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Found 258 results

  1. Hello everyone i searched alote on Tactics and tried every Tactic possible and now i am convinced this is the most stable Tactic that will make you score in every game and in the same time not conceding goals if you play barca or real or any strong team this Tactic will make you happy Regards
  2. I want to share my tactic to everyone . I want u to try and give a comment about this tactic .Your team will have a lot of shot . i use this tactic on big team only .
  3. Hi everyone.. im can sharing my ultimate 4-2-3-1 tactics sampdoria. check this out
  4. Yes yes, I know that's the title of a Call Of Duty expansion pack, but it sounded cool. I don't even play COD myself, so don't judge Hello all and welcome to my first shared tactic! Today I showcase my newest tactic, Rave In The Redwoods, or RITR for short. This is a tactic I stumbled upon during my attempt at the PL Second Chances Challenge. Sorry if this is already a tactic, just thought I'd share my experience with this tactic. Note: This may only work for LLM, but feel free to test it with a bigger club anyway! Rave In The Redwoods Pretty standard, right? Well, let's go into more detail.... Firstly, let's start with the defence. The full backs are there to stay a bit further back than if we played wing backs, giving the IF's some space to manoeuvre and twist where they need to. The 2 Centre Defenders are pretty basic, distributing where they can and smashing it out when necessary. However, I'm confident a Limited Defender would work alongside one of the CD's aswell. Next, the 2 midfielders. The Deep Lying Playmaker is there to sit, well deep, and distribute play all along the front line. This role works well when your player has good Tackling, Passing and often Stamina, as he will be covering that line of defence the entire game, aswell a season often springing attacking moves. The Box To Box midfielder is there to support both attack and defence. He will often be up with the Advanced Playmaker during attacking moves, but should come back and support your DLP when you are under the cosh. Next, the Attacking Midfielders. The 2 IF's are there to cut inside after the ball is played into them. Having techniqual players here will really bamboozle defences, as you will later see. They will often support the striker, meaning you will have 3 upfront at some points during matches. This is why playing one striker is the best option when using IF's, as otherwise it gets too crowded, IMO. The Advanced Playmaker basically does the job of the DLP, but further up the pitch. This is the lad who will get a lot of the assists, as his techniqual and passing ability should see wingers and strikers through on goal. Finally, the Striker. The Poacher is a good role to use as the DLP and AP will be looking for passes forward, and having a decent finisher there to receive them is key. A Target Man wouldn't work as he'd often have his back to goal due to the IF's shooting rather than crossing, meaning he would have to take chances from midfield. I'm about 50% confident a Advanced Forward would work here aswell though. Instructions Either play this for a more steady approach.... Or this if you plan to get at your opponent. With this one, alternate Counter Attack on and off depending on the results. Anyway, let's see some proof, shall we? Smooth win there. Bare in mind i joined the club after about 15 games, at that point they already had about 5 losses and 3/4 draws, and were 7th.... Individual Statistics Not bad, not bad.... Brilliant stuff all round, this really gets the best out of players! So there you go guys. Hope you found this helpful and feel free to ask for any more screenshots as proof. Thanks for reading!
  5. Hi am the manager of Bristol city FC I'm needing a really good tactic for going ino the premier league?
  6. Guess in FMM17 even managing Germany is tough I can't figure out, what exactly is wrong that I'm doing?
  7. Hi there, is this tactic possible on lower league team? I'm planning to play with Portsmouth and regaining their PL glory. What tactical skills should I invest to? Does Gegenpressing in FMM requires strength on all of my players? Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone i was trying every Tactic to apply klopp style and I finally Got it. First you must have Good couches and training can change a player completely! Wing back and the deep playmaker on tactical training advanced playmaker on General inside forward and the striker on attacking here is the tactic and some results to proof And the training schedules good luck ?
  9. (eme)(2017)The ultra booming tactics(4-1-2-2-1) Welcome to the best fmm 2017 tactic.. I got a similar tactic while I was playing fmh 2014..but I tweaked it to make it useful for fmm 2017 Test with besiktas: Success of the formation as at dec 2016: 1.won the Turkish super cup 2.qualified into the knockout round of European champion cup from the group of death which comprises of Barcelona,tottenham and ajax 3.3rd position in the league behind galatasaray and fenerbarce I would keep you guys updated....
