poll and leave your reasons in the comments below. Thanks.
  22. We all know that Gianluigi Donnarumma has the best PA out of any youngster in FMM17 but do you agree with this choice? Please vote in the poll and leave your opinions in the comments. Thanks.
  23. Personally I've been using inswingers so far (players taking a corner on the opposite side to their natural foot, so the ball curls towards goal). This has worked relatively well, although the goals almost always come from my striker on the front post. I've noticed that the center backs normally lurk around the penalty spot, so maybe outswingers (whereby a player takes a corner from the side that matches his natural foot), would be more likely to put the ball about the penalty spot, thus making my center backs more likely to score. This doesn't really match real life, because in FMM we can't position our players on corners, so we cannot say; have a big center back on the front post to flick on inswingers. It would be good if you could comment down below saying how you have fared with each tactic, or if you just let your best crosser take corners, irrespective of the side of the pitch. Maybe you prefer one tactic in real life but can't get it to work in game?
  24. Hi Guys you would like to see the famous Vibe All Stars and Vibe Legends this year in FMM2017? for those would are new to it click the links below to get a rough idea what i do Vibe All Stars - Vibe Legends - Note- as you can see last years got messed up due to Si patching messed up the saves hopefully this year it wont happen.