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Found 164 results

  1. Just curious if anyone else is having trouble either loading or seeing images on the site at the moment The last two updates I have done for my Alphabet Challenge have looked OK when writing them, but as soon as their up the images seem to disappear and I just wanted to check if anyone else was having trouble?????
  2. Hi all, I hope you're well. Today for me is something I very rarely do and that's be personal on here, however I feel like this is very much necessary. Sadly after 10 years, meeting many great people and doing really cool things I'm going to have to call my time on the Football Manager Mobile Community. I'm very exhausted with it and feel like the site needs a change of pace to be able to succeed (more on that later). Unfortunately due to not having a break in them 10 years and being very full on for a large portion of it I'm fatigued. I understand that the site hasn't been where it was a couple of years back and this has been a source of frustration for me and I've tried to bring it back to that level to varying degrees of success, however now I don't believe I can take the site forward to that level again. For myself this is a very sad day, I created this site, I nurtured it and my heart has gone into growing it. I've learnt so much that I've now carried onto a professional life but going from a 17 year old in College to a 23 year old Social Media & Community Manager my life has changed dramatically. While I couldn't have done it without Vibe it is something I can no longer dedicate a large portion of time to doing Transfer Updates, Social Media across 4 channels, Moderation, Finances and more. I don't seek admiration for anything I've done, I just do it for my own and others' enjoyments. I remember a couple of years ago slogging out 800 created players on the transfer update which took 30 hours a week. However I didn't do it for praise, I did it for the love of the game and the community. Sadly all this has left me tired. While I've tried to strip my job back, my aspirations and the reality hasn't allowed me to do that and now I have very little time and drive - mostly down to my job being similar to my role on Vibe, to carry this on. I don't believe this is the end of the FMM community and I'd be way over my head if I believe it would be, however the direction needs to change and I believe fresh input would help this. I'd appreciate if you could all spend a bit more time where possible to help with this transition and make the community succeed again. It only takes a small handful of people to put in more effort to make content, to comment more and to interact on social media to attract new people that will hopefully make this community rife with activity again. Now let me introduce you to FMScout owner @Stam. He will be the one taking over my responsibilities. Please give him some time to sort everything out and understand the site, after that I fully expect him to make some changes that will hopefully in the long run benefit the community. It will come as no surprise to say that there is likely to be a round of staff hires coming out of this as he seeks to replace roles that I have been doing exclusively such as on Social Media. However this may take some time to get him up to speed and assess the community so patience would be very much appreciated, but the community will be in good hands as FM Scout is a great website and he's an amazing guy. Thank you all again for the great memories and spending the time here making my little hobby turn into a great community spanning more than just this website. I wish you all the best for the future. Kind Regards, Dec
  3. Server Move + Update

    Hey all, The short downtime earlier was due to us moving server (once again...) in order to improve speed, reliability and to give us further potential to grow. This is all part of the behind-the-scenes work that @Stam and I are working on and will be for the next few weeks. You shouldn't notice any problems, but please reply in this topic if you notice anything acting a bit strange such as images and avatars not loading, certain pages acting slow, or even if you notice notification emails coming through a bit slower. We're relying on you all to help us out until we get things stabilised. As mentioned above, over the next few weeks we're going to have a few updates to the site; mostly small things such as skin refinements and experience improvements which will all hopefully make your time on the site a better experience. As always, please let us know if you have any problems, feedback or ideas. We love to hear it (and potentially ignore it! ) and we really do try to take everything on board.
  4. This is a community for you, the FMM fans. We've got downloads, guides, stories, awards, and more. And it’s all created for you. So please take some time to answer the following questions, as this will help us make better choices for you going forward. What do you use? What don't you use? What do you wish we had or had more of? Most importantly, what are you struggling with? What answers to which questions do you need? What can we create for you that’s more fun or more helpful? Let us know!
  5. I love the new font

    I'm not sure I should put it in this section but it says feedback so oh well I just wanted to say i love the new topic titles font
  6. What happend to Kaka?

    Hello, I awoke this morning to notice that kaka the bird has gone from the top left hand side of my screen. Is this part of some new rebranding? Thanks
  7. Time to Step Down

    hi guys its been hard for me to do this but i think its time for me to step down as a staff/mod/deputy admin role along with graphic desiging. i dont want to go into details but i wish you all the best and hope the site moves forward. thank you all for the last 5/6 years.
  8. For those of you who missed the following topic: Your Community, Your Thoughts: Feedback Wanted
  9. Unable To Load Images