  10. Hi there I'm new to vibe community. I've had fmm less than a week and can't seem to put it down so I've been messing with my favourite formation and come up with a decent tactic defends and attacks well could do with scoring more thou if you have any ideas to improve would really appreciate it thanks again enjoy!!
  11. Hello guys, I´m just winning everything.
  12. Hi, I had a previous post with this exact same save looking for tactical help, which gave me ideas and seemed to work for a short while. I genuinely think with EME there is no real way, for me anyway, of getting a consistent set up. It's utterly infuriating at times. You always seem to be lured into a false sense with a set up, with something appearing to be working well then bang, you are getting pumped no end by very average sides. EME feels as if there is some form of handicap applied so no matter how good your side is and tactics are, the game evens itself out. If I have 20 shots, 10 on target and 4 CCC then funnily enough so do the opposition. Adversely if I have 2 shots, 0 on target and no CCC then so do the opposition. This appears to happen far too often. Anyway, that's just a bit of a moan. I'm probably just mince at the game but I really want to enjoy it and absolutely no matter what I seem to try it fails. My current set up is the following: I would say I have a pretty good set of players but I am far too inconsistent: As you can see, im the space of a month I have an excellent spell, including wins at home to Dortmund and at home to Real Madrid. Then boom, the invisible EME handicap appears to kick in and results just go down the toilet. I am getting absolutely nothing out of my midfielders either in the way of assists and goals. Probably due to them all being CM. Thing is, if I dare deviate from that then it actually cripples my team. The midfielders are the following: I honestly think this is my last attempt at this game as I don't think I have the mental energy to spend much more time on trying to get something out if it. It's quite depressing, I absolutely love the game but it is so infuriating it's unbelievable. Any advice/help what so ever would be excellent!
  13. This tactic has won myself the premiership(and currently running away with this one)as well as back to back Champions league with Charlton within a short space of time.Some of the players are bosmans and not all are internationals but combined with the training regime of "genpressing(jurgenkloppstyyle"(which is in vibe community fmm2017) I probably have achieved the impossible.I tweak the tactics so if my opponents play an attacking 4-4-2 I pull my cm and bwm into the dmc position. If my opponents play a narrow diamond I switch to both flanks. If I am finding it hard to break a team down or the weather is gusty i change from passing mixed to passing short..Only once this season have I resorted to attacking/short when I was getting beat off arsenal away. My inside forwards need good shooting,movement and pace as well as my poacher and I use full backs for defensive strength. Zaha is an example of what is capable with this tactic.I also only sign players with a high decision stat as intelligence is for me a mandatory requirement.
  14. PriZe presents the PD21, loads of goals great defence 4231 EME Looking for a high scoring tactic for FMM 17 EME? Looking for a tactic better then the Black Pearl on OME? Then give this VERY offensive 4-2-3-1 tactic a try! A small note, i didn't test this with a lower league club, and due to the nature of the roles, you might not get similair results The tactic The EME is still somewhat a mystery for me, i stumbled upon a great high scoring tactic at the end of FMM 16, which gave my high hopes for FMM17. Sadly it didn't work on the new EME so i had to start looking for a new tactic. Looking at the results of numerous testsaves i noticed a few things which gave me an opportunity to build a solid tactic. As you can see i went for the 4231. With the right setup you can have a 6 man defence and a 4 man attack. And by using the correct roles you can balance it out! Speaking of roles... The player roles As you can see i went for offensive roles. Everyone except the BWM is expected to do everything, win a tackle, spread play, dictate tempo, score a goal. For you this means you need to look at good passing defenders, technical midfield, and forwards who can cross and score. The instructions I noticed that even when barca came to visit me, the went on defensive mentality and spread play via the wings. And almost every other club, so much for originality on the EME ;-) So i went for balanced, it counters an attacking opponent but also keep you from overplaying an opponent on defensive who will counter you. Most of the teams that i play go over the flanks, so we go through the centre! The results Two seasons 139 goals for the mainstriker! If you have a striker with good FK stats but him on FK's Played 128 games, only lost 4! Just an unbelievable season in la liga, max points! In the whole season we just lost 1 game and drew 1 game. Results in different leagues Concluding As you can see, tactic works great with at least a big team. Hope you guys enjoy it. If you have any questions, need some help? Just let me know!
  15. Dear FMM2017 fans, I purchased the new version of FMM2017 when it came out back in November and used the Tafftastic Tactic to employ a plug-n-play style of gaming (I'm a big fan of re-creating scenarios from the 1990s and 2000s; i.e. making Auxerre a European powerhouse with just French and cheap African players and building them up, or using only players from the commonwealth countries for a Coventry project). The 3232 tactic w/inside forwards and APM was amazing as it meant that pretty much no matter which team from which league you picked, you were going to do amazing. I have proof of a Forfar project that I started as my first big game. However, as the year and updates have gone on I've found it harder and harder to keep a team going; they tend to struggle and the tactics fail. Which is weird as these tactics ALWAYS worked season in season out. Does anyone have something close to the successful tactics Taff came up with that are mentioned above? The game is becoming tough and tedious...
  16. First a link Hi guys - im going to try this amazing tactic out in FMH 17. Its from FMH 16 and it worked wonders. Credit is going out to the ones mentioned in the link.
  17. Last year I used dlf with trequartista but it didn't work this year. I tried to find a different combination with 2 forwards and an inside forward. I used defensive forward this time and it work. Use players with at least 15 strength in defensive forward. Other than that, try to use players with more teamwork in df and p. I started with Karabükspor in Turkish League. Then moved to Stoke, Real Madrid and I spent my last 2 years in Manchester United. In my last year (as you see below) I got beaten only once in a year and won everything except EFL Cup.
  18. BatiGoal's T.K.O. Tactical Knock Out 2-2-1-5 Formation for EME Before you're going to comment based on your first impression (which I know looks absolutely terrible) please give me a chance to explain, and defend, the craziness up here. Doing my 1KC (scoring 1000 goals) I used this formation for the final 11 seasons of a 16-season career. So it's a pretty well-tested formation and I can say that with the right players it's deadly... at both ends of the pitch It derived from the original 1-2-7 formation that was used during the earliest football days back in the 1860s-1870s. That particular one had zero chance of succeeding in FMM, but with a bit of imagination, tweaks and tests this 2-2-1-5 T.K.O. ('T-shaped' formation) came to life. T.K.O. is a boxing term that stands for Technical Knock Out but my T.K.O. stands for Tactical Knock Out since the idea is to tactically overwhelm the opponent and knock them out with all the attacking prowess up front before they find a working remedy to counter it. Simply put, the idea is to outscore the opponent. It works for a team with top players. I need the best up front in order to create and score otherwise you're just going to be outscored at the other end. I have tried this tactic with smaller teams but that didn't go very well. I'll look for a 'sister' formation with a similar effect for small teams but pls feel free to tweak or test yourself with any team. Let me know how it goes and I'll offer advice and help with tweaks where needed. Main Formation Player Roles and Match Settings Goals will definitely fall at both ends but I managed to minimize the damage at the back in order to give my 5 forwards enough leverage to score 1 more goal than the opponent does. It's not waterproof and you won't win every game. There's bound to be some heavy losses as well from time to time but there shouldn't be too many. I do manage to outscore opponents on a consistent basis using just a balanced mentality as the formation is set up in a pretty attacking way as it is. Going att. mentality will just make this formation leakier and not add that much more to the attack. Short passing works best with worldclass players who thrive on possession to create and score goals. Alternative Formation Player Roles and Match Settings If the main formation fails or isn't as effective as you'd hoped for then try these alternative settings. CFs can be inconsistent if you haven't got the perfect player for it so then you could opt for a T. Same goes for a DLF that you can swap for a DF. It really depends on the players you have in your squad as either combination works well. I prefer an AF over a P since they got pace and add a little more to the build ups as well but if your player is a Poacher by nature then that's a good alternative as he'd perform much better and be more effective in his own preferred role. Short passing is perfect but if your players lack a bit of quality in the passing department then opt for 'mixed'. I don't often go 'centre' re passing focus as 'mixed' works well against most opponents but sometimes this alternative will do. Note. Don't try/tweak all alternative settings all at once. Go for the Main Formation first and if that doesn't work pick 1 alternative option and try those 1 by 1 until your Main Formation becomes more effective. You may ultimately end up using the entire Alternative Formation but I recommend tweaking in small bits in order to pinpoint improvements. Results It really does work. These are the better seasons I had during my recent career. Many goals conceded I know but you can counter that with scored goals. Lots of scored goals as you can see. Over 100 easy! I did have two 'Invincible' seasons along the way so it's possible not losing a single league game if that's what you like. Lastly, I came up with this formation after writing an article about old football formations. If you want to create a formation of your own that is anything but mainstream and need ideas or inspiration, may I suggest following this link to Old Football Formations Hope things work out as it did for me and let me know what your opinions and results are. Goodluck!