    Afternoon lads Just a problem I've encountered whilst writing up something, the image will load but when trying to put it in it doesn't go into my post. Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  10. Why I've Stepped Down Before we begin I want to say this isn't about having my ego rubbed, I don't need that and if I did I wouldn't have lasted as staff as long as I did. I'm posting this because I feel I need to explain my decision. A lot of you here are my friends and I want to let you all know why I'm stepping down while doing some reminiscing, please feel free to reminisce with me as we've had some good times. My stepping down is now official and it is a relief if I'm honest. Come December I'd have been staff five years which is rather scary, I still remember that excitement the day Dec offered me my first position of Youth Coach all those years ago. I still have the PM with SamHardy created that day (14 December 2011) as he congratulated me and that PM is still in use today with over 12,750 replies as we've become good friends over the years. In truth it's the friendship I'm most grateful for as I see many faces here as true friends, people like Leroy, Sam, MerlionMaple, AK, Scott, Dec, Liam, Grave, Prize and AnfieldSquirrel have made this experience all worth while. I'd come to Vibe to socialise with these people and the many more I've not mentioned or those who've slipped my mind over the years as we were a family, it's just a shame so many on that list aren't around anymore to see how much they mean to me. The obvious question to ask is why have I decided to step down now? The truth of the matter is I've wanted to a few times, most strongly sometime during 2015 and around 2016's release but at those times I allowed myself to be talked into staying. I always said if I ever stepped down it would be with a bang, back in those days I never imagined my love of FMM could nosedive so heavily. That is the real reason this decision was made as since 2014 my enjoyment of the game has taken a massive hit, I still want to play the game, I still love the game but I just can't enjoy it anymore. Have I changed? Sure but so has the game and at this point FMM isn't worth all the time and effort to me anymore, I'm not dedicating my life to a poor game with so many issues and getting nothing back in return anymore. The final nail in the coffin was with the "news" 2017 wouldn't be the totally new game we needed, my hatred of 2016 is no secret and for me to be posting content here I need to be playing the game which is why I've achieved so little this year. 2016 has been a massive flop for me personally and that's because I've not enjoyed playing the game so I didn't enjoy writing about it, all I've posted this year is a handful of articles and 2.5 careers, I used to average a new career a month. I knew carrying on in this vain for another year wasn't good for me but it also wasn't good for Vibe. For Vibe to make it through this year it needs the staff to be pushing in the same direction and my negative outlook on the series and future of the game wasn't going to benefit anyone. Don't think for a second that I took this decision lightly as it tore me apart for weeks (as Dec and Sam can back up), some days I got so wrapped up in thought about stepping down I was a depressed wreck. Vibe really does mean a lot to me and I'm gutted that I had to make this decision but in the end it was in the best interests of Vibe so I had to. I'd like to wish the eventual new staff team all the best in the future. I have so many amazing memories on this site but my careers are my pride and joy. Saves like "Ashez's Wonder Seasons", "Journey of Borja and Pedro Cunha", "Goal Challenge Inception", "Rivaldo and Pele double trouble", "Challenge Ashez", "CR7 1KC", "Colin Sale 1KC" and many more I hardly remember and those i'll never forget. Going off topic for second I actually debated about getting a digital photo frame and putting every single career screenshot I ever took onto it to have a slideshow collection of my history on Vibe, sad and incredibly geeky but this place has been a massive part of my life. I also need to thank two people as without them none of this would have been possible. The obvious person to thank is Dec who has been a massive guidance along this journey and a joy to work with. He saw something in me way before I took Vibe even remotely seriously and he really helped groom me into who I am today, sounds soppy but it's true. Secondly I really owe Rafa a lot, many of you wont remember Rafa but back in the day he was my idol, he inspired every single thing that I did here, the word legend is thrown around a lot in modern times but Rafa is a true legend in the history of Vibe. There were times when I'd post something and I'd lose my mind if Dec or Rafa posted a comment, it was like getting a well done off a celebrity. If I remember correctly it was Rafa I replaced as a full on coach and I know I never got close to filling his boots but hopefully my comments managed to bring the same joy and excitement to you guys. I think that's why my post count is so high, I knew that rush from receiving a comment so I never held back in letting people know I enjoyed their work. All these years on and I still hold Rafa in high regard, hopefully five years down the line people wil still remember Rafa while also remembering me. Which brings me on to my last point, am I leaving Vibe completely? It's a difficult question to answer as I do believe my staff role has kept me here during this tough period of the game but for now I'll say I'm going nowhere. I love this community and I still want to be apart of it, I can't promise I'll be posting careers or articles for you guys to enjoy but for the time being I can promise I'll be here reading your work and getting involved with your discussions. 2017 is going to be a long year and I can't guess how I'll take to it, in an ideal world my pressure free role here will allow me to get back into the game so I can once again share my journey's with you but without 2017 in hand it's impossible to say, if I was certain I'd still be posting content I wouldn't be stepping down. For now I'm here but I can't predict what the future will bring. With a heavy heart and half a tear in my eye I also have to thank you all, Dec gave me the position but without all you guys commenting and supporting me I wouldn't have got this far. This community is amazing, just look at everything we've achieved! If you're reading this and not an active member I encourage you to get involved, Vibe is a magical place and it's something you shouldn't be missing out on. Thanks again for everything, Ashez.
  11. Can anyone tell me how to do this please? I can find no information on the site. Rob
  12. Vibe Awards