  19. So I was doing the relegation challenge, finished it and clicked continue into a new season. For the new season I decided to play around a bit and see what I could come up with for a tactic. This is what I did and the pictures show how successful it was. The only two players I brought in were Crook and Darling from Harrogate and Cambridge so not big signings.
  20. Hi vibers. Just wanted to share a sweeper tactic I recently devised to lead Palace to the Champions Legaue qualification in year 1. Net spend 8.92M 3rd place finish Goal distribution Formation & Instructions
  21. This is my first post in this forum, this tactics is inspired by Luis Enrique the manager of FC Barcelona. Not weighed down by the obsession of the 4-3-3, Enrique has employed a number of different setups in his time at Camp Nou, his latest creation is an innovative 3-4-3, a formation that will forever be remembered after their extraordinary 6-1 win against PSG. Here is how to replicate this on Football Manager Mobile 2017 The tactics and Team instructions: maybe playing with this system on FMM 2017 is a risk, it’s another thing entirely to try it against Atletico Madrid and PSG! But you can’t argue with the results, after beating Atleti at Vicente Calderon and coming back spectacularly against PSG to win 6-1, you will be seeing a lot more of this formation as come to the climax of the season. Although starting as a 3-4-3, when attacking the formation becomes a 3-1-3-3, with DLP and the back three focusing on defending, leaving the rest to attack with no defensive worries. When the opposition have the ball, The WM drops back into midfield, with your IF providing some defensive support, the formation then becomes a unconventional 4-4-2. Some of my results : Pros : -Give your IF free role (The main attacking threat is focused on the left hand side on the pitch, with build up starting centrally) -Dominated in the central side with 3 midfielders (you can put down the 'trequartista' role become AP between the midfielder and striker and change the AP in the midfielder become BWM if you want to play possession style) -Very effective vs opponents with 2 strikers (While the 2 BPD marking 2 striker the one CD is stay in the back to clearance the ball) Cons : -Very susceptible with counter-attacks from opponents wingers This tactic is maybe have the more weakness, so if you have any idea can you tell me what must be i changed in this tactics, i'm very grateful if you want to try this tactics and share the results in here, and anyway sorry for my english because i'm not influence in english. Thanks 😊
  22. Hey all, I am really excited to show you all my own variation of the 343 diamond which I used and have gone two unbeaten seasons in with Arsenal. The tactic is really solid in defence, it scores a lot of goals and can dominate games. It is good in possession and good when playing on the counter. Strikers: DLF: I put Alexis in there as he is very good with his feet and a really good all round striker to connect midfield with attack. AF's: I prefer to use fast and strong strikers such as Welbeck and Lacazette. I have also put Giroud in before and he had also done really well and scored a lot Midfield: AP: I have used Ozil in their consistently, whoever plays here is the vocal point of this team. Two BWM's and DLP: Generally in these positions I use players with pace, power and good passing. I signed Danilo Pereira, Gianelli Imbula from Stoke, and i also like to use Elneny in these positions. Defense: Using players with good pace is really important, so I use Musti Koscielny and Bellerin all with very good pace at the back. As a result, at the end of the second season we had 4 attackers in the top 7 scorers (Alexis was out for 4 months). Normally I do not touch anything on here apart from Team Mentality, the Primary Outlet and Primary Attacker. I like to start games on balanced and change at the start of the game accordingly. 1st season: 2nd season: The two above results against Chelsea and Man City were he most significant games from the second season. In the Champions League, in the first season we went out in the Quarter Final narrowly losing to FCP who went on to win it. In the second season, we lost on away goals to Real Madrid after impressively beating the holders FCP 10-2 on aggregate in the Quarter finals. Unfortunately though I haven't had a chance to try it out with other teams, please check it out guys I think this is golden! Let me know how it goes for you!! Thanks, Alex.