    Sup guys, Question - I have completed challenges on site - E.G 100 posts, 10 uploads, followers etc etc - Yet i don't seem to have any awards under my belt like other people What gives?
  13. We want to celebrate the release of the latest Football Manager Mobile 2017 8.2 update so we thought of no better way than a giveaway! So we're giving away 2 x £25 Google Play or App Store Gift Cards. It's simple to enter. Have a Premium Account on the 26th March! If you are a gold member you get 5x the chance to win. If you are silver member, you get 3x the chance to win. If you are a bronze member, you get 1x chance to win So not only do you get all the latest faces and logos with direct downloads, you get exclusive previews to the latest content and now a chance to win £25! Buy here to enter Rules: 1 entry per person 1 person cannot win twice Premium accounts that expire before the 26th March aren't entered, make sure your premium is active on this date Google Play or App Store for the UK only! You must be contactable by private message on the 26th March or afterwards
  14. Problem uploading!

    Hi guys, before I start any help is appreciated as I plan to get 2 updates up tonight, so I need to be able to get photos up! Anyway, I was uploading photos for my Agent Game, and this message kept popping up. It says: "There was a problem proceeding the uploaded file, please contact us for assistance." Any ideas! Thanks in advance!
  15. How To Change Your Careers Title

    I just want to know how u can change a threads title
  16. No Tags

    Tags are gone @Dec
  17. We are delighted to announce that after the great response the first time that we are opening up our staff roles to the public again. Roles available Writer Graphic Designer Game Editor Social Media Assistant Advantages of working for us Paid for your views Free copies of the game (after 6 months) Learn from passionate people to gain vital experience for your future career Help and entertain other passionate fans Get close to Sports Interactive staff working on the game We look forward to reviewing your application if you decide to apply. Apply Here
  18. Vibe Community App

    Hey all! Just wondering if there will be an app version of this site at all or has this been tried already? Sorry if this topic already exists!! Cheers
  19. Anybody else having issue opening their private messages? It keeps saying something went wrong
  20. Site Crashing

    Anyone else having issues with the site at the moment, it keeps freezing up on me and I'm unable to load any updates for my Career Any advice would help This seems to have worked well but as soon as I try to load some pictures and content the site freezes on me #Annoying
  21. Get 50% off Premium Accounts for the holidays with code "FMMAS". Now you can get exclusive content, faster downloads and no waiting time for less to set you up for the month, year or forever. BUY HERE Use code at checkout: FMMAS
  22. William Hill pop up

    Every time I open a new topic I am greated by a William Hill betting pop up on Vibe. I cleared my history etc but it's getting me every time. I know vibe needs Google adds or whatever for income but this is almost like a virus. I've been on the site 5 minutes and had it pop up 15-20 times.
  23. Vanishing Posts/Vibe reset

    Noticed some posts and PM comments have vanished today like Vibe reset to an earlier time or something. Not sure if issue is known so pointing it out to be safe. Seems to have been an issue this morning, or that's when my "missing posts' were posted. Anyone posting content/careers I'd suggest keeping a copy just in case it happens again until Dec can confirm it won't etc.
  24. Hi Vibers, We've been asked about this quite a bit about a new structure change on the site. Subforums/Categories are now the Prefixes in the community and on downloads. We did this for a variety of reasons It makes navigating the site quicker and allows you to be more granular in what you want to see. It doesn't make up as much time to post and allows easier uploading rather than vague topics. Regular users can see a better feed for all activity without having to go to View New Content. More is displayed at one time giving everyone more views for their topics To make use of this system just make sure you select the right prefix when posting/uploading and to search you can either click on the tag or go on the View New Content Stream and filter by Tags. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. Thanks, Dec. @JustM1kePlays and @Putzy
  25. It's Black Friday, so we thought we'd give you a chance to get Premium access to Vibe.Community at a fantastic discount of 50% of the usual price, for whatever subscription period you choose! All of these prices are available by using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2016 at checkout stage, and will end on Sunday at 23:59 UK time, so act quickly! Gold Membership (Lifetime) If you have been a member of Vibe for a while, want to give something back, and assist in keeping the site running, with discount you can get Lifetime Premium membership for the same price as Silver membership normally - only £10 (€13.75/$15) including discount. Buy Now Silver Membership (1 Year) Not quite ready to commit to a life membership, but still want to give something back? You can get 12 months Silver Premium membership for only £5 (€6.75/$7.50) including discount. Buy Now Bronze Membership (1 Month) Maybe you just want to download a few of our resources, or treat this offer as a trial? Great! For £1.25 (€1.75/$2) including discount, you can have Bronze Premium membership for an entire month. Buy Now