  23. Hey guys and gals, new to the forums, just registered today to share my tactic as it is working miracles for me and wanted to share my success with everyone else who might be struggling to find a tactic that works for them, some info below: Game engine: OME Team managed: Bradford City Unlocks: Sugar daddy, gold coaching badge. Amount spent on new signings: 31 million (due to sugar daddy unlock) Same tactic used every game: Yes! With this tactic I have so far managed to have gone 17 games unbeaten in the league, beat man utd 2-1 away and scored 52 goals in 17 games wile only conceding 11. I am fully aware the players I bought play a big part of the success but I think the tactic itself also brings a lot of success, now on with the tactic: I will write a list of the amazing players I bought later. *PLEASE NOTE- DISCLAIMER* FOR EACH PLAYERS ROLE, THE PLAYER SHOULD HAVE THE REQUIRED STATS AVAILABLE FOR THAT ROLE TO BE EFFECTIVE, OTHERWISE THIS TACTIC WILL BE INEFFECTIVE..MY PLAYERS STATS MATCH THE ROLES PERFECTLY, WHICH IS PART OF THE SUCCESS, IF THIS TACTIC DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU THEN I SUGGEST YOU CHECK YOU ARE MATCHING THE MOST SUITABLE PLAYERS FOR EACH ROLE, THANK YOU Please test this and give your feedback in the comments section, thanks :-) Again I will write a detailed list in this maybe tomorrow of which players i bought, for how much, and what their required wage to sign is, also the clubs i bought them from etc. It will cost about £31 million to sign all players in the list, so it's only really suitable for those who have activated the sugar daddy feature from the store in the game. Now the tactic:
  24. Intro Whilst in the middle of my 1kc with Zé Gomes I have altered my tried and tested tactic to a more attacking style. This worked a treat bagging me all available competitions and getting 92 goals for Gomes. I then wondered if this was more due to the fantastic team assembled around him or the tactic it's self. Therefore I ran my usual tactical test which is to take a bog standard stoke team and apply the tactic to them. Rush through a season and see where it gets them. The Tactic This is how the team lined up for most of the season but with Muniesa in place of Martins Indi. It may seem strange to miss Shaqiri and Arnautovic out but indent for teamwork over skill here, they were also on the bench if required. It is a very attacking tactic with everybody contributing to attack and nobody really sitting back. Hence why in went for teamwork and passing skills as a priority. Now lets see the instructions. As you can see I have set the team to attacking and pressing so along with the roles I've given they are really sitting high up the pitch. The short passing is another reason I've used players with higher teamwork and passing ability. I have also set the lone striker, Berahino in this case, as the main attacker. The Results Now as I am working with the big standard Stoke team i wasn't expecting a league winning performance. Just for the tactic to provide them with a decent league position and the main striker with 20+ goals. So firstly how did the league campaign go? A 5th place finish is rather good for this team beating out Spurs and Liverpool at that. A 50% win rate in the league is also pretty satisfying. So it appears the tactic achieved league success for a bang average side. Did it get the results for the striker? Well I would say 28 goals is a moderate success. Bringing in 0.65 goals per game. Not sure What the assists prove other than the players with the best passing/crossing and teamwork are most likely to assist the main striker. So I'm pretty happy with that tactic. Would any others like to test it?
  25. My 4-4-2

    Hi everybody today I post my tactics a 4-4-2 that works rather well I tried with Real Madrid I won everything except the league of champions So I used a little publisher on Benzema to improve its aerial play here are the tactics GK WB DC DC WB APM APM IF IF CF T Instructions are offensive mixed mixed Long Committed Pessing Counter Attack Excuse me for my English I use google translation I send you the pictures tomorrow